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Here's another : the ' are on in the 'NonSuch / No.2' at Mesa 325, on ...take a closer look 🧐

Great recognition from Elaboratum New Commerce Consulting highlighting how ViSenze's is meeting consumer expectations and demands for online product search!

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[The captions say: the pain of a child won’t disappear if you just ignore it. You should be scared of what I’ve been through, not how I heal. This is me, this is what I’ve become. I may like it, I may not and I will decide]

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Similar to the embroidered stains, this technique celebrates the worn areas of a garment, instead of trying to hide them, turning them into a feature.


Embroidery over stains.

Using embroidery to celebrate the stains, and to lock in a memory. Using this in an ecotherapy context would be interesting. I want to create a garment that celebrates the memory of the wearer and their experience of the natural environment. For example if they were wearing the garment to do gardening, it would get grass stains or soil marks, and then these areas of staining could be embroidered so as to remind the wearer in a multi sensory way of their experience. The garment would become personally precious to the owner, as each stain would be a reminder of their ecotherapy, and this is heightened by the embroidery.