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🌰🥜【10大有營堅果】榛子潤髮膚指甲 開心果最低卡護眼抗氧化 Nutritional nuts

Good morning 🤗 Did you know that we use only organic yoghurt and organic raspberry jam and that we make our own all organic granola? Have a wonderful day ❤️

Our diverse menu has something to offer everyone. We offer a wide range of dishes, including vegetarian and vegan options!

A No Tamarind Rasam Recipe that has the goodness of Pepper and Cumin, uses no Rasam powder and is the perfect antidote to combat seasonal weather change. Recipe Link

Come on out bring your family & Veg curious friends for the ultimate experience at Percy’s 7500 Oldham Rd Kc Mo .....Gourmet soul food ,pool ,darts and cocktails or $1.00 off Beer

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It matters that far less red is produced and consumed in order to help avoid the accelerating humans are causing. Ditch and eat a or diet to help.

A Mbattan (slices of potatoes filled with mince beef but could be replaced with mushrooms for options) with a cucumber/mint dip & a dash of harissa. Gone in a blink of an eye!

Really striving to make proper meals for dinner again in the hope that it will one day make us feel better again (bloody cough!). Last night it was chickpea and spinach curry. 👍❤️

♻️ Come and visit the beautiful Highlands this year! ♻️ Looking for accommodation while doing the NC500? ♻️ Our B&B is located directly on the route. ♻️ Our website:

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Some people think i’m a little crazy

(credit: KeganRageFist, who posted this on Mar 2, 2015 on YouTube) for being a vegetarian working in a deli.

But consider, all cats are carnivores. Should i stop loving cats because they can really only eat meat?

I love cats. I love some people who also eat meat. And you know what? It’s their choice. For my people, i hope they choose the most humane options. And the rest of y'all fuckers… choke on that shit; especially if you’re eating “Bambi” (srsly tho, i hope the rest try better options).

I got back to the gym today and it felt GREAT!After waking up at 8am, going to my last first day of school for my undergrad career, and working until 7pm… I drove myself home and got to the gym around 8pm. It’s 10pm now and I’m just getting into bed!!

At the gym I did 8/9 of my normal weight machines (one was being used everytime I was near it). Let me just say.. after two weeks of not using weights I could FEEL it.

Then I used the stair climber for 5 minutes on the lowest setting, 5 minutes at the second lowest (never did that before), and 5 more minutes on the lowest.

Lastly, I noticed my Fitbit wasn’t counting my steps for the stair climber so I got on a treadmill for 1 mile (21 minutes) and reached my 10,000 step goal!

Got home did a face mask and now I’m heading to bed!! Weigh in tomorrow and I have to get up at 6:30am for work :((

Worried about my first weigh in since I’ve been back from vacation but on a good note

I now have 600 followers!!! You all make me so happy! Thanks everyone :)