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Planetarium Records Label Single [Day : Off] 2. 준X모티X빌런 'Days' (Title) 📌2018.08.22 (Wed) 6PM Release📌

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Smile is the only key that opens the lock of everyone's heart. Keep Smiling And Good Afternoon 😍😍😍😍😍

हमारे जिँदगी की कहानी 🗡कूछ ऐसी है जिसमे 😎भी हम और 😈 भी हम.!!👊

A couple of months ago I updated my color palette for Agatha. :) Really excited for all the projects that I am currently a part of including Interchange.

Really looking forward to playing the in the I am on Wednesday and Thursday this week! Will be great to be work with again who me on the film earlier this year!!

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We have faith in our ☔️ far far the match I’m most looking forward to at

I'm excited to share the tutorial for this game from ! take on the role of a as you attempt to achieve your own unique objectives before your opponets. Available where games are sold, but learn all about it here.:

Good Night Dada Take care 😘😘 Tomar film superhit hobe amra akhon sobai dekhar opekhay

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wаnnа fuск hеr? DO IT! Cliск 0n tехt!

            alex would honestly survive any horror movie because he genuinely would just not be there to deal with the horror stuff.

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What if Villain isuku was locked into a room with all his friends what would he do?

The brainwashing he has om himself is like a block for him to not forvige (and more he dont know). So if he were in a room with his friends, that its quite ok.
thats Untill they talk about anything remotly about saving him or something else that might trigger the «wall he put up» he have a bad habbit he picked up from shigaraki. That He scratches his left arm. not bc he is pissed but if he stresses and worrys too much. it pushes the brainwashing he has a little thinner because he thinks about it. and izuku is so afraid of that wall cracking. So only then will he either. Gtfo or just make them stop talking. -> just imagine a sock stuffed down someones throat lol.
It would be hard too bc he do like most of his classmates in a wierd way.
Izuku: «i still like all of you . But you all failed me and i can never forgive you sooo,Stfu»
*whispers* «bicc»…Love you, maybe…*squinting*

I finished up these WingHat fusions with the beloved Navy and Vengur while waiting for Mod Trash to finish up her ask :p Featuring a Boi Ready to Fly- And Loving Urself

Horror Imagine

Do they watch the Soap Opera’s? 

Chucky/Charles Lee Ray: Fuck yes. He gets really into it. 

Billy Loomis: Doesn’t particularly care for them, but still knows the entire plot and is able to converse about it. “Hold on, I thought Elena was with Stephen??” “No, she’s in love with Damon, you prick,” “Yeesh, girl, make up your mind.” 

Stu Macher: Ohhhhh yes. Stu is invested. he literally wont sleep if Billy lets him. 

Mickey Altieri: Mickey will not miss an episode of any of the shows. He’s a film major, so he’s gotta keep up! And of course he likes them, too. He’s a film major

Debbie Loomis: She thinks they’re stupid, but she and Pam always take one night a month when the house is empty to watch as much The Bold and the Beautiful as they can. To laugh at it. … Not that she doesn’t get completely livid at the characters. 

Roman Bridger: He is a director, a very picky, stuck up director. He tries not to watch the ‘shit’, but whenever he does accentally hear something, he gets furious and has to explain why this is not good writing!! And what are these camera angles!? Every second frame cannot be a close up!!

Jill Roberts: Could care less, really. She’ll watch if she’s bored though, with some yummy buttery popcorn and a soda. 

Charlie Walker: He makes them think he likes it… but he only watches it for the sex scenes. And he’s a terrible actor, somehow, since everyone knows this(Barely paying attention and then when a girl loses her top then suddenly he’s riveted.)

Jennifer Check: She cant connect with the characters, so she doesn’t watch. Often the one to, on her way out to party, tells everyone to get up off their butts and do something because their eyes will go square and their brains will turn to moosh watching this crap. 

Carrie White: Does enjoy it, but she doesn’t get quite as crazy about it as Chucky or Stu do… She thinks its funny, and ‘Aww’’s at the romantic bits. 

