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ℚ𝕦𝕚𝕔𝕜 ℚ𝕦𝕚𝕫! This guy shows his love by making the girl feel safe, & sensual indulged. This is a clear characteristic of those who have their Venus in... ??? (Spoilers already published on our latest blog post- )

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Not all are created equal. Each sign is separated into three , each with individual strengths and weaknesses. The three decans of Virgo are ruled by the , , and . Which one are you?

Canova depicts Pauline Bonaparte in the guise of , semi-nude and holding an apple. Both attributes reference Venus’s victory in the classical myth Judgment of Paris and emphasize Pauline's renowned beauty.

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일본앨범 VENUS 비너스 포카 교환 구해요 ✔저 : 차은우/은우 ✔로하 : 문빈/빈 교환 원하시면 멘션이나 디엠주세요 :)

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“Aphrodite, the glance of whose melting eyes is softer than sleep, whose arms flow like water,”

— Antipater of Sidon, tr. by W. R. Paton, from “Greek Anthology; Epigrams,” 🕯

Venus in Capricorn

This placement gets a bad rap. All too often I see this being classified as a love for practicality and money. Truth be told, Capricorn reminds me of the pentacles in tarot in they are about so much more than money. It is about security and abundance in so many ways. Capricorn is actually quite a spiritual sign and if you really get to know Cappie-dominant individuals you will find they may have quite an esoteric side to them. No, they most likely won’t be adorned with crystals, burning sage on everything, or prescribing to new age fads. I think they may practice quietly. I have a professor who seemed very practical and non-spiritual, until I was invited to her home where it was very esoteric-centered. She has a Capricorn sun and moon. 

 Related to Venus, I don’t think this is as contradictory as portrayed by some astrologers. It all depends on what you value in love. Capricorn likes quality, something that is not quick to fray at the edges. The ten of pentacles in tarot is traditionally about the old couple and the family and wealth they have accrued over time. What wealth means is up to you, honestly. The family is clearly stable and comfortable, but loving also comes to mind. Some people show their love through taking care of others in practical ways. Capricorn can be nurturing, but they are not often portrayed in such a way. Venus in Cap shows their earthy affection perhaps in making sure the person/people they love have eaten or scheduled appointments, but also in that esoteric way, checking in and asking about the little things that others might have not noticed/bothered to. Capricorn remembers and a part of what makes them successful is their power of observation, especially when everyone else is busy looking at all the shiny things. 

 This all could also depend on what house Venus is placed in as well! 

The intrinsic nature ofVenus may be summed up in the ideas of harmony and rhythm… a song of ecstatic joy, a paean of praise by kindred spirits. It is taught by the angels in heaven to the tuneful accompaniment of the Song of the Spheres, whoever succeeds in bringing even the faintest chord of that celestial harmony to earth has a song of joy in his heart, a source of gladness which no sorrow can diminish.

A paragraph on Venus in the 7th, from “Astrology Letter Number 4” by Max Heindel

The 1st House Stellium

Having a first house stellium shows a strong influence of heavy activity in the general nature. One can be very outgoing and have strong presence in the world.  This stellium will produce a deep need for self-expression and to get across to the world of one’s own volition.  More so then any other planetary cluster celestial bodies in the 1st house each can influence the general behavior and overall personality in a strong way.  The personalities comes across widely varied and depends upon each planets characteristic that make up the stellium. Generally the planets that are of a higher degree in the rising sign can show more dominantly in the outer personality.  Lower degree planets may tend to show a more innocent side and be prone to expressing their negative features due to young age of their degree.

A strong theme of independence is certainly embodying how life is taken on with a 1st house stellium. Self-Identity tends to be the major overall theme present with 3 or more planetary bodies in the 1st house.  Presenting a strong image is of the highest priority and everyone tends to know who they are and what they are about.  The key with the stellium in the 1st house can be having many different images a nature projects.  The persona one takes is very important in the eastern most house in the horoscope. Having many planets here can certainly be responsible for projecting many different strong persona’s.

One of the most intriguing features of the 1st house stellium is the dynamic nature of having multiple planets influence the outer personality.  Since the personality can be overly strong and influenced by many factors the native can seem to have many interests and not be weary of showing them.  The high concentration of energy put into the “self” can make an individual pursue these interests with full force.  This can portray as an aggressive go-getting personality and certainly the potential for leadership skills from confidently knowing what they are about at a given time.  

Since the 1st house is a gateway to showing who one is; the planets occupying the rising’s house come across without blockage.  This is normally true unless the planets involved in the stellium have outside conflict.  Conflict-ions occur when the planets in the 1st house have negative aspects elsewhere in the chart or the sign the planet resides in is weak for the planets in the house.   The same can be said of course in such a reverse scenario.  Certain planet configurations can make make planets in the 1st house appear and come across more strong in appearing outwardly. Feminine ascendants with planets in the 1st house will show a more receptive and often empathetic personality.   On the contrary a masculine ascendant can show the more overbearing and self driven action traits naturally affiliated with the 1st house.

Quite simply the 1st house stellium largest benefit and biggest weakness is the overbearing energy of the planets in a sign in the first house.  It is important to note the nature of the rising sign is to considered in the degree of outer aggression one may show.   Essentially the 1st house stellium is dominant in rising sign energy; so the focus is strongly upon the sign energy.  A major downfall of this position oft is one who is strongly interested in only themselves and come off as selfish or perhaps not varied enough in other parts of life. Struggles with relationships, partnerships and other areas of life that can require tone to step outside their own focus can be a challenge.  Adjusting to the needs of others can be a real struggle as can find balance in life.

