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When you can't get into the kitchen & your family come home with this lot from the supermarket & tell you they are joining you in your commitment to veganism. Couldn't be a prouder Mother. A kinder world built one step at a time.

Go against the grain for the greater good 🙏🌱✨ Do you choose compassion or convenience?

Number of vegan care home residents in UK has trebled in last five years! 🍎🌽🥕🥒

Eco warriors and are driving massive change in UK food and drink. Will the sector be able to and adapt to keep up with changing under pressure?

Trying to go veggie... Not always possible but I just ate meat twice since the beginning of this week. Chicken and pork were the last 2 meats I was still eating but I get more and more disgusted...


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Me: trying to transition to a vegan diet. 

Also me: buys a Venus’ flytrap plant.

Update -I need your help!

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all doing amazing🌸 I am terribly sorry for being absent all these weeks , school got the worst in me.

However, I am really pumped to be back and start posting more!! Starting from this week I will be posting every Wednesday and Sunday . I have some great ideas and I can’t wait to see how they will turn out!

BUT I NEED YOUR HELP. Please request any posts that you’d be interested in reading / seeing from me. You can request anything from fitness to organization , mental health to lifestyle.

Thank you all in advance. Take care my friends✨

🌻 GOOD MORNING 🌻 (yes I just woke up)

my vegan breakfirst : tea, orange juice -that I did myself- with a slice of lemon, and those AMAZING rice cake with squash seed, flax seed, chia and quinoa (I eat them with homemade raspberry jam)

Have a lovely day 🌻

A recipe for a perfect morning

🌠 Running up a big hill first thing in the morning, running through a green tunnel in the sun, then running down to the lake, flowy and effortless

🌠 stretching by the lake

🌠 jumping in the ice cold lake (finally!! Been meaning to do that for ages)

🌠 a tasty breakfast (chickpea cookie dough with chocolate chips which I haven’t had in agesss due to not having a strong enough blender so yay! And topped with blueberries)

So happy today

Soft reminder that cows only give milk when they gave birth to a calf.

  • 500 liter blood go through the cows udder to produce 1 liter milk, it’s a huge take on their health so overproducing milk takes away important nutrients from the cow’s body
  • cows are left traumatized when their calf is taken away from them a few weeks after their birth
  • milking the sensitive udder is often painful to cows as the machines work often sloppy, fast and are used too often on them
  • most cows endure this torture 5 years until they are so exhausted and sick that they aren’t “profitable” anymore and get slaughtered (a cow’s life span is 15-30 years)

‪🍃🌿👑King Kale👑🌿🍃

Kale is very high in nutrients and very low in calories, making it one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet. 🍃🌿👑🌿🍃

‘What made you go vegan?’

I think the better question is, what made me eat meat? My answers would have been… because its normal? because my parents do? Because its healthier to? Because its hard to not eat meat? Because it tastes good?

But what 'made me go vegan’ was realising how awful eating meat and dairy actually is for the environment. How awful it is for our health despite being told otherwise. How cruel it is to take the life of another being because it 'tastes good’ - which is personally something i dont want to do.

I’m vegan because i did my research instead of ignoring it. I’m vegan for our planet.

But even if you arent vegan or you think it will be too difficult or stressful. Please do some research. Please at the very least reduce meat and dairy intake. If not for the animals or your health - then for the planet. Please? We need to stop pretending that recycling is enough to save the planet.

I’m just going to say this even if I don’t know a whole lot about it in scrolling through the vegan tags I feel like there are many people who are being fat-shamed because people seem to ALWAYS advertize thinness in veganism or just assume a person would lose weight in being vegan or whatever their using it as a way to push people to go on a diet and to put others down but that’s not what veganism is its a lifestyle not a way to bully and mistreat others its not an excuse I can understand if it were more positive like encouraging people to be healthier but I’m not sure if that’s the case just please if your a part of the vegan community or a part of any community be kind don’t put others down you never know what someone is going through A/N: please if im missing anythng you think is important or saying wrong information please respectfully tell me and ill fix it but please dont start a debate with me or argue with me that im wrong based off opinion and no facts what i wrote here is my perception of things but if i did use any misinformation please inform me

The goal should not be veganism if this does not work for you, the goal should be to consume consciously.

Know where your food comes from or harvest & hunt it yourself.

Listen to your body, not the hive mind.

••••• 🦋☀️🌹

Going Vegetarian

So once the next semester picks up in August I’m planning on slowly becoming vegetarian if all goes well, with maybe a plan at vegan even later on (not 100% on that one) I wanted to ask if anyone on here had any recommendations for foods, how to transition and good ways to get protein now that I won’t be doing meat (also no fish cause I don’t eat seafood)


LADIES. YOU CAN BE STRONG TOO. There seems to be a misconception that if you lift heavy, you will get “too big”. For starters, gaining muscle doesnt work that way. Gaining muscle is HARD. Trust me, if it were that easy, guys would never shut up lol. Secondly, women gain upper body muscle mass to a much smaller degree compared to men. This is just how humans are. The upper body is usually where women worry about getting too big. So ladies, dont be afraid to lift heavy! If you are looking to be the STRONGEST version of yourself, while also changing your physique at the same time, send me a message so we can get you started!

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