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Thank Goddess it's FRIDAY! Today's tarot message is dedicated to your healing! Visit my website, subscribe to my IGTV & Youtube, and message me if you need a personal read! #5

Alle Jahre wieder treffen sich Venus und Pluto zu einem Stelldichein. Morgen frΓΌh ist es wieder so weit: Krieg und Frieden - tΓ€glich neu...

When you just want to live your life but mom wants you to be famous. - I will post Part 7 on my blog sometime today! ^-^

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Ell 22 de febrero, Venus y PlutΓ³n se unen (0 Β°) en Capricornio, aumenta tu necesidad de amor. Quieres experimentar compaΓ±Γ­a en un nivel profundo e intenso. HabrΓ‘ una tendencia a manipular a los demΓ‘s mediante la culpa u otras tΓ‘cticas.

La estΓ‘ bastante llena todavΓ­a y transita por que es el signo de las relaciones, pero que ademΓ‘s es el dominio de y ya vimos en lo que anda la diosa del deseo y la conexiΓ³n el dΓ­a de hoy.

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Temple Of Deep Roots conj power drive needs power assisted steering in root chakra land Venus conj need 4 real structure security Pluto transforms root of problems dark material bring patterns up to surface to be changed into resources

en se acerca a la conjunciΓ³n con y Persefone toma el mando. Las relaciones intensas, dramΓ‘ticas y problemΓ‘ticas. - πŸ“·Ana Harff


La cita de hoy es con , el mΓ‘ster en Transformaciones. AlquΓ­micamente puede ser un encuentro muy poderoso, pero tambiΓ©n puede tener efectos molestos en la vida comΓΊn.

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, planet of , and meets intense prompting outpouring of deep emotion. Both positive and negative feelings stir within us. Core moods may be revealed. There’s compelling, urgent quality to experiences

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venus on pluto

most people aren’t a fan of this kind of aspect because it can feel destructive and painful but this is mostly only true of areas of our lives that we are not treating ourselves properly. so we can take the opportunity to be grateful for the ability to see where we can improve. it can be humbling but that is good!

there’s a strong persephone feeling to venus on pluto, i find. what kind of persephone are you, a victim, or the queen of the underworld?

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I will show interest in your ocs! I love ocs!! Tell me about the babs! How old are they and what are their favorite ice cream flavours?

im??? thank you anon, i hope good things happen for you soon ;u;

ooh gosh, i honestly have so many, but uhh a lot of them are put on the side since most of them were just side characters for a series i attempted to have back in 2017 or were just never finished being worked on to have enough info one them. i got three recent ones that im really trying to focus on and push myself to develop them more. so, i’ll just talk about those three since i don’t wanna drag on my answer for too long.

Sage is 22-23 years old, Akashiyaki is 19-20 years, and Venus is 72 years old (i wanted to take the leap and try to create an older oc) 

as for favorite ice cream flavor?? hmmm, i never really thought about that. I think Sage would keep things simple and just enjoy plain ol’ chocolate ice cream or maybe even rocky road. I can see Akashiyaki and Venus being the opposite of me….probably Akashiyaki would like Mint chocolate chip and Venus would like Butter pecan or maybe even Pistachio.

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Hi! Are Libra and Capricorn compatible? Especially if libra has venus in virgo? I don’t know why but reading this in my head sounds a tad strange (how I worded it, I think?) so hope it doesn’t to you! Thank you in advance!

i think you mean libra & capricorn suns! they aren’t generally compatible at their raw state, but depending on the rest of their placements, they could work! libra’s venus in virgo definitely helps with that a lot, but it still depends on what sign the cap has their venus in as well :0

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Wooo! Could I get a post about Venus in 11th house, please, darling? ✨😊

Yesssss lovey! 💛

🥀- Venus in the 11th will bring large amounts of aquaintances and friends.

🥀- Can usually make you the center of attention in groups or occasions.

🥀- Flirting, maybe even fining love through friendship or your partner is a friend before a lover.

🥀- You might dedicate a lot of your time to your friends more than your partner which Can upset them.

🥀- You care deeply for the people you surround yourself with and want to give everything you can for them.

🥀- This placement Can also make someone rush into friendships and embrace aquaintances easily.

🥀- There might be times where you are aided in help when you need it, especially wealthy friends.

🥀- Loving for you is vast and everywhere, you find love in every one.

🥀- Typical love story scenario where two friends are friends for years, with hidden love for each other that eventually comes out and ends with a happy ending.

