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“Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act” …/116th-congre…/house-bill/724/text

"Violence in is quite common — an attack on a bar there on Feb. 16 killed five people — but most of the occurs far from the zones along the beach."

La étant la base même de la vie sociale, ne cherchez pas pourquoi les choses vont mal dans une société immorale... etc.

This is what you stand for. This is who you. We will vote you out!!!

مٺي: پهرئين ڪلاس جي شاگرد تي استاد جو بناجواز تشدد، اسڪول نيڪالي وڌيڪ تفصيل لاءِ وزٽ ڪريو

هالاڻي: حادثي جا زخمي اسپتال منتقل، زخمين جو علاج نه ٿيڻ سبب ڊسپينسر تي تشدد

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🚨Overnight/Early Morning 2:06 AM DORCHESTER: Shots fired, shooter outside 300 block of Columbia Road near Quincy Street 1:00 AM ROXBURY: Person Shot to the head, Codman Park. 1:45 AM ROXBURY: Person Stabbed Walnut Ave Bullets also went through the wall of a home😔

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Sounds of Love

Songs lyrics in order: Backseat Serenade (All Time Low), My Happy Ending (Avril Lavigne), Battlefiel (Jordin Sparks), He’s Hurting Me (Maria Mena), Because of You (Kelly Clarkson), Face Down (Red Jumpsuit Apparatus), You Were Wrong (Icon For Hire), Right Here (Ashes Remain), Without You (Ashes Remain), Fight (Icon For Hire)

Summary: Deceit navigates his relationship with Patton and Virgil, the way it falls apart, the way he fixes himself, and the way he falls in love all over again with someone better.

Also, knocking out three asks with this XD:

Hi! It’s me, uwu again, here, queer, and almost hit a deer (it’s fine though, just a little shocked). Could you write some Roceit angst and fluff? Prompt: Its been a year since Deceit broke up with his abusive boyfriend (it can be anyone, unspecified, whatever) and he wakes up screaming. So obviously, the best course of action is to sneak into his boyfriend’s bedroom through the window and ask Roman to help dye his hair. Which of course, Roman happily obliges to. And then fluff. Thanks! ~uwu           

Okay, unsympathetic Patton & poor Dee: So Patton does a lot of the cleaning yeah? Maybe he “tidies up” Dee’s room by throwing away all his stuff (or at least the important things)? Maybe he blames Dee for not keeping his room clean (not true) when confronted?     

For Deceit whump - maybe Patton messing with Dee’s food whenever he can get away with it? Like sometimes too much salt, burning stuff too much to be edible? Pretty please (also I hoe you’re feeling better, internet hug?)        

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The Fall of Silas and Rise of Kaall

               Silas Mackentoff watched the village and its fields of crops burn. The mouse smiled and bit into an apple that had been plucked from the orchard before it had been set on fire. The bandit leader was quite plain looking with grey fur and brown eyes with simple clothes under leather armor. On a bandolier across his chest hung a set of three identical pistols each with six shot cylinders, from his hip hung a broad bladed sword with a leather bound hilt and a ruby pommel.

               “Another successful raid!” Ain’t that right, boss?” another bandit mouse said walking up wiping a smear of blood off the blade of a short sword and onto his pants leg

               “That’s right my friend.” Silas said looking back at the other mouse, “I take it you had your usual fun, Carter?”

               Carter Plilass was a brown furred mouse with a crooked smiled and an even more crooked snout. His single green eye spoke of mischief both past and to come, his other eye was milky white with blindness. He slipped his short sword back into its scabbard at his hip and rand his fingers over the pistols on his chest. He wore similar armor to Silas and clothes of plain design.

               “Any survivors?” the bandit leader asked his right hand mouse as they watched the flames

               “None that I saw,” Carter responded with a laugh, “Even if there are the men should be taking care of it as we speak.”

               Silas nodded in satisfaction and finished the apple before tossing the core into a burning home, “Good, let’s be off, Libratici is likely to be here any moment.”

