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"Video: Designing for in games." 👉🏼

Hoy tenemos en punto de las 6pm los esperamos en para un en vivo más familiar y divertido no se olviden suscribirse en YouTube y seguirnos enr eres sociales seguro encontrarán algo que les gustará :)

Suzanne Treister - "Fictional Video Game Stills/Q. Would you recognize a Virtual Paradise?" Part of the upcoming "Open World: Video Games & Contemporary Art" opening October 19th. &Art

La GamesCom se déroule en ce moment à Cologne en Allemagne. Si vous l’avez raté rien n’est perdu, elle est ouverte jusqu’au 24 Aout. Voici un résumé de la 1ère journée de cette convention. 🎮

- Fans de gaming, RDV dans J-2 au : le festival dédié aux & à l' ! 🕹 ▶ Amateur, joueur confirmé ou en famille vous êtes tous les bienvenus pour vivre une expérience connectée 🤖

Hoy estamos en punto de las 6pm con algo familiar y divertido, la plática se pondrá buena sin duda, no se olviden seguirnos en redes sociales y compartir, los esperamos en YouTube

This week we hung out with Tyler from ! We talk about the album, the tour, their music-inspired tattoos, building props for cosplay, , and Hilary Duff.

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How Borderlands 3 Is Making 1 Billion Guns, Plus the N64 Origin of the Walking Gun

Our IGN First game for August 2019 is Borderlands 3, and we’ve been bringing you first-looks and previews of Gearbox’s upcoming game all month long.

Today we’re talking to members of the Gearbox team responsible for the truly astonishing number of possible guns available in Borderlands 3. The “1 billion guns” promise isn’t some number pulled out of thin air: it’s a mathematical truth based on the possible combinations of gun parts and pieces. Check out the video above to get a look at just how Gearbox was able to make true on its promise of 1 billion guns.

If you want to learn a little about the origin of the now-infamous walking guns, lead combat designer Jett Sarett told us it was originally inspired by the laptop turrets from Rare’s N64 classic Perfect Dark.

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Telling Lies Review

Telling Lies is a storytelling marvel. Every smile, every kiss, every lie reveals something meaningful about the characters and the way their lives intertwine, and seemingly insignificant comments link together to become crucial revelations. It follows the same structure as developer Sam Barlow’s previous game, Her Story, with a database of video clips that you watch out of sequence—but Telling Lies is bigger and better in every way.

Sublime acting by a cast of four main characters makes every scene believable, and each clip is a potential door into a new sub-plot. One shows David, who features most often, talking to a woman on the phone while in bed, their conversation veiled in subtext and secrets. The next might show an environmental group organising a protest that you know must be important because you’ve heard about before. If you tug on any thread it will slowly unwind, and I wasn’t able to let go until I’d fully unravelled it and learned how it fits into the wider story.

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Upcoming Exploration RPG Greedfall Has My Attention
When I was first asked to preview Greedfall, an upcoming RPG by Spiders, I didn’t really know what to expect. Its vast world, packed with ruins and frontier towns, captured a sense of discovery but also evoked a strange apprehension in me. Greedfall brims with potential and clever ideas, yet even after playing it, I can’t tell if it will mark a powerful recreation of BioWare-esque storytelling or a half-measured romanticising of the all-too-violent Age of Exploration.
By Heather Alexandra

Insightful article featuring a small video with new gameplay footage!


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Iceborne Let's You Boost Through Monster Hunter: World Fast

Starting Monster Hunter: World now with massive expansion Iceborne on the horizon may seem intimidating, but additional changes and features coming with updates will help players get through the base game fast. Some of these were just revealed, like the Guardian Armor set and Helper Hunter incentives, alongside the newest trailer.

We talked to executive director and art director Kaname Fujioka, producer Ryozo Tsujimoto, and director Daisuke Ichihara about how the Iceborne expansion and accompanying updates will change the experience for new-comers to World, and they offered a lot of insight.

“If you currently have World and you’re thinking, ‘I don’t want to buy the expansion because I’m not done with World yet,’ well, there’s a bunch of balance updates and content that’s being added into World with Iceborne,” said producer Ryozo Tsujimoto.

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Need for Speed Heat Feels like the Series' Greatest Hits

On paper, 2017’s Need For Speed Payback looked great. The promise of a truly open-world game with encouragement for exploration and discovery seemed like a solid step forward for series. The problem was the execution as a whole felt flat. No single element was truly its headline act, and it arrived with no real personality of its own.

From what little I’ve played of Need For Speed Heat, it appears Ghost Games’ goal was to remedy that flat feeling by creating a new take on the series that draws from Need for Speed’s biggest past successes. Unfortunately, I’m not sure if they’ve achieved it.

During my brief hands-on time, I was able to sample two races: one set during the day and another at night. Unfortunately, the day race (named Speed Hunter Showdowns) feels like a very standard racing affair and extremely similar to the last few Need For Speed games. It’s high-speed, beautiful (if a little uninspired; shipping docks are always an eyesore) and features intense car jostling. The evening race is where Heat shines a little brighter, truly leaning into an ‘80s neon-lite Miami vibe. The setting is a new location called Palm City, and although there is a real place called that, it’s definitely a fictional Miami much like Payback’s Fortune Valley was Ghost Game’s ode to Las Vegas.

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Hanzo Tattoo - in crochet form


So there are people out there mad about Hanzo’s cool tattoo… Some made them for real (like the guy above!), some are selling Hanzo’s temporary tattoo sleeve on Etsy…

I on the other hand, made a very simplified version of it! After all, it’s the miniature Hanzo!


Actually, I just alternated beige and dark grey yarn over his shoulder and arm, to create a random outline that does not look like his bare skin or his clothes.


See the final Hanzo with his discrete tattoo… unfortunately I’m not able to replicate a dragon or scale pattern 😂😂. Plus his sharp fringe, bow and arrow - think he can pull off as Hanzo?


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Death Stranding: Exclusive Gamescom Trailer Reveals Norman Reedus' Main Mission

There’s an extra Death Stranding trailer being shown at Gamescom, and we’ve just seen it. Strap in.

Currently only being shown to those attending the Death Stranding booth at the German show, the trailer - called ‘Briefing’ - is a story cutscene, seemingly from the earlier parts of the game, and it contextualises much of what we’ve seen in previous trailers, particularly about what Norman Reedus’ Sam is aiming for in the game.

Featuring Norman Reedus’ Sam, Lindsay Wagner’s Amelie, and Tommie Earl Jenkins’ Die-Hardman, the trailer takes place in what seems to be the Oval Office, and features the two latter characters attempting to convince Sam to join their cause - to reconnect the fractured cities of the UCA (or United Cities of America).

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