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Wir lassen die Oscar-Filme 2019 nochmal Revue passieren... habt ihr gesehen und was ist eure Meinung? 🤔🧐 Komplette Kritik:

En cines seleccionados se sigue exhibiendo , la extraordinaria cinta que muestra la entramada, cruel, hambrienta e insaciable política estadounidense:

Y tengo la convicción de que para cambiar esta triste realidad que está pasando,es involucrándose y siendo parte de este cambio.Por eso soy parte y decido apostar por que lleva de candidatos a Agustín Marcolini Georgina Bieri

Últimamente estoy viendo pelis muy buenas. La última que vi es , y la verdad que es una de las mejores que estuvieron nominadas al Oscar esta última vez. Este finde voy por , porque Eastwood nunca falla.

Told ya paybacks a bitch, 50. That fool didn't notice the fentanyl I slipped in his Chuck E Cheese pizza before we went in the ball pit. Now me n Vin here gonna take all his tickets and get a dope ass Chinese finger trap.

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So I tried to watch Adam McKay’s Vice.

I got about six minutes in and quit.

That’s a new record for me I think.


The First Openly Married Couple to Work at a Legal Brothel. A VICE Video


A$AP Sports Desk, Policing P*ssy & TLC’s Chilli at SXSW | VICE LIVE March 21, 2019. A VICE Video


The Story of “Blue (Da Ba Dee)” by Eiffel 65. A VICE Video


Chi sono i seguaci italiani di Osho. A VICE Video


Achter de schermen bij een seksbioscoop. A VICE Video

The Climate Change Paper So Depressing It's Sending People to Therapy

“Deep Adaptation” is quite unlike any other academic paper. There’s the language (“we are about to play Russian Roulette with the entire human race with already two bullets loaded”). There’s the flashes of dark humour (“I was only partly joking earlier when I questioned why I was even writing this paper”). But most of all, there’s the stark conclusions that it draws about the future. Chiefly, that it’s too late to stop climate change from devastating our world – and that “climate-induced societal collapse is now inevitable in the near term”.

How near? About a decade.

Should people start building bunkers and buying bulletproof vests? “There’s no way of getting through this unless we try together,” he says. “We need to help people stay fed and watered where they live already to reduce disruption and reduce civil unrest as much as we can.” Of the Silicon Valley financiers prepping for the apocalypse in New Zealand, he says: “Once money doesn’t matter anymore and the armed guards are trying to feed their starving children, what do you think they’ll do? The billionaires doing that are just deluded.”

“I think the reason why my framing and my paper took off is that it’s maybe the first time a social scientist was saying these things categorically,” he says. “We are seemingly in denial. It’s time to break that taboo and have serious conversations about what we do now.”