               Both Carter and Silas whipped around as the sound of gunfire and swordplay rang out. Carter grinned wickedly and drew his short sword.

               “Looks like we’re a bit too late to run.” The mouse said before rushing off to join the fight with his blade in one hand and a pistol in the other

               Silas sighed and drew his broadsword and a pistol, “So much for a clean get away.” He began step towards the fray but was stopped by a voice behind him

               The voice spoke softly, raspy and low, “So it is you.”

               Glancing back Silas saw a hunched over furless mouse clad in a long green hooded cloak, “Do we know each other?” He turned to face the other mouse

               “It has been…” The other mouse thought a moment, “ten years I believe and I have changed quite a bit in that time so I don’t blame you for not recognizing me.”

               Silas raised an eyebrow as he studied the other. He could only see his muzzle and one arm, both were grey skinned and a bit wrinkled. The iconography of an open book surrounded by sunrays denoted him as a member of the Libratici, and the closed book crossed with pen and dagger stated he was of the rank High Librarian.

               The hunched mouse continued to speak, “A village right on the border between the mouselands and the spiderlands.” He waved his hands expressively as his form raised from the ground revealing eight mechanical spider like legs, “You and your band of murderers came like lightning the night before harvest.”

               “We tend to do that.” Silas said with a shrug, “We are bandits after all.” He grinned and shook his head, “So…what is this, your revenge? You’re not the first to try it and I doubt you will be the last.”

               The other mouse continued as if not hearing Silas, “You burned what you couldn’t take and…” he looked at Silas and from under his hood an array of multicolored lights starred out, “You…,” he pointed at the bandit leader, “Chased a thirteen year old boy into the woods, tied him to a tree, and with his father’s own axe…” he paused and took a deep breath before continuing, “chopped his legs off and left him to die.”

               Silas rolled his eyes, “You’re all the same. Talk too much.” He shook his head and chuckled, “Pathetic idiot, should have just moved on.” He raised his pistol and took aim, “Would have lived longer that way.”

               Before Silas could pull the trigger Carter rushed past him screaming with sword held in both hands ready to strike, “Mine!” he yelled in a strange combination of joy and rage. He was caught up in a bout of bloodlust and nothing could stop him

               Silas lowered his pistol and shook his head, “Fine, have at it.”

               The other mouse didn’t move just watched as Carter got closer and closer. Once close enough Carter swung his blade in a horizontal arc, aiming for the neck.

               “Die!” Carter screamed

               The blow didn’t land. The hunched mouse swatted it aside with a quick block from a mechanical arm from under his cloak. The grey skinned arm launched out and punched Carter in the nose with a crunch causing a stream of blood to pour from his nostrils.

               “Fuck!” Carter cursed as he staggered back a couple of steps

               The other mouse moved forward and pushed his own attack. A flurry of blades and pointed instruments struck at Carter. Carter was hard pressed to block every blow some of them slipping through to gouge, stab, or slice open his flesh as they found the chinks in his armor.

               “Move!” Silas commanded as he took aim once more with a pistol

               Carter managed to push and roll away from the other mouse. Silas fired, his shot hitting the hunched mouse in the side of the head. The bullet punctured a hole in the hood but the other mouse didn’t seem to stop.

               “The hell?” Silas said emptying the pistol as he kept firing, then drew another pistol and emptied it then drew his last pistol and emptied it as he charged in to try and save Carter. Every shot hit but seemed to do nothing.

               The other mouse was silent in his attack, his mechanical legs carrying him quickly over to Carter. He back handed the recovering mouse with his flesh and blood hand sending the mouse thudding to the ground.

               While staring at Silas the other mouse said, “And you call me pathetic.” He then stabbed down with one of his spider like legs piercing through Carters gut

               “No!” Silas shouted running towards them faster taking a two handed grip on his sword

               Carter screamed and tried pull the leg from his stomach but with a quick movement another leg stomped down and crushed through the bandit mouse’s skull in a splatter of blood and brain matter. “As you say this is about revenge, Silas.” The hunched over mouse grinned wickedly, “And I will make you suffer so that I can savor it.”

