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ぐるぐるぐるぐる…なぜこんな形態したんだろう?と思いながら、季節感全く無視したモノを商品化しています。 切り離しながら使うことに意味があったのかなあ…可愛いからいいんですが。クラフト紙で包んだラッピングに使いたくなりました。

Men's Watch. Advance Puritan Men's Watch. Silver Puritan by Citizen Men's Watch. waalaa.

Black Friday Sale! RARE! Enesco Melody Meadow Multi-Action Lights Mice Mouse Deluxe electric music box MIB see video

tree Ornaments Just reduced! Rare Thomas Kinkade Village Icicle Set of 10 holiday Victorian Edwardian vignettes Different Scenes handcrafted illuminated via Etsy Stunning!

Picture Cubes, Bilder Baukasten Vintage Wood Puzzle in Original Box, German Made Puzzle Made in West Germany

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Into Plutonian Depths by Stanton A. Coblentz
Avon 281, 1950
Uncredited artist

pixelatedpumpkin  asked:

i’ve just found your account and i absolutely love the monsterizations!! i was wondering if you could do a carved pumpkin or just a normal pumpkin 🥰


I couldn’t help with the idea of a headless horseman type. The idea is that the pumpkin attaches itself onto the unfortunate player and digests the head and basically takes its place. Much like that louse parasite on fish