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& for & - - potatoes + + cap + vegan mushroom reversed

I'm proud to be, "oh he's one of those " Don't mind the eye rolls & trolls, I'm used to unfollows from old friends & family. I'm from a proud line of forward thinking "freaks" & "hippies" who's trying to save us & them from our ourselves! 🐓🌎🌱

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Bit worried about ditching for because the latter is so poor for . Their new plant range thing is woeful & they love putting milk and egg in products that don’t need it. Pleased have upped their game though

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4kg de volaile dans mon d’aujourd’hui, de quoi faire chier tout ces :)

Happy Earth Day All. We should all work towards protecting our planet. There is only one Earth & no Planet B. If you watch one thing this Earth Day, it should be Sir David Attenborough’s series ‘Our Planet’  

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🌎Happy Earth Day🌎 DID YOU KNOW this year's theme for is focused around protecting our species. Head to our stories for more information! 🌎Happy …

This natural, vegan, gluten free, carbon neutral Cleansing Body Pebble from Tropic is just Devine, at £9 is a great purchase. Have your body summer ready

Guys, please join us at Marble Arch every evening for the next few days! Such an important event!!! We attended this event yesterday and spoke to so many people who will now try veganism 🙏💚🌎 pls let’s save this planet and the animals!

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Via taxation: - - fund - subsidize grazing land - nonsmokers support tobacco production - appears to be more than theft; it is intolerance for the moral viewpoints of our neighbors. - Excerpt from -

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The restaurant industry is missing out on billions in profit by not catering to .

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Spirulina, Dragonfruit Vitamin H20, Lil Orange Juice & Magnesium Citrate🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

Review: 5 Stars
Weird. But satisfying. It got frothy and almost like algae again when I added the magnesium citrate and although who likes froth

I liked its froth. It’s like fruity & fresh and gave me a head rush and smol Princess started kicking-kicking and she does that when she likes what we’re eating.🤷🏽‍♀️🌸🌺

Well I’m a picky huge child when it comes to new foods so I think this is a good start.

Throwback to when the American Egg Board felt threatened by vegan mayonnaise so they formed a conspiracy to sabotage them, until they got exposed by the Freedom of Information Act and then their CEO stepped down over the scandal.

And that’s the story of how Hellman’s now makes vegan mayonnaise :)

fellow vegetarians and vegans, what are your #thots on the plant based trend of the last few years? i’m talking from about 2015 to now. things seem to have changed a lot in such a short amout of time. there seems to be way more vegetarian and vegan options than there once was. personally, while i am definitely enjoying all of the cool vegan food that seems to be popping up, i am extremely pessimistic about everything. i’ve heard several times that this is the “year of veganism” and that just screams obvious trend that is going to die very soon. i do not see the hype lasting past 2020, but i could be and possibly am wrong.

i can acknowledge that things have gotten better for vegetarians and vegans in the past few decades, though, and this may be just the natural progression of that. i had a very interesting conversation with a man who has been vegetarian for thirty years! now and he said that there is definitely more societal acceptance (he told me it was considered very strange in the late ‘80s/early ‘90s—keep in mind, though, that he does live in the southern united states) and better food alternatives, but he has also noticed the same trend that i am describing. he thinks it is a trend but that doesn’t mean that’s a bad thing; at least people are hearing about it.

based on my own experiences, i do not think that many people are actually switching to vegetarianism or veganism in the long term. i think that more people are just interested in eating less animal products and that’s what these products reflect.

i don’t have an issue with more people only occasionally eating mock meats and dairy alternatives. i’m very much a fan of harm reduction because i feel it’s the most practical. you know, we’ve all heard that many vegetarians and vegans do not stay that way forever. (which is not my main point at all—i think that it is decently easy for a huge portion of the population to stop eating animal products. at the end of the day, though, a lot of people just won’t. but again, not my main point here.)

while i hope this new interest in plant based eating leads us to good things like more food options, more awarness, etc, i am worried that we’re at risk of a who killed the electric car? deal. i think that the beef and dairy industries in particular have a real interest in quelling these advancements, particularly in the form of laws that limit what words can be used on veggie products. many have failed in the united states but in places like france iirc they are in effect. then again, there seems to be a real consumer interest in plant based products and it’s not like people don’t know about them so i highly doubt they will fall into obscurity.


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Meet happy , he is enjoying the ice cream bar in damn hot day… he is probably the best dog i ever met so far , most friendly , the biggest attention seeker. I will write more about him once he fully recovers , it will take him another one week to recover. Then finally he can take bath to be the beauty again. Meanwhile if anyone would like to adopt him after a week please dm me, because he dont have family or a specific place to live. He is under foster for now. He will get vaccinated for anti rabies and 7 in 1 in this week. ..

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