               Silas game in with a heavy swing of his broadsword, a downward strike. “Since when did the Libratici let its members partake in acts of vengeance?” the heavy ring of metal on metal tolled out as the other mouse blocked with a mechanical arm

               “I’m lucky,” The other mouse said delivering an uppercut to Silas’ chin sending him stumbling backwards. “My job and vengeance happen to intersect when you attacked a village within my little province.”

               “Your province?” Silas said wiping blood from his lip

               “Yes! This is my little kingdom! Kaall Province.” The other mouse said with an elegant bow, “I am its ruler High Librarian Alaster Kaall.”

               “You fight well for a bookworm.” Silas said starting to circle the high librarian

               “We of the libratici value all knowledge, even that of combat and war.” He simply stood and followed him with his gaze, “I’d surrender if I were you.”

               “Why is that?” the bandit leader asked preparing to rush in for another attack

               “You’re surrounded.” Kaall said simply

               Looking around briefly he found it to be true. Soldiers with varying amounts of mechanical parts surrounded them in a circle, their guns still smoking and their blades still dripping with his men’s blood. All of them wore some sort of green hooded cloak with the iconography of the libratici.

               “Report!” Kaall demanded of one of his soldiers

               The voice was low and buzzing, “All threats neutralized, bodies recovered and ready for transport.”

               “Fantastic, take that one as well,” Kaall said gesturing with a leg towards Carter’s body, “I’m sure we can make use of it somehow.”

               “Of course sir.” The soldier saluted and then proceeded to drag away Carter’s corpse

               “Bandits don’t surrender,” Silas said, “Besides at least I can take you with me.” He charged in and attempted to run the high librarian through. But his blade was caught and diverted by several small robotic hands before Kaall’s grey skinned hand reached out and roughly gripped him by the throat.

               “It’s funny you thought you could.” Kaall said wrenching the blade from Silas’ hand as he lifted him into the air by his neck, “Don’t worry…” the high librarian said as the bandit scratched and beat against the hand trying to break free, “Your suffering has only just begun.”

               As Kaall cackled loudly a mechanical arm snaked out from under his cloak and brandishing a syringe with a strange blue liquid in it stuck Silas in the shoulder.

               “I hope you sleep peacefully,” Kaall said, “It’ll be the last bit of peace you have.”

               With that Silas’ vision went blurry and he began to drift off into unconsciousness with only the fading sound of the high librarian’s raspy laugh on his ears.

               As he regained consciousness Silas groaned. All he could see was a blank stone wall, then he realized he was on his back and looking up, it was a stone ceiling. “Fuck.” He cursed and tried to sit up but found himself strapped down.

               “Ah finally awake,” the raspy voice of Kaall spoke off to Silas’ side

               The high librarian emerged from the shadows free of his cloak now. His exposed body nothing but metal and twitching robotic limbs all tipped in some deadly looking implement, the only bits of flesh being his muzzle, arm, and a brain contained within a reinforced glass capsule in his chest.

               “Are you really Libratici? I don’t remember them allowing torture.” Silas said

               “Well…,” Kaall said leaning over the restrained Silas, “Soon there will be a change of leadership within the Libratici.” He took a hard grip on the bandits jaw and forced his head to the side, “But enough of that, look there…” he gestured to a long rack upon which hung bloody bodies

               Silas’ eyes went wide

               “Your men.” Kaall chuckled, “each one ready to be made useful to my cause.” With another hard yank he turned Silas’ head to the other side to face a second table upon which lay Carter’s body, “Even this one will be turned into a useful weapon or perhaps just a mindless servant.”

               Silas made to say something but his head was jerked back to face Kaall and the furless grey hand was pressed over his mouth.

               “Ssh.” The high librarian said, “You have no need for words anymore.”

               Silas glared and bit down on the hand, his teeth sinking down into the flesh with surprising ease. He gagged at the taste of rotten meat and tried to spit as black ichor-like blood seeped onto his tongue with a new oily taste.

