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Check Out This Ultimate Vegan Pantry List! Everything you need to go vegan.

Del menú ejecutivo en alebrijes veg también pedimos "MILANESAS DE BERENJENA" con arroz y aguacate que está 👅 En mi biografía está mi pequeño blog con precios, direcciones y menú...

We are what we eat. We can choose what we want our bodies to be made of – nutritious plant food or tortured animal flesh.

made these Crispy Quinoa Sweet Potato Patties! They look amazing and we bet they taste even better 😍 . .

Try to make vegan cucumber tea sandwiches that is a British dish. Love that it is super easy and also delicious!

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El no es una dieta natural, y no seria posible sin todos los alimentos que tenemos en el supermercado fortificados con vitaminas y minerales, como el 0px; " tag="io, zinc, vit B12, vit D, DHA y omega 3

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If only y’all saw the meal before this, I love the new lifestyle I’ve adopted. I hit the gym everyday and eat clean it’s awesome. Obviously just cause it’s vegan doesn’t make this the healthiest BUT it’s def Better than they original versions of these desserts 🤗


I don’t think you need to care about animals as much as you care about yourself or other humans in general to be vegan. While I believe that we should have a conversation and personally reevaluate how we view animals in the world and their relationship with humans, in the end you can value humans more than animals. You can place a greater importance on human life, even if some believe or many may come to the conclusion that it’s an idea that is somewhat arbitrary, and maybe even contradictory to other beliefs. I think the idea of specisim and our views on animal life and human life is more of a concept of inherent selfishness as a species. We place our value above others, possibly because we just inherently care about humans, and maybe we’ve evolved that way or something in order to help the continuation of the human race and protect the population. There are probably a million reasons why we as humans simply value other humans over animals that I could go on and on about, and I think its a good conversation to have.

But, this is all to say that humans don’t need to completely value animals to the same level as humans. You might just inherently value humans more no matter how much you try, and you just can’t remove yourself from that. But, I don’t think veganism is really about needing to do that. Veganism doesn’t necessarily require you to completely remove this concept of specism from your mentality(though, I argue it does encourage the challenging of it). I think veganism is about caring. It’s about caring enough to know that something’s life has value. Caring enough to not contribute to industries that harm, exploit, and kill animals. You care enough to feel even the bare minimum of empathy to know it’s wrong, and you don’t want to contribute to suffering of something that simply does not want to suffer. Not caring as much as you care about another thing sometimes just is the reality of the situation. All you have to do is care.



🍃🥬🌸Peppered Cabbage🌸🥬🍃 (Rice Cooker Ingredients): Jasmine Rice, Cabbage, Black Pepper, Garlic, Basil, Olive Oil, Sea Salt And Water 🍃🥬🌸🍃🥬🌸🍃🥬🌸🍃🥬🌸🍃🥬🌸🍃🥬🌸🍃🥬🌸🍃🥬🌸🍃🥬🌸🍃🥬🌸🍃🥬🌸🍃🥬🌸🍃🥬🌸🍃🥬🌸🍃


🍃🥬🌸Peppered Cabbage🌸🥬🍃 (Rice Cooker Ingredients): Jasmine Rice, Cabbage, Black Pepper, Garlic, Basil, Olive Oil, Sea Salt And Water 🍃🌸🍃 #vegan #veganism #veganlife #veganfoodshare #veganblogger #delicious #healthy #food #photooftheday #share #randomwithvegan #healthyfood #organic #picture #photo #veganfood #맛있는 #おいしい #crueltyfree #plantbased #안녕하세요 #foodporn #video #cooking #flavor 🍃🥬🌸🍃🥬🌸🍃🥬🌸🍃🥬🌸🍃🥬🌸🍃🥬🌸🍃🥬🌸🍃🥬🌸🍃🥬🌸🍃🥬🌸🍃🥬🌸🍃🥬🌸🍃🥬🌸🍃🥬🌸🍃

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I’m having one of those days where you feel hungry all the time even though you’re eating plenty. But since it was early dinner time I popped this mealprepped pasta sauce out of my freezer 👌🏼

It’s a basic tomato sauce with onions 🌰, mushrooms 🍄, oven roasted cherry tomatoes 🍅, zucchini 🥒 and eggplant 🍆, a ton of Italian spices, vegan minced meat and as secret and now not so secret ingredient ajvar. Served with brown penne and two tablespoons of nutritional yeast 😍😍