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Thank you H.E. The -President of and H.E the Foreign Minister for the warm welcoming to the ECOSOCC Deletion and hosting the Headquarters in

President officially opens the first ever African Hepatitis Summit at the speak resort Munyonyo

President officially opens the first ever African Hepatitis Summit at the speak resort Munyonyo

: politique de gouverneur . Félicitations au et son gouverneur pour cette rupture. le apporte un autre souffle ...

Feel un-American for date night? We got you!⠀ Signature Polos in Grey, Dark Green, Navy and Charcoal!⠀ ⠀ —⠀ @paintguy90⠀ —⠀

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Are Algorithms Sexist? Join Holly Sutton, Director at on the 's panel in Cannes. Date, Time & Location: Thursday, 20 June | 10:00-11:00 Boat , Jetée Albert Edouard, Cannes

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY🤡 to my humble, 🇳🇬President. Thank You🌹✍🏾

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I watched the film today and I must say this film has one of the best original sound tracks of 2018. Reminds me of The Shawshank Redemption OST by Thomas Newman.

Eng. Zabiullah Ziarmal, first vice chairman of ICC Afghanistan and board member of WTO participated at the CAMCA REGIONAL FORUM, held on June 12-14 in Tashkent city of Uzbekistan. #

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People fuss and fret over the Beast but there’s little demons ever thought up of which it can be said a person didn’t dream up worse.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] Seven and Deadly – For each level of Seven and Deadly, choose one of the following sins and gain dominion over it: Wrath, Envy, Greed, Sloth, Lust, Pride, and Gluttony.

[ ][ ][ ] Sinferno Blast – By invoking a sin you have dominion over and snapping your fingers, you can cast a ball of hellfire at any target within 30 feet. This deals 1 fire damage per level of Sinferno Blast and has additional effects depending upon the sin invoked:

  • Wrath: The blast deals d6 fire damage per level instead.
  • Envy: The target takes any damage you take for a number of rounds equal to your level of Sinferno Blast.
  • Greed: The range of the blast is doubled.
  • Sloth: The first comes to rest beside the target without doing any damage, and will linger by them until you command it a second time to strike.
  • Lust: The target feels an overwhelming heat, and any fire or heat damage they take for a number of rounds equal to your level of Sinferno Blast is increased by your level of Sinferno Blast.
  • Pride: The damage from the blast cannot be reduced.
  • Gluttony: The fire lingers and burns, dealing 1 fire damage each round for a number of rounds equal to your level of Sinferno Blast.

[ ][ ][ ][ ][ ] Sinful Impulse – With a word whispered in an ear, you can invoke one of the sins you have dominion over to put an appropriate impulse into the listener’s mind. The target may make a willpower roll to resist the impulse against d6 per level of Sinful Impulse. If the impulse is counter to the target’s normal behavior or if it cannot be fulfilled quickly enough, it is possible that the impulse will pass before they act on it.

[ ][ ][ ][ | ] Sinbodiment Aura – You can walk in the essence of sin. You can choose to invoke a sin you have dominion over in order to gain certain benefits. You may have a number of invoked sins at once up to your level of Sinbodiment Aura.

  • Wrath: You are immune to all emotional effects that would sway you from anger.
  • Envy: You gain a d6 bonus to rolls to perform any task you have recently witnessed that you possess no expertise in.
  • Greed: You gain an intuitive sense for the presence and location of nearby valuables, and gain a d6 bonus to rolls to take things covertly or by force.
  • Sloth: You are capable of falling asleep at will and may choose to sleep rather than fall subject to any kind of magical compulsion. Benefits gained from rest of any kind are doubled.
  • Lust: You are immune to all emotional effects that do not hinge on your attraction to a subject.
  • Pride: You are immune to all forms of self-doubt, and gain a d6 bonus to any roll to prove your superiority in any field.
  • Gluttony: Your sense of smell for edible and potable things becomes supernaturally strong, and you become capable of eating and drinking pretty much anything that something consumes naturally. You gain twice the benefit for consuming any magical food or drink.

[ | ][ | ][ | ] Summon Tempter Imp – By focusing intently on a person within 20 feet for 3 rounds, you can summon a Tempter Imp to their shoulder. They will be only peripherally aware of it, forgetting about it every moment, and without magical assistance will never be able to acknowledge or become fully aware of its presence. To others, the Imp will be quite invisible and inaudible. The Imp will constantly whisper temptations into the ear of the target. You may instruct it to focus on any sins you have dominion over. You may have a number of active Tempter Imps up to your level of Summon Tempter Imp.


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Drawing a Self-Portrait with Logan Browning of “Dear White People” and “The Perfection”. A VICE Video


Breana Geering and Una Farrar are Changing Skate Culture in Vancouver. A VICE Video


Oussama Ahammoud huilt om Avengers | Het VICE Interview. A VICE Video