🥀- They want to share their love, they need someone who can share them and their love as well.


My sister Venus turns 49 today. She doesn’t have a Tumblr or anything so it doesn’t really matter but I love her a lot and I just want to tell everyone everywhere how much I love her even if she’s not gonna see it. I love my sister!

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Can you elaborate on the venus 8th square Pluto lol πŸ˜‚ why calm down?

hahaha sure thing!! i have a moon square pluto aspect so i feel for you

basically, you have very intense wants. you desire a lot, usually in love and intimacy, and it can be very overwhelming for the you and the person receiving your affection!! you can be very manipulative & victim-playing, so watch out for that. you’re very skilled at messing around with love, so make sure you’re not breaking too many hearts. this is a really intense aspect!! u really gotta check yourself with pluto & squares!!

Tannhäuser and Venus, 1873 by Otto Knille (German, 1832–1898)

Tannhäuser was a legendary German knight who ventured into the subterranean kingdom of the pagan goddess Venus, which was situated beneath a mountain, the Venusberg or Mountain of Venus. There he was seduced into staying for a whole year of lustful pleasures, until he repented of his sinful over-indulgence and set out for Rome to beg for absolution from the Pope, Urban IV.

The Pope, however, said that he could no more grant Tannhäuser absolution from such grave sins of the flesh than his papal staff could sprout leaves. Seemingly with no chance of absolution, and facing eternal damnation,

Tannhäuser returned to the Mountain of Venus. Within a short time of his leaving the Pope, however, the papal staff did miraculously blossom, and so the Pope sent out messengers to find Tannhäuser and bring him back for the absolution of his sins. But it was too late: with nothing to lose, Tannhäuser had already returned to the arms of Venus, and was nowhere to be found.

The history of the Tannhäuser legend is a long and complex one, but basically it seems to have developed in Germany starting in the 14th century, the name of the knight perhaps being based on that of a poet-musician (minnesinger), who, after a wild and dissolute life, died in 1270. (He was thus a contemporary of Urban IV, which is perhaps why this particular pope features in the story.)

Tannhäuser’s sojourn in the pleasure palace beneath the Venusberg is clearly related to similar stories of people who stray or are enticed into the subterranean realms of the fairies, where there is much feasting and dancing, not to mention an amorous fairy queen.

The role of Venus in the story is that of a pagan love-goddess who has been transformed by Christianity into an agent of the Devil, her aim being to divert devout Christians from the paths of righteous chastity and marital fidelity to those of sinful lust and infidelity.

Finally, the fairly common folklore motif of a miraculously flowering staff is here used as a jibe at the papacy, presumably carrying the message that if the Church may not forgive the true penitent, then God will (somewhat reminiscent of FitzGerald’s line in verse 64: “He’s a Good Fellow, and ‘twill all be well.”!) Tannhäuser’s damnation thus becomes the Pope’s responsibility.

Not surprisingly, the notion of a Pleasure Palace of Venus has attracted the attention of many artists including the one posted here by Otto Kline.

Arguably the best known incarnation of the Tannhäuser legend today is probably Wagner’s opera on the theme, though it is to be noted that Wagner introduces an additional strand to the story in the form of a singing competition, in which Tannhäuser is a contestant, on the theme of “Love’s Awakening”. This takes place between Tannhäuser’s exit from the Venusberg and his pilgrimage to Rome, and of course Tannhäuser’s contribution is to praise the Love of Venus, thus inspiring shock and horror in his audience.

There are also other minor differences to the basic legend as told earlier, but this is where Wagner allows himself artistic license to good effect.

Venus is so beautiful, even with all her petals falling in a dark ombré, even with her searing heat and dramatic pulse, she is beauty personified in a glowing lush hot. The way she vibrates threw us when we meet it, that one deep overwhelming feeling, that hug, kiss..that love letter or cool winter breeze..that tear that’s waited life times to travel across your cheek or the loud roar of laughter and joy as everyone lined up for your day of birth, that feeling of death and rebirth as you kiss the piece of life you brought into this world..venus she’s there..our every waking moment and cosmic she’s there sharing that air, that divinely soft presence of love.

Capricorn ♑️

Venus ,Pluto and Saturn - something is going on in the ❤️ department or with your finances! You either going to make all your relationships work out cause you realise there worth & value or your going to cut ties with certain people! Family ties are strengthened too ! Singles find something karmic , soul bond via a ♈️♉️♑️♏️♎️!