               Kaall only smiled and from his body extended spinning saw blades and several scalpels. “You’ll need your breath for screaming.”

               Silas struggled in vain and began to scream as the saws began to bite into his stomach and the scalpels sliced into his chest. Blood splattered and painted the mechanical body of Alaster Kaall as he simply grinned and carefully dissected the bandit leader. He was very careful not to damage Silas’ head or face, he had plans for it after his fun.

               It was hours later when Kaall emerged from his workshop, his body nearly completely crimson with blood. Under his arm was a glass dome filled with a strange clear liquid, inside the liquid was the head of Silas Mackentoff ready to be displayed in the high librarian’s personal chambers.

               A single guardsman approached him and saluted, “What would you have me do with the rest of his body?”

               “Burn it.” Kaall said with a dismissive wave of his hand

               “Yes sir.” The guardsman said moving away to carry out his orders

               Kaall approached another guardsman, “Take the rest of the bodies to be processed, they’ll make fine soldiers.”

               “Yes sir!” the guardsman saluted before, like the one before her, moving to carry out her orders

               With that Kaall moved swiftly through his fortress. Moving along a corridor towards his private chambers he paused and looked out a window into the courtyard. A large group of his augmented soldiers and guards were sparring and training in preparation for the greatness to come. He smiled and stroked his brain case as he went over the plans in his mind briefly before continuing on his way.

               “I have just the perfect place for you.” He spoke to the severed head as he placed it on a shelf next to a bookcase

               “So it’s true.” A voice spoke from behind Kaall, its light tone mixed with clicks and whistles familiar

               Turning Kaall came face to face with a spider wearing a large red hooded cloak decorated with the iconography of the Libratici and that of an open book overlaid with a golden brain. The mark of a Grand Knower, the highest rank within the Libratici.

               “Grand Knower Callis Bor.” The high librarian said

               Callis nodded and spoke again, “your recent actions have the council growing concerned,” He reached over and pulled open the shutters on a window, the light illuminating his navy blue exoskeleton.

               “They have nothing to fear of me aside my continued climbing of the ranks.” Kaall attempted to joke with the Grand Knower

               Callis did not laugh before gesturing towards the severed head

               “Ah yes…that.” He gave a convincing sigh, “That is the result of a long held hatred.”

               “Silas I presume?” Callis said

               “Yes.” Kaall said truthfully

               “And all the blood on you?”

               “A regretful decision to…prolong my revenge.” The high librarian said

               Callis looked him up and down with cold solid black eyes. “Then…it is over.”

               “Yes.” Kaall answered, “I have no more grudges.”

               “Good,” Callis Bor said stepping past the high librarian, pausing by his side, “This will be spoken of with the rest of the council.”

               “Very well, Grand Knower.” Kaall gave a deep bow of respect to Callis as he left the room.

               Callis Bor exited the fortress and stepped into a carriage which quickly took off down the dirt road towards the province border. His apprentice had waited patiently for him.

               “Are the concerns well founded?” the apprentice asked

               Callis didn’t look at the apprentice, “Yes, preparations should be made to deal with Alaster Kaall.” The Grand Knower glanced out the carriage window to see Kaall staring at the retreating carriage out a high fortress window, “He has slipped off the edge of sanity.”

               Kaall screamed in rage and began to thrash in his chambers. He destroyed his bookshelf and other furniture pausing only before smashing his newly acquired trophy. He growled and stared at the head floating in the jar, “I’ll have to move up my plans now. Why didn’t I try to kill that…that…graaaaah!” he punched his fleshy hand into the stone wall with a sickening crunch.

               “Is everything ok sir?” a guardsman asked through his chamber door

               Kaall looked at his now ruined hand, “Call the mechanics up to my chamber, I require a new arm.”

               “Yes sir.” The guardsman said

               Breathing heavily Kaall spoke to himself while staring at the severed head of Silas, “Flesh is weak. Steel is strong. Soon I will be complete and the first to fall to my might will be the council of the libratici.”

