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See me nude ->>>

Finally finished this painting of Veparus the Reviver, one of the main overarching villains of my ongoing D&D campaigns.

Reposting : 14/10/2018: The Pricks in the Infirmary There will just be a slight Prick, and then I'm afraid it'll have to come off. They will all have to come off.

I am just a couple months away from this being the for my new . I hope you're ready for and fun! Shout out to for on the first draft!

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- EVILL JAREDD Despite his/her looks, Jaredd the is a ‼️ "Freedom of Morality" is Jaredds forté, and nothing is gonna stop him/her from obtaining that freedom ‼️

Thank You So Much Everyone😊 For 8 Million+ Views Of Keep Supporting Our Most Favourite Star Diva Queen Keep Listening To

On the odd occasion I like to switch my wings for a broomstick. I’m flexible like that 🧙‍♀️✨

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Character design based on a 7th grader’s sketch 

Villain Prompt #6

[ Finales next week and I’m not ready ]

Ever since you could remember, you always loved evil and chaos, even as a little child you caused trouble and your parents even had to pull you out from school.

One night, your enemy comes to you in peace, weirdly enough they ask for help since someone more powerful than them had arose and they already have been beaten twice before.

On pleading knees, you finally accept but soon realising it was your mentor who came back, you are utterly shock but you decide not to say anything cause you feel something towards your enemy - partner.

Your partner soon finds out after you guys had a slim win and they go off on you, literally. You both start to argue and yell at each other before the [you chosen person] pins [other person] to the wall.

Lowering their voice, they state something but you didn’t hear it since you were captivated by their eyes.


A: You both share a tender kiss but you both wanted more, going in for another kiss.

B: [Chosen person] pushes them away from themself and walk out of the room, cooling off.