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gives you the picture. gives you the impulse to make the picture your own.👍

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A fun start to our day this morning! Self-Awareness PD - reflect on your leadership style and make up a song to go along with it.

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I have been considering the neural retina recently after a really amazing seminar I attended. This scientist, Chichilnisky, is attempting to create a more accurate artificial retina by studying the processing that happens on the level of the ganglion cells.

So, the back of the eye has minute and well defined layers that must work together harmoniously for vision to happen. The cells that usually detect the light and turn it into visual signals are the photoreceptors. This vaguely means light receivers. They are supported by the retinal pigmented epithelium, or RPE. Most forms of vision loss that are degenerative result in the loss of the above layers.

This means the eye can signal the brain, but it cannot detect light. An artificial retina, therefore, involves replacing the dead cells with a camera that stimulates electrodes directly contacting the nerve cells that signal the brain. Essentially it creates a new “layer” that can detect light and translate it for the remaining neural retina.

HOWEVER! The way that ganglion cells and other cells process the information that they receive isnt well understood. There are layers of tens of different types of cells that activate in seemingly random patterns in response to visual stimuli. Given that this results in high visual acuity, or good vision, there is clearly a consistent processing algorithm.

The craziest part is that it! Isnt! Evolutionarily preprogrammed! In an experiment on cats, kittens were blindfolded for the first few weeks and as a result were blind. Humans have a similar learning curve - we have functioning eyes and our brains have to learn how to use them. How do they learn? What is the algorithm? How does it work? Is it consistent across people?

All good questions! The speaker basically went into some of the initial experiments and considerations that are needed to design an artificial retina with better acuity than “can see vague shapes and light and dark.”

I really love science and the eyes are amazing organs.

Cataracts in Dogs

What Are Cataracts?

A cataract is an opacity in the lens of a dog’s eye, causing him to have blurry vision. If the cataract is small, it won’t likely disturb the dog’s vision too much, but cataracts must be monitored because the thicker and denser they become, the more likely it is they will lead to blindness.

What Causes Cataracts?

Cataracts can develop from disease, old age and trauma to the eye, but inherited conditions are the most common cause. Cataracts may be present at birth or develop when a dog is very young-between one and three years of age. A high-incidence of cataracts is also often attributed to diabetes.

How Can I Tell if My Dog Is Developing Cataracts?

If your dog’s eyes look cloudy or bluish-gray, you should take him to the vet for an exam. Be aware, though, that it’s natural for a dog’s lens to become cloudy, or gray, with age. This condition, called nuclear sclerosis, doesn’t put a dog’s vision in as much danger as cataracts might, and treatment isn’t usually recommended. However, any cloudiness at all in your pet’s eye is a sign for you to take him to the vet.

What Happens When a Cataract Goes Untreated?

An untreated cataract may “luxate” or slip from the tissue that holds it in place, freeing it to float around in the eye where it may settle and block natural fluid drainage. This can lead to glaucoma, which can cause permanent blindness. Cataracts may also begin to dissolve after some time, causing deep, painful inflammation in the eye.

Which Dogs Are Prone to Cataracts?

Though dogs of all ages and breeds can develop cataracts, they are more commonly found in Smooth Fox Terriers, American Cocker Spaniels, Havanese, Bichon Frise, Silky Terriers, Miniature and Standard Poodles, Miniature Schnauzers, and Boston Terriers. Dogs with diabetes are also especially prone.

How Are Cataracts Diagnosed?

A preliminary eye exam by your veterinarian will tell you whether you are dealing with a cataract or another condition that causes cloudiness in the eye. You should then consult with a veterinary ophthalmologist to determine the extent of the cataract and what steps to take to manage the problem.

How Can I Help Preserve My Dog’s Vision?

In most cases, cataracts cannot be prevented, but there are steps to take to ensure that your dog’s vision can be preserved, especially if they are caused by a medical condition like diabetes.

  • Examine your dog’s eyes regularly.
  • Take your dog to the vet if his eyes look cloudy or bluish-gray.
  • Take your dog to the vet if you suspect she’s having trouble seeing.
  • If possible, find out the medical history of your dog’s parents, since cataracts are often inherited.
  • Be aware of any conditions your dog has that may cause cataracts, such as diabetes or eye trauma.