               The End.

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I am already obsessed with feral child! Can we see some of the council gossiping about the previous events? I imagine Obi-wan's ambition hasn't gone unnoticed, particularly his feral tendencies

“He’s dangerous.”

Snorting deeply at the statement, ears twitching as he observed the holo display, Yoda couldn’t help a sharp toothed smirk while tapping his claws on his chair. “Dangerous we all are, knew this we did. Stop him we did not for that reason, a credit he is,” Yoda pointed out calmly before chuckling as the display flickered to the image of Du Crion’s corpse. “Fierce he is.”

Yaddle hummed, eyes closed but a small smile on her lips. “Feral you mean, feral he is, tame him I hope Qui-Gon can but right you are, a credit he would be.” She stated calmly.

Stretching his legs out, Piell snorted deeply. “That child could tear this temple apart if he grew up to become the Sith we see, I hope we plan to ensure his loyalty to our kind is clear?” The man raised his brow.

There was a collection of snorts and Shaak wiggled her lekku at him. “Well duh, else we’d be screwed.”

“It’s a valid question.” He sulked in return, almost pouting.

Yoda ignored it, still smirking to himself now.

He had long had his doubts about Du Crion, sure, he came from a family with wealth, his father had given Xanatos his money when the codger had passed away due to illness but he had always been so… lackluster in his ambitions and his powers were so… mundane.

He was not an impressive addition frankly.

But Obi-Wan…

Obi-Wan who Yoda had mentored himself in the powers of precognition and visions, having seen the sparks in the boy and how the Force had singled him out. Yoda had recognized the ambitions burning in the boy, the powers and the determination to not be pushed aside even as he knew he would take no apprentice himself.

But he could encourage that flaming spark…

‘Here we now are, here he is… ambitious spark he is. Strong my lineage is.’ Yoda chuckled to himself as he remembered the two now white haired knights walking around, both of them clearly in fear of Jinn and the whispered warning passing through the halls to not touch the man’s apprentice.


Snarling as he was thrown halfway across the salle, Obi-Wan barely rolled out of the way when his powerful master hit down where he had been moments before, the training saber scorching the wooden floor.

Obi-Wan knew that his apprenticeship with the man wouldn’t be easy but he had no idea the man meant teaching him to duel this seriously.

He was barely holding back, forcing Obi-Wan to use every inch of his knowledge to try and block and dodge and parry but it wasn’t enough, especially not with Jinn’s control of the Force literally throwing him around.

Obi-Wan was bruised and aching and he had a training cut along his upper back where the man had snagged him but all that pain did was to make him even more determined to fight back.

He had no chance of winning but he wasn’t going to make it simple for his new master and the only way he could really keep the fight going was to get his hands on the training saber as he scrambled around Master Tholme and Quinlan sparring, using them as a barrier between himself and Qui-Gon.

No avail, the tall master only bounced over them and once more threw Obi-Wan towards the other side of the salle where he crashed into the tribunes.

Rolling onto his stomach, Obi-Wan spat out saliva and blood with a faint ringing in his head that made him dizzy, Obi-Wan only raised his head as black boots stopped in his peripheral vision, blinking up at his master.

He got a raised brow in return, Qui-Gon standing there with his still engaged training saber. “Well apprentice, yield?” He drawled, looking smug and satisfied.

Rage boiled in Obi-Wan’s veins and he snarled in reply to the satisfied looking man only for him to yelp in surprise when his cape suddenly jerked up and over his head at Obi-Wan’s twitched hand.

The redhead instantly seized the chance to race for this saber, sliding the last few inches and grasping it just in time to be thrown.

But he had his weapon back as he jumped to his suddenly numb legs, adrenaline and rage chasing away his aching pain as he meet Qui-Gon’s eyes triumphantly while raising his saber, grinning at the man with blood stained teeth.

And yet Qui-Gon did not look upset.

No, he looked proud and the fierce fire in Obi-Wan’s chest burned in joy as Qui-Gon saluted him before engaging once more.

