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πŸ”₯ Price Drops! No Excuses! Get Women Rhinestones Necklace!!!

Vanavond met mijn collega adviseur Goed Geregeld van een bijeenkomst over de nieuwe Zelfevaluatie verzorgen.

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  • Blair hates her birthday: fact. Blair tries to never make it into a big deal, except for last year when she let Hunter and Riley talk her into having a party. Chaos and drama ensued as a result, Blair isn’t here for it anymore and made no plans this year aside from work stuff.
  • She had a callback for Phantom scheduled that day and planned to go and then sit at home and watch movies while Tina got it on with a lady because Tina needs all the love and support in the world.
  • When Blair got out of the callback, Ellie was waiting outside the studio for her with a single red rose tied in black ribbon, just like in the musical. Considering Christine Daae has been her dream role for her entire life, Blair was genuinely touched by the gesture.
  • Blair and Ellie spent the entire day together, walking through Central Park and just talking. Ellie took her to a very fancy restaurant for dinner and then brought her home. After the day they had together, there was no way Blair was letting Ellie go home.
  • Alexa, play God is a woman.
  • The next morning, Blair woke up alone in bed and wondered if things were too good to be true. She found Ellie in the kitchen making them both heart-shaped pancakes. But you know, no pancake could be as big as the hearts in Blair’s eyes.

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" You're right. " It's a curt agreement, and Tem still refuses to look at him. " It's probably hell for everyone, in their own way. " Still, she looks frustrated. " I don't have much to complain about, I guess. "She feels like that's a lie. But whatever. " Let's get this over with, I guess. All the more for the tabloid to eat up and try to put me on blast later. "


        “ can’t you just fake a smile while you’re at work? how do you even get hired if you act like that? “ it probably sounded a lot harsher than he meant it but it was genuinely curious how it would be possible. working with someone so unhappy with the situation would be a pain. “ it could be a lot worse, at least the only wild animal here is you.“  would you believe he was trying to CHEER her up? just raise her spirits a bit.


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' etty-chi? .. etttyyyy? eeetttttttttttttyyyy?? ' moca hums in a singsong manner as she shook him by the shoulder. apparently he was either asleep or playing dead, who knows. due to no response, she just started stacking the small cubes of chocolate originally nicely packaged in a square box on his chest.

     it’s not very smart to sleep with earplugs in but HE wasn’t always the smartest, was he? with no sounds to wake him up, of course, the only way to awaken him would be to slap wake him up with touch. being shaken he thought he could ignore and continue to sleep through, but not a single unstable spot getting heavier and heavier. what on Earth could that be? 

     well… that’s much stranger than anything he imagined. Etienne can’t let this continue. he quickly started to disassemble her tower by putting the treats in his mouth until it wouldn’t fit any more. 



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" I coulda been having a lot more fun than this, " She huffs, crossing her arms. " And what is this? Some kinda gravure photoshoot? Why does he sign me up for stuff like this? " She knows very well why she keeps ending up with weird, skimpy shoots. " Is your manager this unbearable, or is that better for boys, too? "

       “ yeah, okay. “ he’d believe it when he saw it and not a second prior. the shift in subjects did very little to curb his own attitude, unfortunately. “ what do you think the answer is? ” Etienne could hardly speak on behalf of all the men when most of them were probably more compliant then he was. his manager learned from experience not to book him for anything he wouldn’t PICK out himself. “ having to be looked after by anyone is a pain. “ 



Happy Valentines Day honey! So I know you don’t really need a helmet, but this one was just so beautiful that I couldn’t resist. You should be the complete biker babe package now, which means we need to go for a ride soon. You’re the best..don’t forget that.



Couldn’t resist the cake ;)

Image result for motorcycle helmets with angel wings
Image result for motorcycle helmets with angel wings
Image result for motorcycle helmets with angel wings

[text] The helmet is beautiful- and yes, this does mean that we definitely have to go out riding.

[text] The cake looks amazing…like I know its going to be delicious but it looks almost too real. Like I’m being dared to eat a fresh heart.


So I was in the dollar store today it was packed full of people getting last minute vday gift i just wanted some dryer sheets but back to the story I’m waiting in line and I see a dude and his homie come in the store this their convo

Dude 1: hey are got going to get her this candy (holds up a box of lindor chocolates)

Dude 2: Naw why am I going to get her that I don’t like that candy. Shit I’m not going to buy her food if I can’t eat anything.

Morale of the story: who raised this kid oh I forgot he must be one of those anit shit kids of wretched club bitches