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The egg industry, be it organic, battery hens or free range, has no use for male chicks so they kill them shortly after they've hatched. If you eat eggs you have paid someone else to commit murder. 😢

Aloo gobi for dinner tonight, with naan bread. ! It went down a treat, even with the resident meat lovers. (although more orange than green!)

Thai style curry with king oyster mushrooms and wholegrain rice vermicelli. Fragrant and delicious!

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You should try the newly launched chocolate! Save a rainforest while you are at it! Available to order and soon in all RSPB shops

Have you had a coffee yet from our shop in Clevedon? Locally roasted by in Bristol. If you’re midway through fear not, we also have oat milk.

Yumptious is going nuts for Exeter Vegan Market this Saturday. Last week's best sellers were garlic mushroom and hazelnut rolls and gluten free nutty veg bites 🐿

It's officially Pie Weather!! 🌨️ If you're vegan or trying (or just hungry!!) the recipe for this insanely good vegan mushroom pie is now on our website. So good we had seconds. And thirds...🙈🙈

day 17. slaughter ages. I haven’t spoken on the ethical aspects of veganism before but it’s important & the main reason why I do not consume animal products any more. Please read the full post here 👉🏼👉🏼

RT FoodDublin "RT RibaStillorgan: New Salads on the menu - Howth Pier Smoked Salmon Caesar and a serious Superfood with Avo, Sweet Potato, Quinao, Orange Segments, Red Kidney Beans and an Orange & Mustard Dressing "

Vegan pie. Surprisingly tasty still, I could kill (or die) for a cheese pasty right now...

f you are doing this year, then here's a virtual slap on the back for you from us. All our products are approved by the which mean they are entirely free of animal products. And, for us, veganuary is for life not just for January!

why isn't there a vegan options for the School dinners those poor children, how did they survive in the 50's

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Last week I made a vegan cheese sauce with soft pretzels 🙆‍♀️

It’s like cake pops, but for waffles 😆 Happy Waffle Wednesday! On this version of “why am I like this,” I made waffle sticks & drizzled, dipped & garnished them with melted carob chips & nonpareils. I know this isn’t how you’d normally enjoy waffles, but I’m just creating examples of how there are so many DairyFree, EggFree & RefinedSugarFree ways to still enjoy your faves with just a few swaps!


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Looking for a quick but delicious mid week meal? These quesadillas are perfect! They’re also great the next day for lunches for school or work 😊
Get the full recipe on our website!
Also if you haven’t heard, we’ve launched a #veganuary meal plan! It’s totally free and we give you super healthy recipes for the whole of January 😊❤️ get the first week of recipes NOW! Link in our bio x
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