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Our EVP Peggy Pettit connected with Rear Adm. Sylvia Trent-Adams, HHS principal deputy assistant secretary for health, and Dr. Catherine Alicia Georges, national volunteer president of AARP, at the 2019 conference in Washington .

On Nov. 21, and medical residents of Hospital enjoyed a luncheon and educational presentation by Regional Medical Director Henri Nammour, MD, on symptom management in patients with advanced disease.

We’ve seen how much the industry can change over 40 years. Don’t get left behind. Keep up with the latest & in end-of-life care with our monthly newsletter for .

Das beste Kleidungsstück, was ich bisher gesehen habe! xD

Hospice helps HIV/AIDS patients approach the end of life with dignity & comfort. hospice teams have experience caring for HIV/AIDS patients wherever they call home, managing physical, emotional & spiritual distress through individualized care plans.

are loving relatives who selflessly care around the clock. Or are they? Whether you care for another now or may in the future, caregiving’s challenges can take a toll. Get help when you need it. We can help.

Our team members displayed purple spirit and created fun balloon art at the Alzheimer’s Walk on Oct. 26. In addition to sponsorship, our team raised $1,000 for the Alzheimer’s Association.

Too far away to care? Not to worry. When someone you love needs care around the clock, there are ways for long-distance to do their part—and make the most of the time you have with your favorite patient. We can help.

Nearly 75 , executives & speakers gathered in for the annual meeting. “Dynamic” was Chief Medical Officer Dr. Joseph Shega’s description of the assembly. It covered best practices, leadership & more.

representatives from and held a pinning ceremony to honor veterans and active duty military personnel at the ELNEC-For-Veterans Training at the American Association of Men in Nursing Conference in Orlando.

The sun, a boat, the whrrrr of a fishing line. in made sure David and his wife Alice spent a last glorious trip together. Read more: How did your hospice team go above and beyond?

40 years ago I saw the USA win The Davis Cup in San Francisco. The greatness of McEnroe and Vitas we're on display. Thanks for whoever knew I wanted to bring my camera and I got AMAZING photos and one signed by Mac! Great Flashback!

Our Representatives are everywhere. The Walk to End Alzheimer’s is the largest event to fight ’s and raise awareness. Port St. Lucie raised $100,000 to help fund the cure. Our reps, Kimberly Pierre, Leslie Merson and Sylvia Blevins participated in the walk.

At , we understand talking about death with a child can be challenging. Do your best to make the child’s questions & emotions feel normal by sharing your own feelings & don’t expect them to suppress their or assume an adult role.

They play. They laugh. They’re loud. They’re naughty. children can fool the uninformed & even themselves. How can you help? On Children’s Grief Awareness Day, has the resources and expertise to understand and cope.

The team and the joined forces for a fitting salute and pinning ceremony at Aston Gardens at Pelican Marsh in , Florida. Saying “thank you” is one of the ways we provide specialized care to .

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NoHo Hank gives off a vibe like he knows all the Vitas songs by heart .. and sings them at any given opportunity.


Vitas Song of the Day December 3, 2019

Russian: космос 
English: Cosmos / Space
Album (English): Bit Bombit
Album (Russian): бит бомбит
Release year: 2019г.

Vitas: Angel Without Wings Japanese Lyrics

少年時代に思いを巡らす (Shōnen jidai ni omoi o megurasu.)
Я возвращаюсь в детство
瞬く間に歳月は過ぎ去る (Matatakumani saigetsu wa sugisaru.)
Мимо пролетают дни
傷ついた心の (Kizutsuita kokoro no…)
Я разбиваю сердце
痛みに耐えながら 一人で辿り着く (Itami ni taenagara hitori de tadori tsuku…)
Больно одному идти.
翼のない天使のよう (Tsubasa no nai tenshi no yō…)
Я словно ангел без крыла.
どうして心がこんなに傷つくの? (Dōshite kokoro ga kon'nani kizutsuku no?)
Зачем ты ранила меня?
満天の星空の中 とめどなく溢れる涙が (Manten no hoshizora no naka tomedonaku afureru namida ga)
Среди звезд потоки слез
風に吹きさらされていく (Kaze ni fuki sarasa rete iku…)
Ветер унес.
たとえ恐れに身を震わせていても (Tatoe osore ni mi o furuwasete ite mo,)
Пусть дрожь бежит по коже,

涙の粒に きらめく光が宿る (Namida no tsubu ni kirameku hikari ga yadoru.)
Слезы излучают свет.

きっと 僕は天国からこぼれ落ちた (Kitto boku wa tengoku kara koboreochita - )
Знай, я останусь тем же -
汚れなき天使だったんだ (Yogore naki tenshidatta nda.)
Чистым ангелом с небес.
翼のない天使のよう どうして心がこんなに傷つくの? (Tsubasa no nai tenshi no yō dōshite kokoro ga kon'nani kizutsuku no?)
Я словно ангел без крыла. Зачем ты ранила меня?

満天の星空の中 とめどなく溢れる涙が 風に吹きさらされていく (Manten no hoshizora no naka tomedonaku afureru namida ga kaze ni fuki sarasa rete iku…)
Среди звезд потоки слез、Ветер унес.

翼のない天使のよう どうして心がこんなに傷つくの? (Tsubasa no nai tenshi no yō dōshite kokoro ga kon'nani kizutsuku no?)
Я словно ангел без крыла. Зачем ты ранила меня?

満天の星空の中 とめどなく溢れる涙が、風に吹きさらされていく (Manten no hoshizora no naka tomedonaku afureru namida ga,-fū ni fuki sarasa rete iku…)
Среди звезд потоки слез、Ветер унес.

So Vitas’ new album Бит Бомбит is out - what are your thoughts? Personally, I’m impressed! Of course, there’s some songs we’ve already heard on it (Delala, Forever, Zherebtsov, You’re So Close, Baldeyu, Symphony, Secret, Bit Bombit, Rainbow, etc), but the new ones Paparazzi and Cosmos is pretty catchy. I like it! Of course, I like Baldeyu and You’re So Close too.