How Can Cataracts Be Treated?

Vision loss due to cataracts can often be restored through surgery. A veterinary ophthalmologist will surgically remove the lens, replacing it with a plastic or acrylic lens. Cataract surgery generally has a good success rate, but your veterinarian will need to determine whether your dog is a good surgical candidate. The procedure also requires extensive postoperative care.

Note: If your pet has an underlying condition such as diabetes, treating the underlying condition may lessen the chances that cataracts will develop.

How Can I Care for My Pet After Cataract Surgery?

After surgery, your pet will have to wear a protective (Elizabethan) collar until his eye heals. You’ll need to keep him relaxed in a calm environment, and he’ll also require eye drops several times a day for a few weeks.


While they play, I work.
While they party, I work.
While they go have fun, I work.


And I don’t do this to make anybody feel guilty I do this so that you truly start to understand where I’m coming from.
How I am consistently posting the content, the process, and networking every single day.
I have much love and emotion towards what I do because I truly believe through the way we think and the way that we act that is how we will change the world.

Stay with me on this journey and I promise I won’t disappoint because I put my fears out there.
I put my hardships out there. I put my pain out there and I’ll let you guys see what I’m going through because when that breakthrough happens it did not happen overnight. 💯☝🏿

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Animated drawing… .
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We are story telling animals… so here is one of my story…. hope you like it… ignore all bad sectors and embrace the goodness .
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It’s a blessing to just be able to speak. I give it everything I got because I never know who could see this message and simply say…”That’s what I needed to see that day” Just doing that is what makes it special. 💯✍🏿 I’m passionate about this vision and it means that I’ll want to get as many people on board as possible 💯🙏🏿

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The stark twins [ Peter parker x Stark!reader]

Imagine; meeting Peter Parker for the first time.

Warnings; pure fluff.

A/N: I’m obsessed with Lizzie Saltzman 

Please don’t plagiarize my works.

Originally posted by fyeahlegacies

Peter was waiting for Mr.Stark in the Avenger’s Watchtower in one of the waiting lounges. Why you may ask he was waiting for Tony Stark? he was there because he was going to help Tony to fight against Captain America. You didn’t like it when Steve and Tony fought because he was like a second father to you. He was there when Tony and Lizzie, your other twin wasn’t it was because sometimes you couldn’t control your powers when you got angry or sad and it happened almost every time.

Peter sat in the lounge as he waited awkwardly for someone, like, anyone, to take him away from the annoying music was playing. He had waited for hours, did they forgot about him? Noo, Mr. Stark would never do that to him, or maybe he did? The door opened and he saw the famous twins close the door as they walked hand in hand. 

Peter had almost a heart attack when he saw the famous twins, Y/N Stark and Lizzie Stark walking hand in hand and laughing. You two didn’t even notice Peter at first when he sat in a chair.

‘‘Who the hell are you?’‘ You asked him as Lizzie next to you rolled her eyes. 

‘‘ Y/n, be nice,’‘ she scolds at you as you looked at Peter with a polite smile.

‘‘ I’m sorry, who are you?’‘ you asked again as he cleared his throat. Oh, how he wanted to disappear right now. ‘‘ I’m Pee… Pee… Peter Parker,’‘ he stuttered. He wanted to slap himself for being so awkward around you. You smiled at him which made his heart squeeze a little. 

‘‘ Peter Parker?, Oh, You must him, Spiderman,’‘ Lizzie tells him as he nodded at her. 

‘‘ I’m Lizzie Stark,’‘

‘‘ and I’m y/n Stark,’‘

‘‘ We’re Twins, actually,’‘ Lizzie said to him as you looked at her then at Peter.

‘‘ Fraternal Twins to be more correct,’‘

System 🧬

Rocks thrown at a river changes the rhythm.

The rhythm does change its definition.

Beyond the surface there’s wisdom hidden.

Underneath its precision you can see through your visions.

The course of your rhythm falls victim to rocks thrown at your position.

Your hidden wisdom doesn’t change when you’re saving your vision.

The surface you stand on is the surface to your decisions.

Stones thrown has its own rhythm.

Make them fall victim to your competition.

-Rachel (2.3.19)