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Aquest dissabte assistirem a les Jornadas Venenosas al Museo Casa de la Ciencia de Sevilla - , on participarem amb la ponència: Distribució, ecologia i conservació dels vipèrids ibèrics. Ens veiem a Sevilla!

"We.... are Menagerie." Yeah...... sounds a lot like "We.... are " considering that the alien snake Pamela has linked herself with is indeed a symbiote.

Snake bites man. Man bites woman so they can die together. Wow, nothing says I love you more than snake venom.

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Short lil comic because I saw a video of a snake sneezing, and I had to

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... All these poisonous snakes keeps coming out Hopefully, they'll be all gone soon. Creepy looking couple. She looks like she would investigate his iPhone 2. Fact: Snakes R cold- blooded and like to warm themselves on rocks when it's cool outside. cc:

El pròxim 23 de febrer assistirem a les Jornadas Venenosas al Museo Casa de la Ciencia de Sevilla - Farem la ponència: Distribució, ecologia i conservació dels vipèrids ibèrics. Només queden 30 places disponibles!

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Would Venom look like Medic or BB in heaven?

is the question I, an atheist, ask myself at 12:30 am on a Friday night.

At some point V accidentally recruits one of the kids that used to bully Kaz. Kaz recognizes their name, so upon meeting them he takes off his glasses and stares them dead n the eye for a few seconds before putting them back on and introducing himself with the fakest smile he can muster. Now, around them Kaz will make is extremely obvious he has a close relationship w. V.

Dare I Imagine…

Ahab throwing me on the bed grabbing my thighs telling me “ you’ve been a bad girl.” He then goes down on me with his eye watching my expressions, I beg and plead, “ what do you want me to do?” All I could do was moan, “ tell me what you want.” I was melting, “ I want you!!”, he got on top of me, “ you want me to what?!” I lost all control, “ I want you to fuck me Ahab, fuck me!!” Once he heard that he thrust into me as hard as he could and kept his pace fast. All I saw was stars and then I came to when he started to moan louder. “ I’m going to cum, right inside of you.” I moaned “ yes Ahab YES!!” I saw his face tense and knew he was close, I grabbed onto his neck and let both of our climaxes wash over. He looks at me smiling, “ great Valentines day?”, I look up at him and laugh, “it’s a great Valentines indeed.” 

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Just Imagine…

Kaz being concerned about Snake and how he is changing but in the mix of it all his true feelings come out. Kaz grabs Snake and kisses him deeply but instead of pushing away, Snake grabs his shoulder, “ come on lets grab a drink.” Kaz is in shock but Snake just laughs, “ it’s Valentines afterall.” Kaz smiled and agreed wondering what the night would bring.

Just Imagine…

Snake knowing my feelings for him requests for us to stay overnight on a mission. He finds a building with one bed and tells me “ I’d like to get to know you better… if that’s alright with you.” I smile and say yes, in the morning I wake up to a vase filled with exotic flowers and Snake smiling at me “ I know it’s a bit late but Happy Valentines Day.” I pull him down to kiss him, “ Happy Valentines Day Snake.”