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Today watching . Super action🎬 movie🎬. .... Love . শিরায় শিরায় রক্ত অঙ্কুশ দার ভক্ত। 😘😍

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completed 6M views in youtube with 73K likes.. woww it's a amazing succes.. Congratulations to the full team at your nearest theater.

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Every enemy during their first episode
Cristina Vendramini on Instagram: “The Decipherer of Sand, character from my upcoming book Tales of Dark Sand. O Decifrador de Areia, personagem do meu futuro livro Contos de…”
14 Likes, 1 Comments - Cristina Vendramini (@cristina_vendr) on Instagram: “The Decipherer of Sand, character from my upcoming book Tales of Dark Sand. O Decifrador de Areia,…”
He Can, and He Has

I’ll take feedback on my villain. Like is he creepy enough? Is he too cheesy? Talk to me.

“It’s okay. He would never hurt me.” Morgan reassured the knight. She took a step towards the pale specter, but… no, it was more she stepped between the specter and the knight. The knight, her face hidden by her helm, was no fool. She knew, she guessed, even before the specter opened his foul mouth.

“Oh, but I could, my poor girl.” the specter cooed. Lazily, he extended his hand, his black tendrils mirroring his motion, straining toward Morgan, liquid dripping off their oily surfaces.

“And you have.” Morgan whispered, switching to a language the knight could not understand. She turned her back to the knight, facing this this creature she loathed and feared, his mere presence freezing the air in her lungs. His very name made her shudder. Yet still, Morgan called his name the way only a faerie could. By his name she labeled him, cursed him, exposed his true nature. 

Semele’s face twisted into a perverse grin. He brought his hands to his heart, uttering a fluttering. lovesick sigh.

“Oh, Morgan… call to me again, won’t you? It is the most beautiful thing…” he lilted. Semele didn’t take the cue to switch languages. He spoke in plain tongue, careless that their witness might hear. Morgan snarled, fire crackling between her teeth. She didn’t dare to attack him. She knew he was faster. She knew where he would aim.

“Tsk… oh poor girl.” Semele shook his head, “You can’t help but come back to me. We both know it… why not skip this dance? I threaten the human, you bargain for her life, we go home, everyone’s happy. Come.” 

Semele’s stance shifted, and he offered his hand to Morgan. Morgan cast around, looking for a solution, but there was none to be had. They were surrounded by Semele’s tendrils, and the knight Morgan had contracted was now an unwitting hostage.

Morgan took half a step forward, but the knight seized her arm.

“What in hell are you doing?” the knight accused. “You’re not going anywhere this this creep!”

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There is a snake wrapped up and hidden in the deepest, oldest, most primitive part of our brain. And even if, fantastically, you have never seen one, you recognize it. Your soul remembers the serpent, knows it, fears it; teacher, father, mother, lover, betrayer. Scales slide along that cerebral way, awakening as if from a dream. Fanning open to the sun. Paying worship. Lost in a desert where reptiles have never lived, asleep in their eggs, waiting for you to look at them and let them be born. 

–J.L. Aarne | Excerpt from upcoming novel Night People

If I did a piece with Hawks, you know I had to do one with another of my favorite villains from My hero academia, the villainous Dabi! XD  His quirk is totally badass, and the complexity of the character just complements him so well.  Plus, wanted to experiment more with the simple pen and pencil shading in my fanart sketchbook, so hope ya like!

Dabi belongs to BNHA franchise
Art is mine