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Happy 13th anniversary!!!💛🧡🌻✨

hey, , I couldn't find your HD mug shot, SO I MADE MY OWN. and the beauty of math-sodden complicated nature of vector graphics is that I can make that image ANY SIZE. is amazing.

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Lil animation I did for @riskofbear

I’ve had this chicken and eggs drawn out in my sketchbook for over a year!  I just forgot about Easter last year… and pretty much forgot about it this year too :D I’m all about the bank holidays though! Nice to get them out there.
Abstract Background | Adobe Illustrator Tutorial (Waves and Particles)
In today's step by step Adobe Illustrator tutorial you'll learn how to create abstract vector background with dynamic waves and particles. In this illustrato...

I was inspired as many of you by the first photoshoot from filming Outlander Season 5! So, I should make an illustration based on this scene and new look of Claire and  Jamie 👨👍 Did you like Jamie’s new hairdressing too?

Pepe, The Rebel Child
He’s a Grimm Child who abandoned the ritual and took a body as his vessel. He loves eating honey and sweet dreams, and also loves plushies; and he’s always looking for a good fight.

Pepe, Niño Rebelde
El es un Niño de Grimm que abandono el ritual y tomo una vasija como su cuerpo. El ama comer miel y dulces sueños, tambien ama los peluches y siempre esta buscando una buena pelea.


How I drew Sam Heughan Portrait ;-)