Do not become envious of the man of violence, nor choose any of his ways. For the devious person is a detestable thing to Jehovah, but His intimacy is with the upright ones. The curse of Jehovah is on the house of the wicked one, but the abiding place of the righteous ones he blesses. If it has to do with ridiculers, he himself will deride; but to the meek ones he will show favor. Honor is what the wise ones will come to possess, but the stupid ones are exalting dishonor.
—  Proverbs 3:31-35, NWT


another meme inspired by devotedecay’s format !     tw  for  violence, blood, mature themes.
send  in  one  of  these  for  my  muse’s  reaction  to  …
(  add  ❝  reverse  ❞   if  you’d  like  to  see  how  my  muse  would  preform  the  action  !  )

  • [ deck ]   your muse decking mine in the face.
  • [ punch ]   your muse punching mine anywhere / or specify.
  • [ pin ]   your muse forcibly pinning my muse beneath them.
  • [ straddle ]   your muse forcing mine to the ground and straddling them.
  • [ scratch ]   your muse raking mine with their nails / claws.
  • [ bite ]   your muse biting mine.
  • [ turn ]   your muse rolling from beneath to atop my muse.
  • [ wall ]   your muse pinning mine against a wall.
  • [ snarl ]   your muse snarling / growling at mine.
  • [ curse ]   your muse cursing at / cursing mine out.
  • [ tug ]   your muse gripping mine’s hair.
  • [ kick ]   your muse kicking mine anywhere / or specify.
  • [ point + gun ]   your muse holding mine at gun point.
  • [ point + knife ]   your muse holding mine at knife point.
  • [ mock ]   your muse mocking mine.
  • [ sweep ]   your muse knocking mine off their feet.
  • [ grab ]   your muse grabbing mine forcibly.
  • [ shoot ]   your muse shooting my muse anywhere / or specify.
  • [ stab ]   your muse stabbing my muse anywhere / or specify.
  • [ break ]   your muse breaking any of mine’s bones / or specify.
  • [ strangle ]   your muse choking mine out.
  • [ shove ]   your muse shoving mine forcibly.
  • [ bruise ]   your muse making mine bruise.
  • [ under ]   your muse shoving mine underwater.
  • [ attempt ]   your muse attempting to kill mine.
  • [ bare ]   your muse baring their teeth at mine.
  • [ threaten ]   your muse threatening mine.
  • [ spit ]   your muse making mine spit blood.
  • [ bleed ]   your muse making mine bleed.
  • [ burn ]   your muse burning mine.
  • [ corner ]   your muse cornering mine.
  • [ throat ]   your muse wrapping a hand around mine’s throat.
  • [ challenge ]   your muse challenging mine.
  • [ cut ]   your muse cutting mine.

Okay, I haven’t written a personal post in a while because I’ve been focused on schoolwork. Right now I’m super busy with a project where I have to read and evaluate lots of research articles. :( At least my academic writing is improving. 

Ugh, I accidentally deleted my extensive review of Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux. It was a really good book and I finished that page turner months ago. It’s easy to see why it has numerous adaptations and has influenced countless media in the Anglosphere alone. Perhaps even Heathers and Saw, what with the Erik’s plan to explode the opera house and the rosy hours of Mazenderan. 

Sadly, the rest of Leroux’s bibliography seems to only be well known in French-speaking places. When I get around to getting a passport and go to Quebec I might duck into a library real quick. Even though she’s my fave mystery writer, I gotta read more detective fiction other than Agatha Christie. 

For something rated PG, The Dark Crystal sure is dark. Not as bad The Adventures of Mark Twain being G-rated, though. I prefer its spiritual successor, Labyrinth. If I’d seen Labyrinth as a child that would have become one of my favorite movies, up there with Alice in Wonderland 1951 and The Wizard of Oz. Audiences need less CGI, more puppetry and animatronics! 

I kind of want a Skeksis. (And maybe a Fizzgig, too.) Buzzards get a bad rap. We get flocks of turkey vultures and they’re kind of cute despite the smelliness. Let them scavenge! From now on, whenever I want the last slice of pizza or something: “TRIAL BY STONE!” 

