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BREAKING NEWS! Milk does a body good, if........... You are a baby cow and you drink the breast milk of your Mother Cow. or You are a baby human and you drink the breast milk of your Mother Human.

How's your attempt going? You can refill and refuel at by asking for soya or coconut milk. They also have some tasty snacks and lunch items too!

Veganism is on the rise. Vegans follow a healthy and balanced diet that enables them to experience a host of health benefits. Take a look at our new website section: Vegan Lifestyle - A Detailed Guide on Veganism:

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Hey I reckon the reason you're having to reduce these burgers is because despite you having a vegetarian and vegan section you've got them down the fresh meat aisle at your St Stephens store in – at Tesco Extra

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Had to share: 🙂 The unstoppable rise of : how a fringe movement went mainstream

Here are some awesome tips on how to STAY FULL on a / diet! 👍You can view our blog post here: Join our facebook group! Linktree under the bio!

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Some yummy pasta for tonight’s dinner. Made with some tofurky Italian sausage, vegan butter, garlic, and freshly grown basil. I also love to add beans to this dish! Adding that extra protein is great. 


Fr : Simple mais tellement bon. ÇA c'est un bol vegan. Des pâtes, des pois chiches, des haricots verts et des graines de sésames. Tout ce qu'il faut pour votre corps ! (Vous pouvez y ajouter une sauce de votre choix)

En : Simple but so good. THAT is a vegan bowl. Pasta, chickpeas, green beans and seams seeds. Everything you need for your body! (You can add a sauce of your choice)

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wahhhhhh weight gain. 

oh well. 

What I ate yesterday (15th Jan 19) 

B-fast = porridge made with soy milk and golden syrup 

snax = banana and coffee w. coconut milk 

lunch = lentil and bean chilli, soy yog and granola 

snax 2 = rye bread and pb 

dinner = stir fry veg and rice 

dessert = vegan brownie 

ps im vegan 


So excited to announce that my favorite vegan skincare brand @freskincare designed for skin that sweat is now having a subscription plan! It’s definitely been a game changer for my skin & keeping me hydrated all year round! 💙🎉
It includes 50% off the skin care set of your choice. The set lasts 3-4 months. 💙
Also it’s 100% guaranteed bec if ever you’re not satisfied with your purchase you’ll get a full refund & can cancel your subscription anytime. That’s def a win win to try it!
Also you get a free gift with delivery plus free shipping!
This offer is limited to January, but the discount lasts all year round.
Subscribe to one of the FRÉ sets, by clicking on my link in my IG bio. When you use code BRYNNYMD you will get a 50% saving on every order, all year round! 💙
FRE is vegan & cruelty-free. 
For every 123FRÉ set sold,
an Argan tree is planted. 🌳
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The Vegan Tag | Ethical Living, Why I Went Vegan…Again, Speciesism, Ve… View video here

We as humans have the rare ability to choose what we eat. We don’t have to eat food that causes harm to others, to the environment, to ourselves. Some animals have to eat certain foods based on what’s available, but we don’t. We can legitimately eat what we want, and we can choose to eat food that doesn’t cause suffering. Why don’t we?