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あと旭川の旭山動物園にも行ってきたよ😉 オオカミめちゃイケメンすぎて濡れた🤤💓 気温3度しかなかったから動物達も寒そうだったなー🤧

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北海道旅行で片道8時間かけて最北端の宗谷岬に行ってきたよ🙋‍♂️⭐️ 寒すぎて海に向かってスライディングしてるみたいなきもいポーズしてるのは北海道みたいな広い心で受け入れて🤮💓

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やっと秋買えたぁぁぁ🍂🍁✨ お金ないから冬は来月買うよ笑👋🏻

初めて 運転したわ(´・ω・`) 中広いし、寝れるし、みんなワイワイするし😀 4人で交代しながら運転してるけど、疲労感が〜(笑) 宗谷岬と、旭川動物園行ってきたよ👍

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Traditionally modern. Vivid designs with a story to be told, very much like our homes. Every home has a story to tell. What’s yours?

The best business insights come from collaborating with one another!🤝 💡

There is a ❤️ shaped Colombian (no oil all natural) emerald in there 👇🏽👇🏽👇🏽can you spot it?? Can you say ? Check it below!! #🇨🇴 🇨🇴 It’s definitely 🕐🕜🕥 to download Rocks and Gems by Fauzia to a mo…

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As another wee experiment, could you please tell your followers about adding image descriptions to pictures so that visually impaired tweeters can understand the discussion? Thanks. See link for details.

Please follow Jason’s example. If you’re not sure how to add descriptions to the pics you post, see this link. Every image description sheds a little light for those who live in darkness.

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どんなに苦しくても 頑張れたのは「あなた」だから 想い合えなくても忘れないよ… Trail of Tears

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My crazy cat dump

OC: Saccharin - Russian Blue Cat (ABO Verse - Omega)


Vivid! by guy clift
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Celebrating our beautiful city with our annual festival of light, music and ideas. The centerpiece of Vivid Sydney is the light sculptures, multimedia interactive work and building projections that transform various buildings and landmarks around the city.