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Make your table reservations now!!! Only at Houston, performing one show each night Friday the 17th & Saturday the 18th!!! This will be one Sexy Epic Weekend you will not want to miss at Houston’s Premier Gentlemen’s Club

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Did you know that the products that you use on a daily basis have an expiration date? Check out this guide from on when you replace certain products.

朝まこちゃんが買ってきてくれたタコライス食ってジムからの無事に東京帰ってきました🙌🙌 最終日ちょっと体調崩したぐらいで後は楽しみましたよ🌠🌠 みかどって言う定食屋さんのちゃんぽんも激うまでした ラーメンのちゃんぽんしか知らんかったわー ちなみに最後の写真がちゃんぽん

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We are very excited to be part of this year. Cundall is combining stunning lighting design with our passion for sustainability to create Habit/At.

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🙏🏽 queens Pagan dreams Kandakai My Nubian Queen A scream Amanirenas or Hel To them empires fell filled with With no antivenin

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2ヶ月後には始まるヨ! チケット予約は来週月曜ダヨ! どんなvividな作品ダヨ!! 観劇してvividになって欲しいyo〜!!! 必見。 劇団1mg「vivid Blue」 演出:伊達シノヒコ 会場:オーバルシアター 日程:6月19日(水)〜24日(月) ・写真は自撮が下手な人の様子です。

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Who wants some Caribbean’s mangoes? Raise your hand.

Shut Eye

‘Shut Eye’ By Jeremy Aiyadurai, © 2018

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Video by @TimLaman.  A male Costa’s Hummingbird feeding at aloe flowers.  This is shot in slow motion at 75fps, but these hummingbirds are so fast that you can hardly tell it is slowed down by 3x.  Filmed as part of my project documenting the birdlife of the Sunnylands Center and Gardens, a sanctuary in Rancho Mirage, California.  See my exhibit there through June if you are in the Palm Springs / Coachella Valley area

Heart Beat

‘Heart Beat’ By Jeremy Aiyadurai, © 2018

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The way the kids are made Ink gives Seraphim and Predator these magic orbs that they can both put magic into to create one of the kids but with Vivid Ink accidentally put his own magic into the orb so Vivid is ink and Seraphim’s kid but Predator still loves Vivid as his own.

I am proud to introduce Savage and Civil’s half brother, Vivid!

Name: Vivid
Age: 7
Height: 11ft
Wing Span: Vivid forms his wings out of paint so they can vary in size.
Parents: Seraphim Sans (who belongs to @tratserenoyreve) is his dad & Predator Sans (who belongs to @foxy-sierra / @undertale-predator-au) is his step-dad - there were complications when he was made so feel free to ask about his other parent if you couldn’t already tell.
Info: Vivid is the tallest of his brothers and likely the most powerful. Being that Vivid is not part predator he has trouble relating to his brothers and tends to be a bit reclusive however he loves to learn and observe new things. Vivid always carries his journal with him where he writes all sorts of notes. Vivid has 7 souls his main soul and colored souls are located in his eyes and his other 5 float around freely at the ready for him to use. Vivid tends not to talk much only speaking when he deems the situation necessary. And most importantly Vivid is a pacifist.

Vivid is ready for asks

I hope you guys like this ship child too


VIVID - Loomah Official Music Video

VIVID, the new girl group from Dynamo Entertainment, makes their official debut. Find out more about the group in VIVID, the new docuseries premiering April 22nd.  Please like, share, and subscribe for future updates!
“There was another life that I might have had, but I am having this one.” - Kazuo Ishiguro⁣
44 Likes, 5 Comments - Allison Kendall (@photoapk) on Instagram: ““There was another life that I might have had, but I am having this one.” - Kazuo Ishiguro⁣ .⁣ .⁣…”

Blue ocean waves against rocky cliffs, framed by the gnarled branches of coastal trees at Point Lobos State Natural Reserve, California⁣

Fibre Of Tree Trunks

‘Fibre Of Tree Trunks’ By Jeremy Aiyadurai, © 2018

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