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check. How are you doing, really. I am Happy and just trying to make sure I do the best I can. What about you? Always Remember It's okay to ask for help :). Anyone can have bad days. Sleepy Eyes๐Ÿ’ค๐Ÿ˜ด.

If we can find the then we can decide together if moving forward makes sense. More importantly, if we move forward and we well I will ask you over to play classic , drink and talk .

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Hot Tape: False God

In honor of Taylor Swift’s True Americana releasing on the 31st I’d like to talk about one of my favourite Taylor Swift songs, False God.

False God an underrated banger off Taylor Swift’s 2019 album Lover.

It has a very simple instrumental, spacey synths, a drum loop a trumpet and some miscellaneous sounds. It’s a slower, lowkey vibe and I really appreciate that.

Taylor’s singing is soft to match the vibe and it’s very nice to listen to if you’re looking for something chill and romantic. It’s a perfect song for a specific mood and even great outside of it.

The lyrics are very sweet, they give me hope that real romance exists and that we’ll all find our own False God one day. It’s a very loving song, you definitely feel that when listening and I mean feel not hear.

I was never always a huge Taylor Swift fan, that only happened recently. My sister used to be a big fan in the Speak Now days but I never cared much for her music. I found her NPR tiny desk concert on NPR’s website and I cried, I cried a lot. After that cry I just went on a spiral and started listening to a bunch more Taylor Swift and shedding a bunch more tears in the process, that was a good week.

I never would have thought of myself being a huge Taylor Swift fan even a year ago but all it takes is one good song or one good performance to change that thought for the better.

Give artists a fair shot especially Taylor Swift if you haven’t already, heck give her a second.


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New soulful @rodwave inspired beat


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