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Merci à d'oser dire que "les sont encouragés dans la par l'irresponsabilité de certains leaders" des : "Une partie de la classe dit "c'est pas bien, toute cette violence" mais aussitôt, elle lui trouve des excuses" ()

The world is finding out what happens when are in charge. Just like . are all about getting even bc they are little people who can't compete without &

It was pleasant time to participate in a seminar on of against with focus on facilitated by @unama_Kunduz At kunduz university! I have explained about Prosecuting a case of underage marriage violence to the participants.

“We believe only , not , can bring peace to ’s children.. they are dying every day due to the lack or denial of , a lack of medicine, because of ” - Tamer Kirolos, our country director

“We believe only , not , can bring peace to ’s children.. they are dying every day due to the lack or denial of , a lack of medicine, because of ” - Tamer Kirolos, our country director

Rick Ruddell's Oil, Gas and Crime e-book is on the daily deal today only for 9.99 ($/£/EUR): ! It investigates the social problems arising in 'boomtowns' including and corporate .

Sur on débat sur la et le manque de respect vàv des Institutions et de leurs représentants. Mais, on oublie que les omettent les titres. Sont friands de quolibets. Font des commentaires contradictoires qui sapent une politique. Entropie.

Face aux chiffres alarmants de la dans les , Chantal Clem déclare dans une Tribune parue dans : ''Malgré de très nombreuses avancées, la République ne considère pas tous ces enfants avec la même considération"

Our next Speaker Series event is just one week away! “'Crippled for Cassava'? , , and in a Scheme," presented by Dr. Heidi Gengenbach from . Details & RSVP here:

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Abusive relationships don't start off abusive. It is a gradual and very subtle process that happens over time.

Rape is defined by law as ‘vaginal or anal sexual intercourse in the absence of consent’. It carries a minimum sentence of five years of imprisonment or up to life imprisonment.

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gouvernementale contre les et inacceptables. Dénigrement et perversion du dialogue Situation insupportable pour les français au carnage du régime

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YouTube mass brawl broken up by police
Pepper spray and tear gas are used to disperse crowds of fans of rival social media stars.

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Milo should really smile more often. I've heard knives can help with that. Glasgow smile, anyone?

i know i just drew his uncle stabbing him but who the heck would…..besides jason

The Beater and the Promise Keeper

She was warned once, then twice.

His face glaring back at him, the discoloration of fresh hits marring the skin of what could have been his reflexion. It wasn’t enough to make him angry, but it was enough to get him to move. His words sharp as glass as he told her calmly what would happen if he saw it again.

Not to lay a finger or cause a need for ice.

Swollen limbs and bumps and bruises. Blond hair matted with fear sweat and blood. A too enthusiastic push against a wall. A final straw, and another, and another. Too many assurances that it wasn’t anything, that he was fine. Too many “Andrew don’t do anything stupid, she didn’t mean it, don’t”

Then it wasn’t his fault when she didn’t comply,

It took months to plan out everything. To get ready and make sure she wouldn’t take him down with her when he fulfilled his promise. The car would do well, and if he died in the passenger seat with her, at least then he could escort her to hell.

And he was the first to keep his word, and not tell a lie.

The look on her face proved she’d been lied to her entire life, and she never expected anyone to actually go through on a promise, but he was steadfast. For a blink she believed her other son was sitting in the car with her, brooding but harmless, and then suddenly there was a hand on the wheel and she realized her mistake as the car swerved into a ditch. He kept his promise, and it wasn’t his fault she didn’t believe him.

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A bit of advice? I have a friend who needs to break a lease to get away from his emotionally abusive boyfriend. The lease is around $1200 and he can't raise the money alone. Is there any sort of fundraisers for this kind of situation that could help?

The first thing I would recommend that he does it to speak with his landlord about this. Many landlords may offer a payment plan or waive some of the owed money for extreme circumstances. This is definitely an extreme circumstance!

My next recommendation is that he gets out of his home ASAP. Paid lease or not, he needs to get out. If he can stay with you or another friend until he gets on his feet, that’s great. But there are always shelters as an option! I just interviewed an advocate from a shelter yesterday on the podcast and that episode will be dropping Sunday, he might find it helpful to listen. Obviously, if he’s in real physical or mental danger, some planning will need to be done to get him out. Worry about the money later, put his safety first and help him get out. There is stregnth in numbers, the more who come help him move out, the better. The advocate I spoke to also explained how to get Orders of Protection as well.

Again- the most important thing is getting him out of there! He can worry about the money later. Have him contact the domenstic violence hotline if he needs to! He can call/text the line if need be.
The Price of Blood - Haruka_1224 - 少女☆歌劇 レヴュー・スタァライト | Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight (Anime) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

In a desperate attempt to keep the gang afloat, the Daiba Clan takes out the leader of the Hanayagi Clan, starting a bloody war that seems to have no end in sight and no benefit to either side. Can the new generation of gangsters find peace before their Clans destroy each other?