Michael Myers: Surprisingly enough, he does like them. He’s king of the remote, so they wouldn’t even be able to watch the stuff if it weren’t for him. Literally no one touches the remote but him. He sleeps in his living room chair. 

Jason Voorhees: Not allowed to watch because he gets so frustrated. Once, he took his anger out on the TV!

Pam Voorhees: (See Debbie Loomis) She’s got no time for silly drama shows, she has Jason to take care of!!

Freddy Krueger: He is the Drama. 

Jedidiah Sawyer/Thomas Hewitt/Bubba/Leatherface: Jed gets outraged!

Patrick Bateman: He doesn’t particularly like it, or connect with the characters, or anything, but he watches it so he has something to talk about with ‘normal’ people. 

Pennywise(Both): They cant understand why people like it. 

William Willis/Will Benson: He is also the drama. Not as much as Freddy, but still very dramatic! Second place dramatic boy. 

Ben Willis: Laughs at how stupid it is. 

Hannibal Lector: Oh my god, this is what he lives for. All the psychology to dissect… oh, his mouth waters at the idea. 

Just finishing Season 2 of Jessica Jones **spoilers**

Originally posted by bokunoherokomikuko

Good season, a lot darker, shit got explained. Blah blah blah, imma skip that part and jump straight into WHO THE ACTUAL FUCK DOES PATSY “TRASHY” TRISH THINK SHE IS??

2nd to last episode n they teased me. They gave me the hope that i would get the satisfaction of seeing her die with her trash ass mom to keep her company, but no.

They had to make the finale tease her getting super fucking powers like she fuckin wanted. This is AFTER she got countless of ppl killed cuz she couldn’t mind her own damn business. After she left her fiance, screwed Malcolm n screwed him over, huffed superpowered inhaler shit that sent her into a relapse, KILLED JESSICA’S MOTHER, amongst countless other things. Too many to name at this time of night.

N THIS BITCH IS GETTING SUPERPOWERS?? Lookin like high ass Catwoman. I’M PISSED.

I hope she backflips off a 40 story building n lands in a Patsy merchandise cesspool.

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That is all.

Yo. Finally got around to watching My Little Pony the movie and honestly? Fun flick, real fun, the animation was real slick and the songs were a good time two thumbs up

A Kindness

This is all for the best in the long run. Who knows, perhaps this will be the making of you. Such bright, clever children. You can be more than your father, more than me. Go on, run along now. Deep into the woods, where adventure awaits you. Fear not, I’ve dumped out all those awful heavy stones that would only drag you back to this hovel. Instead I’ve packed you fresh bread, all we have we have in the house. Your share, your father’s share, and my share too, to speed you on your way to a better world, a better life. Fear nothing, children, and believe. Believe the way I believe, that this is a kindness, this is an opportunity. Go now. I will think of you always, and in my mind you shall be happy, sleeping on feather mattresses with full bellies. Better than I could do you, better than your father too. Don’t you blame me for this. You will be fine just go. Go. Go.

pinkyk5  asked:

I have a question for Black Hat if he doesn’t mind. What exactly happens to Will when you take over fully? Will he still be there, trapped, or..Dead? (Hi!! I’m new to the blog and I love it! So I’m sorry if I ask a lot of questions in the future

((welcome! and don’t worry about it, hopefully I can get to it /:D,
also look! color! and a jump to the present oho, but I think that’s all for now, let’s focus on their time in good ol 1800′s ;y))

These days in toon history

8/18-8/20/2018; The past few days were a struggle without power to our neighborhood. Turns out we were right to suspect a dragon. We thought it was Smaug, who was campaigning for the chair for Toontown’s treasurer (not that he’d of fit) earlier today, in Old Toontown. We were half right, but it was the work of the 1977 version of Smaug from the Rankin and Bass “Hobbit” movie. He, that cantankerous old worm, was suffering from a toothache, and destroyed the transformer powering our entire block with a lash of his tail. He reluctantly parted with some of his hoard to get it fixed. As it was, he wasn’t willing to visit the dentist either, but we all pretty much forced him before he wrecked anything else. -Wheezy