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Hanging out in ๐Ÿ‡ฏ๐Ÿ‡ต โ˜”๏ธ

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Deathstroke Thursday! Come grab a devilishly delicious Deathstroke from us this weekend

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Everybody loves a splash of evil, and our Villain addition to the Loungefly Wild Bangarang collection this Friday is the perfect offering! Get ready to shop with our latest accessory collection at

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He was a before he became the . Happy Birthday Baba Bona

Designing Steampunk Villains is always fun and good practice for me! This individual is named Zariah, and good olโ€™ Z promises lots of good times! X3 I believe this may be the finalized design for this character. Which I'm so excited for! X3

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Mirror mirror on the wall, who's the fairest backpack of them all? The bag features all your favorite evil Disney villains like Cruella, Ursula, Maleficent and the Evil Queen.

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Evil Highrise

Bad Things Happen Bingo 17/25


Working through the cold

The rain was deafening on the leaves above them and the wind was piercing. Hero was so tense from the cold that every muscle in their body ached. Their fingers were painfully numb and bloody. But they kept going, kept dragging Villain along on a half raised stretcher. They’d strapped them onto it and carried the side closest to their head. Sidekick had one handle and Hero the other. There was no way they could completely carry them in woodlands like this. Villain remained mostly unconscious despite the danger that threatened them.

“We need to find shelter!” Sidekick shouted over the winds.
“We have keep going,” Hero answered, unable to stop their teeth from chattering, “[Villain] needs help and we’ll get.t c.caught.”
“This weather will kill [Villain]! I know this ground. There’s a hide coming up. We have to go in!”

Hero didn’t answer. They kept walking until the little wooden shack came into view. It was a tempting sight. Their fingers slipped and they lost grip on the handle. Sidekick struggled to hold it up as Villain rocked to the side. Hero scrambled to pick it up again.
“[Hero]!” Sidekick practically ordered. Hero turned to look at them and nodded.

They dragged Villain all the way to the hide and through the door. It was still cold inside but not so horribly wet. The hide was made of dark wood and benches surrounded all four walls, Hero could see the muddy footprints of where children had stepped on them to look out of the thin rectangular windows to see what creatures they could see in the woods.

They both slung off their backpacks. “Bad news is we can’t light a fire,” Sidekick said as they untied Villain from the stretcher, nothing more than Hero’s coat and a stray picnic blanket they’d found on the way tied onto a frame made of branches. Hero sat down on one of the benches and couldn’t stop shivering. They couldn’t tell if they were soaked through or not, their fingers burned. Sidekick checked Villain’s pulse and seemed satisfied but when they looked up they saw Hero’s unmoving frame, hunched over on a bench.

Sidekick approached, “Hey? You okay?”
Sidekick shrugged off their coat, shook the rain off it and draped it over Hero’s shoulders. “I knew taking your coat off wasn’t going to end well. You weren’t dressed for this weather at all.”

Hero couldn’t answer for the way their teeth chattered. Sidekick took them by the hands and began to scrub at them mercilessly. Hero’s hands were so sore than adding more heat to them hurt. They tried to pull away but Sidekick didn’t let them. “Come on, you need to make friction and warm up.” They rubbed their hands until they weren’t so painful to acknowledge.

Sidekick stood up. “I’ll see what we’ve got in the bags.”
“I didn’t bring much,” Hero admitted. “Mostly food.”
“I’ll double check, but at least I brought stuff,” Sidekick let out a little huff of a laugh, “Not laughing at me being over-prepared now, are you?”
“No,” Hero mumbled.

Sidekick frowned. “Get any wet layers off. They won’t dry but at least you’ll warm up a little. The inside of my coat is dry at least so you can put that on.”
Hero did as they were told but their movements were slow, sluggish. They took their jacket off and laid it flat. Rubbing their arms and legs helped a little and then they put Sidekick’s coat on, too cold to refuse it.

“Your feet okay?” Sidekick said. Hero could hear them rummaging around in their bag. Hero stomped their feet a little and wiggled their toes. “I think they’re dry. I’ve got boots on.”
Sidekick seemed satisfied. “We’ll have to wait until the rain eases. Until then we may as well all huddle up, try to keep this idiot alive, and hope no one finds us.”

Hero didn’t answer. They were too cold, too lost in their thoughts, replaying how this had happened, how Hero and Sidekick’s peaceful walk had been disrupted when Villain had come blindly running at them in their Civilian clothes in broad daylight. They were gripped with fear and wounded, blabbering about being chased and collapsing to the floor. It had all happened so quickly.

Now they were here.

They didn’t realise Sidekick had crept up to them. Hero heard a little crack, then another. A neon yellow light started to grow in the other side of the room. Sidekick had set off a glow stick. They came over to Hero and pressed something hot into their hand. It was one of those weird chemical reaction hand warmers, click the metal and it heats up. Hero clung to it like a lifeline.
“Thank you.”

“Might help if you put it on your wrist or under your shirt or something. Come over here when you can. [Villain] is going to end up coming around and I need to try to fix this wound of theirs. My first aid kit isn’t exactly going to be a miracle worker here. You can hold onto them and it might warm you up a bit.”

Hero could only shiver and obey. At least Sidekick knew what to do in this mess.

Me Reading The “Dumbo” 2019 Novelization And Michael Keaton’s Character Is Smooth And Sly And Manipulative And Evil.

Haven’t gotten to the end yet, so don’t know how he’s defeated and/or killed.

I will say they kill off another character early on, SO this is a Tim Burton movie, y’all.

Wanted to create an antagonist for my tanuki character so I came up with a witch-themed robot. She is a fair bit bigger than the tanuki with the tip of that character only reaching the brim of her hat. I’m still debating whether or not to keep her chest and arm colors flesh or green to match her mask. I’m also not completely happy with the color of her gloves and may change that as well.

In keeping with the witch theme, I kinda want to use cat and crow-like robots for her underlings with each one being outfitted with different weapons and body sizes.

Names I’ve been coming up with so far for this character: Queen Melas, Queen Hagula, and Queen Grindyla. 

The FBI building looked extra creepy in this weather. Also that (I’m assuming cardboard cutout) silhouette is positioned right in the window. I know it’s not a person bc I pass it every night on my way home.