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No Churn Burnt Honey Ice Cream with (Non-Dairy) | by girlmeetsradish This dairy free, no churn ice cream has a subtle but sweet burnt honey taste

Mushroom Lentil Stew with Mashed Potatoes | by minimalistbakerrecipes Crazy delicious and hearty lentil mushroom stew gravy over PERFECT mashed potatoes!

"Nuestra comida debería ser nuestra medicina y nuestra medicina debería ser nuestra comida." -Hipócrates.

Meal time when I can't be arsed to cook. Tortilla wrap heated and stuffed with leftover chana dhal, chilli sauce, soya cheese, coconut yoghurt. Served with rocket, tomato, pomegranate seeds and chilli mayo.

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Okay so this is a bit more of a splurge running at about $1-$2 with only 3 servings a bag, making it around 66 cents a serving. That being said these are THE BEST late night snack. They totally satisfy my greasy/salty/crunchy craving, and they are relatively healthy with only 6 ingredients. I do wish that there were more crisps in the bag however they’re still totally cheaper than a lot of other vegan chip brands!



(Rice Cooker Ingredients):

• 1 and ½ Cups Jasmine Rice (rinsed)

• 2 Cups Sweet Corn

• ½ Cup Onions (chopped)

• 1 Tsp Sage

• 1 Tsp Crushed Red Pepper

• 1 Tsp Parsley

• 1 Tsp Black Pepper

• 3 Cups Water

• Sea Salt (season to taste)


A leaf in Sanskrit vocabulary is called “prana" 

Prana translates as —life energy, spiritual breath — the breath of life, vital force sometimes even as part of consciousness! 

[ Notes —

Stay on a vegan or vegetarian diet if you want to stay peaceful and sane. 

If you just want to “start living”, start there.

Girls stop giving your bodies to people who are not on plant based diets, in a way you are giving something pure to something dark that would create karmic ripples and bring so much confusion ] 

I am a thirsty vegan reader. When I read I novel I forget my problems, the harshness of life, time passing fast under my eyes, friends who lost their way, bullies i have to face everyday, the violence of society against nature, animals and humans. When I read I feel vegan, I feel good, my mind wonders out of space, suspended between earth and the universe. I switch off, my all body is completely relaxed, connected with the story. There is not wright or wrong, I can make no mistakes or as many as I please, there are not consequences to face, zero responsibilities and best of all, I can let myself go. Reading does all that for me, and more.
—  Vegan little thing

“Narrow minds devoide of imagination. Intolerance, theories cut off from reality, empty terminology, usurped ideas, inflexible systems and bullying. These are the things that really frighten me. What I absolutely fear and loathe. Of course is important to know what’s right and what’s wrong. Individual errors in judgement can usually be corrected. As long as you have the courage to admit mistakes, things can be turned around. But intolerance, narrow minds with no imagination are like parasites that transform the host, change form and continue to thrive. They are a lost cause, and I dont want anyone like that into my space” 😐🤚 Kafka at shore. H Murakami

Green #smoothies are healing, loaded with nutrients and contribute to a glowing complexion.

Smoothie 1: Island Blast
How: 1 small to medium banana (ripe and peeled), 1 rib of celery, ¼ cucumber (peeled if not organic), 1 cup of fresh or frozen pineapple, 1 small handful of parsley, ½ inch piece of ginger (or less if you’re new to ginger) and 1-2 cups of coconut water unpasteurized.

Smoothie 2: Creamy Green
How: 1 avocado (ripe, peeled and pit removed), 1 frozen small to medium banana (ripe and peeled), 1 orange (peeled and seeds removed), ½-1 cup of spinach, 1-1 ½ cups of unsweetened vanilla almond milk. For a sweeter smoothie use 1 tbsp of Grade B maple syrup, raw agave nectar or 1 pitted medjool date. Optional: 5-6 ice cubes.

Smoothie 3: Tropical Cleanse
How: 1 cup frozen or fresh pineapple, 1 small to medium banana (ripe and peeled), 1 inch piece of ginger, 2 handfuls of spinach and 1 cup water or coconut water unpasteurized.

Smoothie 4: Banana-Berry Super Smoothie
2 cups of spinach, 1 frozen small to medium banana (ripe and peeled), ¾ cup of frozen mixed berries (or fresh strawberries or blueberries), ¼ cup of raw nuts or raw seeds and 1-2 cups of water or coconut water unpasteurized.

Smoothie 5: Green Strawberry-Kiwi Lemonade
1 kiwi (peeled), ¾ cup of frozen or fresh strawberries, ¼- ½ cup of frozen or fresh pineapple, ½ lemon (peeled and seeds removed), 2 cups of spinach and 1-1 ½ cups of water or coconut water (unpasteurized). Note: Try to use #organic produce and ingredients when possible. If not possible, clean produce well and peel where noted.