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En 2minutes30, voici ce qu'il faut retenir sur le concours Geipi Polytech

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La fin du tout vertical ? Selon 56% des 18-22 ans préfèrent regarder du contenu vidéo sur mobile en format paysage

Vídeo| 🎥 Creamos la serie documental: "Càtedra Headlines. Diálogos sobre liderazgo" en la de la @UV_EG@ADEITUV ➡️El CEO de , ,fue el encargado de inaugurar este ciclo 🔗

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Federer neprepričljivo v 3. krog Melbourna, Klepačeva uspešna v dvojicah | Dnevnik

🎬 Vous avez toujours eu envie de faire des vidéos, mais vous pensez manquer de temps ? ➡ Dans cet article, nous verrons comment faire des vidéos sans y passer trop de temps :

Sorprenden a presunto ladrón y lo amarran a un árbol

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The Vandals . History Documentary (2007) - How the Roman Empire was “Vandalized” ?

Bis 2028: Bundeskanzleramt soll ausgebaut werden

Das Bundeskanzleramt soll für geschätzte 460 Millionen Euro ausgebaut werden. Kanzleramtsminister Braun sprach bei der offiziellen Präsentation der Pläne von den Gründen für den geplanten Ausbau.
Spoiled Teen Calls Cops When Dad Takes Mobile

When a dad from South Euclid, Ohio took his daughter’s mobile from her as a form of punishment, he never expected that she’d call the police on him. Fortunately, the responding officers took dad’s side, not the teen’s.

Liked on YouTube: SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME - Teaser Trailer - Kevin Smith’s Reaction

DWS's Holtze-Jen Calling for a Strong Dollar

Jan.16 – Stefanie Holtze-Jen, chief currency strategist at DWS, discusses global currencies and her call on the EUR-USD trade. She speaks on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Europe.”
Thai locals wear face masks as killer smog pollution levels soar

Thai locals are seen wearing face masks as the pollution levels soar in Bangkok on January 15, 2019.

A thick blanket of smog from car fumes and construction projects has engulfed the city. It is expected to last for the next month.

The debilitating smog has seen record sales of face masks, with many stores now sold out.

Officials have begun spraying water into the air as a response to the pollution and planes also flew over eastern regions dumping water from the sky.

The pollution cloud - a deadly cloud of fine dust particles and other air pollutants - has been carpeting since January 12. It is eight times higher than the safe limit.

Health experts have warned that the pollution is a “silent killer” and that at current levels was extremely harmful to anyone stepping outside. They said the cost of treating people could run into “millions of dollars”.

Witsanu Attavanich, associate professor of economics at Kasetsart University, said: “Air pollution is really a silent killer and many Thais underestimate the danger to their health, so not many people protect themselves by wearing a facemask or installing air purifiers at home.”

Visibility in some parts of Bangkok was reduced to just 1km while air quality levels rocketed past the safe zone.


How Europe outsources migrant suffering at sea (2018)

Grand débat: «Emmanuel Macron vit par la communication et il périt par elle !», juge Fabien Di Filippo (LR)

Ce mercredi, Fabien Di Filippo, secrétaire général adjoint des Républicains et député de la Moselle, a répondu aux questions de Nicolas Beytout
Solari weist Verantwortung für Isco von sich

Isco kommt bei Real Madrid seit dem Abgang von Julen Lopetegui nicht mehr zum Zug. Der neue Real-Coach Santiago Solari würde einen Wechsel des Spaniers wohl auch nicht verhindern.
國軍春節巡弋登場 幻象戰機打頭陣

Eye Drops That Change Eye Color?

Ophthalmologist Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler joins The Doctors to discuss beauty trends that could be harming your vision including eye drops that claim to change the color of your eyes.
直播出奇招 王義川模擬質詢「龍龍部長」

Are Micro Sunglasses Harmful to Your Eyes?

Celebrities like Kendall Jenner and Selena Gomes have been spotted sporting micro sunglasses, but before you invest in these shades hear what The Doctors and ophthalmologist Dr. Brian Boxer Wachler have to say about their potential health concerns.
【影音】勇士首節51分創紀錄 金州三巨頭殺紅眼