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I have recently started using the Vitamin C line. I love the moisturizing lips and use it now instead of chapstick. The brightening serum goes under my daily skin moisturizing routine

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Hai cu noi într-o scurtă, virtuală vizită în Centrul de cercetare Avon din New York pentru a afla mai multe despre ✨ Serul pentru luminozitate Anew Vitamin C ✨direct de la cei care l-au creat. 🍊🍊🍊 #anew #anewvitaminc #adrianasava #beautyadvisor #VitaminC #avonrep

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How was your Skincare Sunday.. I know I’m a day late and 24 hrs behind on everything lately! Yet, I didn’t forget my Skins Health. Vitamin C is the greatest of skin brighteners. The Holy Glow ingredient of Glass Skin.
My absolute most favorite Vitamin C exfoliation peel that does not in anyway irritate my senstive skin is @ernolaszlonyc 2 step Marble system. I am forever having that in my skincare Arsenal. I am trying new @janmariniskinresearch thanks to @brandbacker C-Esta Vitamin C serum is the 1st serum that I can enjoy without redness or extra dry skin the next morning. Usually I can only apply these Vit. C products at night. Not with Jan Marini. I wore it during the day and absolutely no burn or dryness. I did apply the Antioxidant Daily Spf cream over it. I’m telling you this soaks in like no other facial spf. Smells great and giving skin good effective skincare ingredients. An unlike others I’ve tried, makeup can be flawlessly applied over.
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Vitamin C is an essential vitamin, meaning it can’t be produced by the body. Nevertheless, it has many roles in your body and has been linked to impressive health benefits.

This video will take you through Benefits Of Vitamin C, Signs You Are Low On Vitamin C, How Much Vitamin C Body Requires.

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Who’s idea was to have a dance scene?

Could’ve given that screen time for anything else.


Like the 10 different plot points that were set up in the episode right before the finale was about to happen.

And they still didn’t wrap anything up!

The trial, the god forsaken love triangle, is Malika gonna get back together with Isaac, is Davia really gonna stick around with Jeff, is Alice gonna get back with her girl (not Sumi, but “Joanna” I forgot her actual name sorry!), and who is Amanda

I need answers!

P.s The only saving grace for that dance scene was their song choice.