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We're all prepped up and ready for service, thanks to all the wonderful volunteers for helping us with today's preperations! So who's coming for lunch today???

Popped into yesterday. Apparently dinner time is the slow time there. No line out the door or crowd inside. This was the swirl of their 2 current vegan soft serve options. Vanilla Bean, and Blueberry-Lavender. Delicious!🍦 – at The Parlour

Our hot wings with jalapeño dipping sauce return this Saturday and Sunday. They are sure to fire up your weekend.

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Im Kochlabor bereite ich heute extra große Falafel zu, damit man sie dippen kann. :-)

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Homemade vegan chocolate ganache cake

Ingredients for the cake:

- 200 grams all purpose flour

- 1 tbs baking soda

- 4 tbs cane sugar

- 3 tbs vanilla sugar

- 75 grams dark chocolate

- 4 tbs raw cacao powder

- 50 grams crushed hazelnuts

- 250 ml almond milk

- 50 ml plantbased oil

Ingredients for the ganache:

- 100 grams dark chocolate

- 200 ml coconut cream

- 3 tbs powder sugar

I baked the cake for 40 minutes (225 degrees). I added some extra hazelnuts on top of the cake.


It’s no secret that things don’t always go as planned, and that’s exactly what happened today when I set out on a little adventure for this week’s WAIW episode. Luckily, being in Thailand means I was able to at least have mango ice cream as my back-up plan, which is a pretty great alternative in my books.


Şimdi birileri at yarışına gelenek ya da “spor” diyecek, ben de buna saygı duyacağım öyle mi? Hayvanlara zulüm içeren hiçbir şeye saygı duymuyorum. Bu at yarış sırasında sakatlanıp iki ön ayağı bu hale gelince tabanca ile öldürülüyor. Niye? Birileri yarıştan para kazanacak ve heyecan duyacak diye… Hayvanlar için de adalet istiyorum! #yaşamhakkı #hayvanözgürlüğü #vegan
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This horse has two legs that are completely snapped in half from a racing accident. This footage should be enough to stop anyone supporting horse racing! @stopusinganimals #animalliberation #animalcruelty #horse #horseracing

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Gooood morning 😍 Nicecream, anyone? 😋 A classic combo of frozen banana and strawberries blended with a little coconut water and a side of vanilla chia pudding 🤤🤤 ⠀ Made by @addictedtodates 🍓♥️ ⠀ 🌱 Tag  or @avidofood to be featured in the future! ⠀ ⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆⋆
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I always forget my tumblr feed isn’t just comprised of skinny ass bitches but also very noice trees and cabins and greeeeen.

Very noice.

Haven’t been on tumblr in two months. Left Melbourne, travelled up north, gained weight and undid all my hard work, got robbed, and felt frustrated up to a point where my fiance and I just booked a flight back to the U.K.

So now I’m back in this lovely little town where I can just walk to work (I’ve already been offered two jobs in less than a week! FUCK YOU MELBOURNE!)

Gonna join the gym, eat healthy, get back on the vegan train and hang with some friends and enjoy my second summer.

I smoked weed once since arriving and haven’t ordered any so far. (Ah yeah, the robbers also nicked my weed so going through withdrawals while stressy as fuck in Oz was very unpleasant.)

Life is good again.

I hated Australia so fucking much.

One of my favorite things to do lately is cook and bake and I’ve gotten pretty good at it lately! Here are some of my favorite recent dishes.

- homemade butternut squash ravioli with a brown butter sage sauce

- chai spiced French toast

- brie, fig and prosciutto pizza on a homemade crust

- ancho Chile soup with chicken and kale

- taco tofu scramble with jasmine rice

- Nasi lemak

- Oreo drip cake

Honestly, sweet potatoes…

3 Stuffed orange flesh sweeties one with homemade coconut yoghurt, one with homemade chia seed strawberry jam and the last with homade Choc Chip Chocolate Chickpea Cookie dough with extra dough on the side. One is slathered in my homemade almond cinnamon raisin butter and one has treacle and the last has a dribble of maple syrup! Added a bit of Almond Milk too for extra creaminess! Oh! And also there was a pound of cinnamon dousing these… 🍠