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Magi’s Grandson

Kenja no Mago

Originally posted by furuba

Rating: 2/3

Categories: action, adventure, comedy, dub, fantasy, isekai, light novel adaptation, magic, overpowered character, reincarnation, romance, violence

After dying in an car accident a young man wakes up to find himself reborn in a fantasy world. The wise man Merlin finds him and begins to raise him as his grandson Shin. Now a tennager Shin has become an extremely powerful mage but doesn’t seem to realise how abnormal his approach to magic is.

S1, 12 eps

being a woman/girl in this world is so terrifying and ppl treat it like sexism is normal or “better than before” but do you ever think about it??? ppl say the #metoo movement is too harsh against accused rapists (wtf) it’s dangerous for women/girls to walk outside late at night, rape culture is normalized, and incels are treated like a harmless funny threat when people are DYING

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Hi baae ! So I've noticed your blog seriously lacks some Shouto content and I couldn't stop myself... could we get an angsty scenario with baby boy ? Maybe, I don't know... him having to watch his girlfriend die ? ( yes it's me the queen of angst hullo )

Warning: Violence, blood, death and very very angsty stuff. 

Word Count: 1591

Author’s Note: So I’d like to start out by saying thank you so much for sending in an ask and sorry that I took years to get to it! I’d also like to say HOW COULD YOU HURT ME THIS WAY OH MY GOODNESS!! I was so unbelievably fucked up while writing this because I had to hurt my baby boy so, I can never bring myself to write a fic where someone dies yet here I am. You really are the queen of angst and I am but a peasant at your feet. 

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The cold never bothered Shouto. 

It was something he was used to since he was born. From the cold touch of his mother’s hands whilst she caressed his hair to the fear that runs through him at his Father’s gaze. 

Shouto knows the cold. He learned to get used to the cold tinge against his cheeks, to the tight grip it had on his heart. He learned how to be just like it. How to not cry at his father’s screaming or laugh at jokes that aren’t meant for him. 

Shouto knew the cold so well because he was the cold. It was how his Father raised him, of course. 

But against all odds, you thawed him out. 

You, the one who made him snort at your dumb jokes and let him vent about his dad. You, the one who meant everything to him. The one who caressed the burnt side of his face with no pity in your eyes. 

There wasn’t any part of him that felt cold when he was with you. You made him associate heat with love, and the feeling of blushing, with everything but his Dad’s fire. You were the reason he smiled, the reason he thrived. You gave him the childhood he never had back. 

But now amiss the rumble of U.A., the crumble of the walls and blazing red fires that collapse in on them he felt cold. The panic that plagued him, the fear ran cold through his veins. 

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he told me that he wanted to be a police officer or maybe work in the navy because he needed violence around him to breathe and i told him that i wanted to travel the world because i feel cramped inside my body so he promised to take me to the ruins of rome where i could pray to the goddesses and wander the city where thousands of people had met their demise because i need death to be subdued 

he looked at me as he held his fingers under the flames and i didnt stop him because he let me open my wrists while he watched and maybe i resented him for it but maybe i just loved the callouses on his hands when he held me by the waist or maybe i just wanted him to feel the same thing i felt because he couldnt have loved me at all if he let me hurt myself 

we snuck behind the wooden shed and he asked me why i hadnt had my first kiss yet and i told him that i was waiting for the right boy because he didnt know that i had kissed a girl but thats not the point and anyway he held me to the wall and i wanted to kiss him and i know he felt it too but i was just too scared so i left him in the wooden shed and oh god i hate myself still 

i had a boyfriend but i still loved him and i just wanted him to understand so i wrote him a message and i planned to send it but i told myself that he wouldn’t want to see a message from me so i deleted it and the next morning he was dead and i couldn’t do anything about it so maybe if i had just sent the message he would still be alive and im so sorry because his death is all my fault

—  annacaatherine (we were just children built on violence)