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Tony was desperate to find his son,while that,Peter was tortured and abused (by Skip Westcott,one of the most trusted Justin workers).Months/Years? later,Tony finally found out their location and he's ready to destroy Justin and get his son back.(2/2)

Tony literally sends a projectile through the roof of the small cabin Justin and Skip had been concealing Peter inside for so long.

He crashes through and grabs Hammer by his stupid green tie and hits him hard enough with the metal gauntlet that he stays unconscious all the way to his holding cell.

Skip is a different story. Tony reserves the right to take his time, keep the disgusting monster in agony until he felt as hopeless and broken as Peter had in the videos they sent.

Skip gets left in an interrogation room with Natasha. An angry and protective Natasha. Tony doesn’t ever find out what she did with him, although he knew the better option would be to wonder what she did with the body.



It’s a melting popsicles type day

Fried worms on the sidewalk type day

The sun through the window is burning a patch into my skin

My mom is in the store

She always says she’ll be a minute

But we’ll be waiting the better part of an hour

To be fair, she doesn’t wear a watch

I’m bored in a way only a child can be

The minutes are slow

Molasses thick

My older brother is beside me

He’s bored but in different, restless way.

I must be around four or five

He’s three years older

He looks at me suddenly, eyes focused on me the way a kid focuses on an ant he’s about to squash.

My brother likes pulling legs off spiders, wings off bees

“Swear.” He demands, suddenly.

I am little and know swearing is bad. Once I said bumhole in front of Auntie Margaret and my mouth tasted like soap for days.


He slams my face into the glass of the warm window, the sweat on my forehead leaves a streak, “Swear!”


Again he slams my head against the glass, my ears ring.

I only know now that I must resist, if I give in he’s won, I just have to hold out until mom is back

My head fits in his hand like a basketball

“SWEAR” My teeth click together, I’m crying and too hot, “SWEAR” my head is pounding, a bright flashing ache behind my eyes “SWEAR”

I resist as long as I can

Maybe ten minutes, maybe twenty

He’s pulling out my hair, fingers digging into my scalp

“Sh-shit!!” I stammer. I feel hot tears behind my eyes, I gave in, which means I lost.

He looks at me, “Good.” And turns away.

Mom comes back a few minutes later

She doesn’t notice anything amiss

My brother is totally nonplussed, shockingly normal, surreally calm. He seems like it never happened. I wonder if he’s already forgotten, lost interest after killing the bee struggling to fly.

I know to pretend everything’s fine.

I have to be stronger next time.

To never give in,

is the only power I have.

Picture this; #128

Siblings on different sides of the law chase each other in an endless game of cat and mouse that none are willing to fully commit to. 
But when backed into a corner will their bond allow one to sacrifice all they’ve worked for to let their sibling succeed? Or will they have to resort to more drastic measures?

“Aurelia, what do you think about violence?” I wasn’t aware Irenos had arrived until he’d spoken. He stared at the Oracle in the corner, but I couldn’t see whatever it was he could.

“What do I think?”

“Yes.” He turned to me now.

“I think it’s unnecessary.”

“Well of course you do. What do you think of it’s purpose?”

“It has no purpose, only intent.” I stated simply, returning to my book.


I shook my head gently. “Irenos, you had thousands of years of evidence, proof that humans were not worthy to enter a new world. And yet, you did. Why?”

He chuckled, “I believed that by giving you a new world, you’d think a little harder. I thought maybe you’d reflect. Some did, the people of Saffeon have done everything they can, even refused technology that would better the quality of their lives, all in the name of preservation of this land. The dragons help determine those who have the capacity to show compassion and those who don’t.”

“The dragons? Like the one that brought me here?”

“Precisely. The questions they ask are to determine one’s worthiness to pass through that portal. There is only one portal here, to the library, but there are seven portals that lead to Othana from Earth. And thousands of portals to plenty of other places…” his voice became soft.

“Will I have the chance to go to Othana?” I asked.

When I looked, he was gone, but a voice echoed, “Soon, I won’t have a choice.”

At some point I realised that my only desire is not wanting anything from anyone. Not wanting to attract anybody’s attention, not trying to impress someone.

Just exist.

In a pure, noble, cruel, complete way.


A beam of sunlight made of steel.

The roots of a tree that invaded the sidewalk long ago and dislodged its tiles.

A gnarled tooth firmly embedded in a piece of wood.

The scar on your arm you got falling off your bike when you were seven.

A single flower, in a disregarded composition.

The lust your father feels for your girlfriend, who’s the same age as you.

