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Yet another great meeting with all the team. This time we are discussing in Paris all the details of the next steps for the project!

🔛 ||| presents exhibition "Speculative Futures" examining how artists use to develop new spaces independent from their surrounding. Through the 14th of April.

Scott Benesiinaabandan, Blueberry Pie Under the Martian Sky, 2016. Screenshot of VR artwork, © courtesy ofthe artist

As part of their process towards completing a challenging railway project in Norway, Norconsult have harnessed the exciting developments in games to visualise their proposed signalling system

Go-Karts + VR may sound silly, but it's a truly immersive experience that teleports you on the streets of Tokyo! Read more about it in Today's News article -

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Have you heard about our Virtual Offices? For many people who run a business from home, a virtual office is an ideal way to cultivate a professional image and means you don't have to give out your home address. . . .

Opening digital doors with technologies. Allow all abilities to visit your places. We are wanting to bring and to primary schools across the country.

Top technology in praxis at Motion Control in Erlangen: , and of product, production processes and performance lower costs and production time while increasing quality and effficiency.

In nächster Zeit kommen neue AR und VR Anwendungen Online 😏 freut euch schonmal drauf 🔥

"What do you envision for the future of virtual reality as it relates to architectural design?"

is a (VR) system that helps war veterans confront and overcome the horrific experiences that instigated their stress disorder (PTSD). VR based applications

We now offer VR QA for just €32 an hour. That's a good deal, no matter what reality you're living in! Email us at to start working with us now.

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Burbank, CA


A video infographics showcasing the differences between Second Life and VRChat, for those of you who might be wondering what the differences are!

Note: I mostly highlighted the differences, the similarities (such as the fact that both Second Life and VRChat supports user-created content) are not mentioned

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