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Thank you Reggie for everything you did for us! Cheers!! 👏👏👏

Disaat orang2 pada merubahmu menjadi Cb/Gl. Disini saya masih setia ingin melestarikan mu.

Another happy customer, I want to thank @therealkotacolmillo for trusting me with this project I appreciate you man. Want to be come a Badass Cartoon hit me up!

Thank you for big download !! Cute owl vector illustration. Owl at night. Owl On tree branch. illustration of Cartoon owl sitting on tree branch. Cute Vector Owl Check out this image on Shutterstock

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Just a happy little scuba dude.

prismacolor, 4x6”

PROMPT : “This is an introductory assignment to introduce yourself to the class. You can write and/or draw it all by hand, or use software tools, photography, or collage.”

This is a backup second zine I made for my Digital Publishing class. I’m always torn between introducing myself through, well, myself and who I am versus introducing myself through my artwork, which is what I do. Which while it does have a lot of overlap, I don’t really think that they are always one and the same, nor enough of a complete and accurate assessment of me.

I tried to include a variety of media in my artwork that’s showcased I failed but even then, it’s not inclusive of all I do. I’ve always liked art & design in all its forms, and before I couldn’t pick which one I wanted to do. So I’ve actually worked my way through traditional art (from graphite, to charcoal, and watercolor, to digital art/design (vectors, digital painting, graphic design, advertising design, and a 2-year study of interior design), and even dabbled in 3D work (paper art, and a sad, failed foray into sculpture).

But all my experiences and what I learned has helped make my art & designs a little more unique and one step closer into creating my own signature style. At least, I hope so, otherwise it’s just makes it awkward to explain what art I like and do, and I’ve just been making it harder on myself to organize my artwork files.


Schleuderfahrzeug, angetrieben und gesteuert mit der Graupner Vektor Unit

Drift car, powered by a Graupner vector unit