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Always so much fun to portrait the team.

Quand une discussion banale avec ton collègue designer devient un état des lieux de l'affichage à la bib... tu noteras qu'on s'est donnés pour nettoyer le tableau ;)

Que grande Elena Urízar, siendo capaz de transformar mis palabras y pensamientos en imágenes. Recordando grandes momentos en .

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Plantilla de hexágonos con mi hija y su próximo examen de sintaxis (en proceso todo).

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- Que es, que nos aporta, usos y aplicaciones. Vídeo realizado dentro de las actividades del

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💚I just received 2 new #visualthinking books 💚
👉the art of visual notetaking @emily_a_mills
👉 the xlontrax theory of sketchnote @xLontrax

I can’t wait to use them during my next #happyscribing workshop
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Project Evaluation

Visual Thinking - Year 1 - Term 2

(11 February 2019)

To find a starting point for my design for rice packaging I looked up existing rice packaging. It was noticable that there cardboard boxes but also plastic bags are mainly being used for rice. Following that assessment I started designing a carboard box in a similar shape to the ones I saw. I tried to make the design appear organic and natural, however, I quickly realised that I wasn’t getting anywhere with that idea and design in particular.

I knew I wanted to do something different, especially regarding the shape of the packaging. When I realised that I had never seen rice being sold in tubes it was clear to me that I wanted to change that. I also wanted to go a completely fdifferent way with my design: simple, neat, kind of posh. Whenever I look at rice packaging I feel like it isn’t made with emotion and a higher aim - what I mean is they all look just as good as they have to to be sold for a cheap (affordable) price. Just good enough, but not genuinely beautiful like some packaging does - especially in the beauty area.

When I made that decision I didn’t have any particular design in mind. After talking to my parents I started working on the kaleidoscope design which my mum brought me to - I told her I want to make a tube and she said it reminded her of a kaleidoscope I thought is was an interesting idea and something I hadn’t seen in the shops before. It even made more sense once I realised that the rice grains could become part of the kaleidoscope by representing the little coloured glass stones that are usually responsible for the fascinating patterns one can see when looking through a telescope.

My design, once I stuck to the kaleidoscope design, changed a lot from the first draft to the final outcome, however, the changes between the last few drafts and mockups were smaller as I only changed things like the colour or the position of an element and not the entire design. Though, it seems like the small changes actually made a big difference. Between the different versions of the kaleidoscope design I also tried some alternatives but they couldn’t reach the aesthetic and emotional level that the kaleidoscope tube had which is why the decision of developing this design was easily and rather soon made. I think I mainly got inspired by asian rice packaging - they used a lot of white space and simplistic and elegant designs.

The campaign idea didn’t go through a lot of changes. Once it was decided which idea I would work on I pretty much knew what I wanted my final ads to look like. Again, i just changed a few, smaller things but didn’t turn the whole design on its head. I probably could have tried a little bit more in terms of layout and style but I was happy with how it went and I am happy with the outcome.

Taking a look at my time management I think it was pretty good, even though I didn’t have any campaign ideas in for the first tutorials but it didn’t turn out to be a problem. Compared to the last project I felt less stressed (most of the time). Some decisions or changes were made last minute and I think it is helpful at times to have a little bit of time pressure on you - not too much though. Starting work early in the morning until lunch and then continue during the night worked absolutely perfect, I felt a lot more productive during nighttime but I also noticed that I enjoyed working at uni in the mornings (if it wasn’t mandatory and the room was rather empty because most people came in after lunch).

Getting feedback from Laura and Jeanne as well as from other people from the course and friends and family really helped me getting to the point where I am now. Without my mum the kaleidoscope idea probably wouldn’t have existed in this project and without my dad it would have been less related to the rice itself. Feedback from my family what they think when seeing the packaging helped to change misleading elements or make some elements more appealing. The feedback I received from Laura and Jeanne helped me a lot in terms of detail, thinking beyond what I was thinking at the time. I din’t let negative feedback affect me personally and I tried to use it to improve my design (and the campaign of course).

Confidence in my work is definitely something I have to improve and work on. I might know my work is good but still am not confident in it and in the work being compared to other people’s work. There is still room to improve my research too. I did look at different books about packaging, food packaging and advertising, images, products in and ads around shops but I think I have to dig a little deeper in the future.

I am super happy about learning how After Effects works and what can be done with it. It was confusing every now and then but also fun and the possibilities it gives are amazing. Being able (or having to) borrow a camera via siso was also a good thing because I doubt that I would have done that if I didn’t have to (I would have avoided it as long as possible I guess). Another thing I am glad I got to explore is photoshop mockups. Seeing your own design on a billboar or a bottle or a bag or a tv screen is really cool and gives a better understanding for how the design looks.

Retrospectively, I would make some changes on my animated adshel or at least try a few more complicated and detailed animations. Looking at all ads I did I think I might try to match them more to the packaging. I feel like they don’t appear as elegant as the packaging does so I think that could be improved. Also, the packaging photographs could be improved but I would need to experiment more with and learn about cameras and photography techniques, etc. There’s not much to be improved on the packaging I think. I would probably try to find a better colour palette for the brown rice packaging but overall I am really satisfied with how the packaging turned out.

Packaging Portfolio Page

Visual Thinking - Year 1 - Term 2

(10 February 2019)

This is my final portfolio packe, I showed my packaging in a little bit of a special angle (left), tried to show it in context by putting it in my kitchen cupboard (right top), showed all three versions next to each other (right middle) and showed the lid in action as a measuring cup (right bottom). As I used a lot of white space in my packaging design I wanted to adapt that for the portfolio page rather than filling it up with tons of photos.

Sweets placed on the shelves

I was surprised at the way the sweets have been set. Since everything was really organized, the products have been easy to find, unlike some supermarkets where the sweets are spread out and sometimes it is difficult to find what is looking for.


Reto 1: Didáctica EC

¡Éste es nuestro mapa de visual thinking!🎨

Pusimos mucho esmero tanto en la parte creativa y artística como en poder transmitir el mensaje de una forma clara y sencilla para cualquier espectador ☺️ ¡Esperamos que os guste!👍🏻❤️

Visual thinking / poster sketches

These are the posters that I showed at the crit.

Jeanne, Laura and George told me that it would be better if I used the same message on both of the posters. Also, that I should use less text on the first one. I was already aware that it is maybe too much text, but now I’m certain. I will try to take a picture of a lightbulb and use it on both, I think it would look much better.


Paddington 2 Pop up book film clip

The clip shows how a pop up book can be brought to life and spark I imagination. As the pages turn certain aspects move but the pop up style is kept.

 I was thinking this could be a good way to bring the posters to life for the moving part off the project. Also the packaging could have a pop up section or just drawn in the same style to keep the theme throughout.  


‪“I am grateful for what I am and have. My #Thanksgiving is perpetual.” — Thoreau‬
‪#HowIsee Color as Inspiration! ‬

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