The tightness of the conjunction the planets towards the ascendant can be responsible for modifying the outer physical appearance.  It is not altogether improbable to see many different features of the physical body that lie outside the realm of the rising sign itself.  This occurs from the nature’s of the planets in the 1st house having a direct influence on the features of the face, body structure and overall vitality.  The 1st House stellium can even be responsible for the choices one makes in their outer persona style.  One may present many different dressing styles or tastes of hair style for example.



Hey everybody! It’s Apollo, and since August isn’t over yet, remember to check out your August reading on my blog as well if you haven’t yet.

1 The Lovers- Okay, Taurus, this September love is on the way for many of you! Some of you may be meeting your soulmate, some of you may be taking your relationship with your soulmate to the next level. For those of you in established relationships, September may be a very good month for your relationship. As this is the Gemini card, many of you may have a Gemini soulmate or a soulmate with Gemini placements and/or energy. This person will likely be very romantic.

2 Knight of Swords- This person may be somebody who is very aggressively pursuing you, and not really in a bad way for many of you. This is somebody who is making their feelings known to you and really showing that they want to spend time with you and be with you this September. Many of you Taureans I feel are in a place where this is appreciated. The previous month you have done well for yourself and you have been manifesting this kind of love.

3 Judgement- The universe or whatever higher power you personally believe in has been looking down on you and making judgements upon what they believe you deserve. Taurus, if karma is in your favor at this moment, the universe has made its judgement and the pure love you have been manifesting is coming to fruition. This person will also be somebody well matched to you and your liking and you will be of their liking. The universe has judged you two as a perfect match.

4 The Magician- The Magician is a master of all elements, and you, Taurus, have been doing the work towards mastering many aspects of yourself and your life. You have been focusing on your wealth, health, self-care, and home, and now the universe is rewarding you with the relationship that you deserve. This person will match you in their level of self-respect and self-love as well. This will also be somebody with mercurial traits- wise, charming, and quick-witted.

5 2 of Pentacles- With the previous card, this person may be able to assist you further in the balancing of all your elements and you will do the same for them. This is a real soulmate end game energy here for some of you Taureans. The energy I’m getting is that you have mastered yourself proficiently and your soulmate has done the same for themselves so now you two are both on the same next step of learning how to balance that self mastery with another equal.

6 Knight of Wands- Your soulmate may have the knight of Wands energy. This is a person who exhibits cardinal and fire energy. While these are the attributes of Aries, this is not necessarily an Aries person. This person will be somebody who is very quick to want to take the lead in their life in just about all aspects. They are very action-oriented, so if they know the best course of action for them they are quick to take it no questions asked.

7 3 of Cups- This person will also be somebody who encourages you to have genuine fun with them. They will be enthusiastic and likely be the type to go all out for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, but especially anything that celebrates the one they love (you) and your relationship together. This will be somebody who sees how hard you’ve worked to get to your goals and show you that it’s okay to have fun and celebrate and reward yourself for your hard work.

8 Temperance- This person could be a Sagittarius or somebody with Sagittarius energy and/or placements. From this reading, I’m getting a big energy of balance here. As mentioned before, this will be somebody who balances you out well and visa versa, but this is also somebody who very much achieves the balance of work and play in their life and encourages you to do the same. They don’t want to see you overworked or too lazy.

9 Page of Cups- When it comes to love, this person is vulnerable. They view their love situation as a very spiritual experience. In love, they really let their inner child come out, and who is their inner child? Somebody very endlessly and almost foolishly loving. They know that every love has a chance to turn bad, but they choose to love anyway. They may also be seeking this behavior in return so if this sounds like you, you’re very well positioned to come into union with this person in the near future.

10 Wheel of Fortune- The four symbols in the corners of this card represent the fixed signs and this, I believe, is to show the nature of this connection. The wheel can land on any result, but the love is still steady. No matter what situation you two are thrown into or whatever gets thrown at either one of you, there love will be constant, unwavering, and unrelenting. With the spin of a wheel, it could land on any number of results, but what you know is that the love will always be there.

11 The World- The World also exhibits the four fixed signs, so having these two cards in a row is very powerful. The love that you two share is the type of love to change your world and would change the rest of the world if everybody was open to experiencing that as well. This connection will definitely open the eyes, hearts, minds, and perspectives of you and the other person involved, showing the two of you a whole new world.

12 King of Wands- The Knight of Wands grew into the King here and while one isn’t better than the other, this is just showing progression, perhaps of the more masculine half of the relationship. (Keep in mind the masculine-feminine pairing has nothing to do with it being a male-female relationship, this is just speaking of one person having more masculine energy than the other). This person will develop a better sense of leadership than they had before the relationship.

Alright everyone this was the collective reading for Taurus in September, let me know if it resonates or not! I’m thinking of using less cards for the collective readings because I think the 12 cards takes a bit too long for me. It’s also taking too much of my energy. The personals will remain with this layout unless requested otherwise. This month you may see me experimenting with different layouts for each sign.

Thank you y’all!!


anonymous asked:

What are the differences between Aphrodite and Venus?

Aphrodite is a Greek goddess of the Greek pantheon. Venus is of the Roman pantheon. Most equate them as the same because Greek and Roman pantheons are quite similar. But I always say they are two different beings. Both are goddesses of love in their respective pantheons but I believe they are different beings all themselves.

Hope that explains it slightly.