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Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall

and Nova Silva BV are proud to announce that and his “Visual Trumpery: How Charts Lie and How They Make Us Smarter“ is coming to Amsterdam on Monday May 13th. See more here:

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Visual Thinking es una herramienta que se puede aplicar en multitud de situaciones, y mucho más.

Recordando las posiblidades del Dibujar una canción. Geometría Polisentimental de Cómo disfruté haciéndolo. Recomiendo seguir el póster escuchando de fondo la canción. Herramienta TIC

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RT : Nos gusta AgoraAbierta Top story: AgoraAbierta: 'Visual summarize esbritish marklev99 ' , see more — Manuel F. Lara (laraBEP) February…

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Making meaning with a routine. What makes a hero? How are our heroes alike? What connections do you see?

Nos gusta AgoraAbierta Top story: AgoraAbierta: 'Visual summarize esbritish marklev99 ' , see more — Manuel F. Lara (laraBEP) February 16, 2019

🛬Terminando formación en Implicación y compromiso del profesorado🥇 también en finde: la mochilita🏕️ llena para usar con moderación⚠️⏩visualteca, cuentos cooperativos y muuuchos prototipos. Gracias por tu tiempo y dedicación

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Adshel Billboard Poster
Final Packaging

These are my final packaging. I’m content for how they look like at the end. The colour of each box represents and makes better understand what candy is struck. Overall the design is simple but since the envelope inside is voluminous, and immediately catches your attention, I did not want to overload the packaging with too many colourful illustrations.

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Sweets placed on the shelves

I was surprised at the way the sweets have been set. Since everything was really organized, the products have been easy to find, unlike some supermarkets where the sweets are spread out and sometimes it is difficult to find what is looking for.


Pin up critique

These are my two first poster idea that I presented at the Crit. 

I am quite happy with this idea. Since there are two people in everyday life such as a hairdresser and her customer doing an unreal action, the poster is even more bizarre and indulges more people to buy the product as If they see themselves in the client. Instead of writing the name of the sweets as I did here, I will illustrate the packaging I made.

I wasn’t sure about the candy monster idea as an already thing seen again and again. I also think it is not really connected to the other idea as a different audience and background.

Reto 1: Didáctica EC

¡Éste es nuestro mapa de visual thinking!🎨

Pusimos mucho esmero tanto en la parte creativa y artística como en poder transmitir el mensaje de una forma clara y sencilla para cualquier espectador ☺️ ¡Esperamos que os guste!👍🏻❤️

Packaging mock-ups

This is my first trial. It’s been curious to try a different and opposite design from how It will look like in the end. The idea of the stripy bag inside with different colours will remain the same, as to differentiate the type of sweet, but I’m not happy for how this design looks. The typeface I chose is inappropriate and old style, the pattern can remind of Christmas atmosphere. The colours are too distracting, as the bag itself is already playful and voluminous. Now I have clearer ideas for my final outcome. I will definitely change the typeface, there won’t be too many colours, and the design itself will be simple and elegant.

Prototype to get an idea about shape and size. For the final packaging, the lid won’t be essential as the bag will play an important role and it will be then bound with a ribbon.

Looking at functional and packaging styles

I love these packaging mainly for a multitude of colours, and different shapes.

Hong-Kong based design agency BLOW was asked to create a brand new identity for Lugard – a new gourmet shop that offers consumers with premium chocolates, cookies, candies and other food products made with high quality, natural and organic ingredients.

They made an excellent and successful job in making these packaging. The illustrations, even though simple they are suggestive and playful. 

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Example 2

Director: Trevor Robinson

Producer: Alex Azis

Editor: David Owen

Post production: Quiet Storm


Czego szukasz w Święta?/ What are you looking for at Christmas?

I found this advert on youtube and different emotions came to my mind and one of them was nostalgia. My project is going to be about nostalgia and facts that we remember from our childhood. This video, in particular, made me think of how believing in something was so special and magical for everyone but then, once grown up it’s just considered as a far and sad memory.