A small rock, hurling down an elevated highway and crashing into some random car’s windshield.

(maybe even the meekest of us understand only the language of violence)

The lies they’ve always told you to make you feel safer.

The eye of the moon, still watching you despite the clouds.

The fire that tore your house down, that fateful night.

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💔 angst up the wazoo hahaha

I used a number generator lol,

And it is…..


-My muse comes to yours after being assaulted.


Rye’s legs are shaking badly when she finally climbs the last step, keeping a death grip on the handrail the entire time. They feel like they’ll collapse under her any second. Her ankle is radiating pain, but it hurts less than the wrist she holds cradled to her bruised abdomen. It hurts like a fucker- worse than a break, so only a sprain or maybe fracture. Her face is wet too- from tears or blood she doesn’t know. Probably both. Her entire face feels like a bruise. She knows she has a split lip, it hurts when she licks it, and a black eye. She hopes her nose isn’t broken, but she can’t tell. She’s just happy she doesn’t feel any loose or missing teeth.

She’d only been a block from her own apartment when the group ambushed her. ‘Bitch from the news’ had stuck out like a sore thumb within everything else they’d said between stealing her purse and kicking her behind a dumpster. She’d recently been spotted out with the Waynes again. They probably thought she’d have expensive things on her. The kicking got well across how disappointed they were in her at the lack of large, golden jewelry, precious gemstones, and the measly couple of fives and ones in her wallet.

She blames herself. This is the exact type of shit that happens where she lives, and yet she’d gotten soft. Didn’t carry a baseball bat around everywhere anymore. Didn’t always check her surroundings as frequently. Didn’t walk fast enough. She’d gotten soft. Burnley doesn’t let you get soft, or you… you end up like she is right now; biting her tongue as she all but collapses against the wall next to the safehouse door she knows Jayn and Jason are holed up in right now.

She hopes they hadn’t gone out for patrol yet. Her keys and phone and everything had been in that purse; why she’d been forced to come here instead of just go to her own home to lick her wounds. She raises a visibly shaking hand to bang on the door, and hopes to whatever higher deity there is that they hadn’t left yet. She closes her eyes and leans more weight onto the wall, and waits.

“All I need ‘s a c’ple bandaids”

Why protecting violence needs to be criminalized

Andrew Schultz makes a great point about why these people around Harvey Weinstein that helped to protect him are also doing real damage. It’s not a neutral thing to witness violence and do nothing, let alone actively cover it up. Same thing about the Catholic church pedophilia scandal, the reason it went on so long and affected as many children was that there was a network of people willing to hide the truth. If you have information about violent crimes, you should have a responsibility to tell the police about it. At minimum, doing something to hide it should be a crime.


Hello fellow people of Tumblr. 

Let me ask you a rhetorical question: was there ever a moment in your life where you just felt stuck? 

It doesn’t matter what circumstances are, you are stuck in something. Stuck on a deadline, stuck on traffic, stuck in a terrible situation, stuck in a bad job, stuck in a moment where you cant see an exit for. 

I fell like that every single day. ever since I was 12. A lot of things happened when I was 12 years old. when I was in middle school, those who I once called friends stabbed me in the back and betrayed me, began to bully me, I was aware of my learning disability, I was aware of my health, I was aware my parents did not have a perfect marriage, I was aware family members hated my family, I was aware life if not perfect. 

Did I do something about it? no. 

I let the people step all over me, I let those fuckers bully me, I let those assholes of teachers look down at me, I let depression hit me. I welcomed death with wide arms as if it was a friend I was waiting to see. Not going to lie, I was one of those kids who harmed themselves. But I knew better than to do it in the wrists. Too common and overrated I thought back them. So, I harmed the weakest body part. 

My legs. 

I hated myself when I was 12, I hated everything about me, my looks, my body, my health, my family, my world, I felt stuck. For three years [6th-8th grade] I was stuck in a fucked up middle school where girls got pregnant, boys got high, and people can stab you in the feels. My middle school was not normal. [story for another time]. My parents were worried for me, they had every right to, I was their kid. So they took me to see a council, did it work? was I cured? no. I faked it. I hated every second of that hell hole. I lied, I faked my expressions, I placed a disney mask on my face every time I had to go in to their boring ass offices. But one good thing did come out of there, I was advised to defend myself. 

And so I did. 

Through violence. 

I punched every girl that dared to call me “witch bitch”, I stabbed anyone who dared touch me. I slammed every girls faces to the walls, messing up their cheap make up. I didnt care anymore. Soon the boys tackled in. They were no different. I did what I could to survive those hellish years. My family isnt proud, but I was. I was no longer stuck, I was free. 

So when you are stuck, find a way to get out. There is always a little hole. You just find your own way.