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Looking to participate in some friendly sports competition? You and a group can rent indoor and outdoor equipment including basketballs, jump ropes, frisbees and more. Gather your squad and let the games begin!

[Image Description: Members playing dodgeball in the Multi-Activity Center.]

Need help finding your route or bus stop? Did you know that you can also use the Google Maps "Transit" 🚍 tool to plan your trip on ? At the top of the screen, tap "Transit" for step-by-step walking/riding directions between locations.

Scroll graphic: How to Find Your GRTC Route using Google Maps 1. Open Google Maps.  2. Tap the directions icon.  3. Type in your starting point and destination.  4. Tap the “Transit” option to view bus routes.  5. Follow the directions to your bus stop.  6. Use your VCU/GRTC GO Pass and VCU ID card to ride GRTC. 8. Exit the bus and follow the directions to your destination.   Learn more at

Stewie wants to know if he’s celebrating National Hot Dog Day correctly? . . .

Dogs On Call therapy dog Stewie, an all white Maltese, has a very happy, open mouthed expression while wearing a hot dog costume.

Kicking off the semester with the LITTEST DAY PARTY OF THE SUMMER! | AUGUST 24! |3pm-7pm| 3500 Granby Street . . Hosted by: @iam_smitt, @beautifulscholar, .Nicole and @jthaprince_ Sounds by: @iamdjdeemdown

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Visit our Climbing and Bouldering Wall at the Cary Street Gym every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday from 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. to learn best practices from the skilled staff at our Belay Clinic!

[Image Description: Member ascending up the Climbing and Bouldering Wall.]

Our students always impress! Ryan Griffin from our Newport News office has earned an Advisor promotion in 3 weeks of work with us!

We'll be in Roanoke on Friday, August 2, welcoming the the Class of 2023 to the university! Come out and share your VCU experiences with the newest students.

New Student Send-offs: Roanoke, August 2.

Join us for an evening of live music, peach picking and cider at Carter Mountain Orchard tomorrow in Charlottesville to welcome the Class of 2023!

A large amount of people sit on blankets outside on the side of a mountain.

Travel discounts, free ball caps, a call to welcome new students and more in this month's News and Views from VCU Alumni!

Rows of grapes on vines in the Italian countryside.

Cute going out outfit! Top: Sparkle and Fade, M, $6, #55802 Jeans: Old Navy, 2, $14, 50772


Move in day is a month away! Can't wait to meet our new residents!

Good afternoon if you need swim wear I got you !! Check out the site below !! Swim wear Two piece One piece Cover ups All sizes available!! !! famu Retweet retweet

Still interested in learning how to navigate ? We have two upcoming 1-hr. travel training sessions for students, employees to help . Sign up for the session that's most convenient for you at .

classroom of employees sitting behind computers while a GRTc travel training instructor guides them at the front of the classroom.

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Smoke Break 


How will you be celebrating the Fourth of July? 

If you can’t see yourself making the trip to DC, perhaps Dennis the Menace can give you a virtual tour. There’s loads of fun. Dennis even meets the “Head G-man,” (a somewhat frighteningly drawn) J. Edgar Hoover.  

From the summer of 1963, in VCU Libraries comic arts collection, Special Collections and Archives, James Branch Cabell Library

Conversations at the new job go something like this:

“I’m going to be a full-time Spanish interpreter at the hospital downtown”

“Oh cool, so you speak Spanish, right..?”

“Yea, I would hope so. Otherwise doing my job would be pretty difficult”

I hate coming off as a bitch or non-supportive, but if my job has something to do with a language, I most likely qualify for that position by, in fact, speaking that language. It’s a never-ending interaction, always followed by:

“Oh wow, that’s really cool. I took two-three years of that in high school”

“Yea well you know what they say… use it or lose it”

“Use it or lose it, that’s true. You must use it a lot”

“Daily, yea”

No, I don’t have the time to tutor. No, I don’t want to teach. Good luck with your language journey, but I can’t be a part of it. There comes a point where helping becomes a hindrance and these conversations are a perfect example of that. I’m very supportive of people learning languages, but for me it seems simple to understand that an interpreter would speak the language they’re interpreting for. Come up with some other small talk people!

Our final class excursion to the Museum of Anthropogy ended on a high note to say the least. The extensive collections of the museum would take a few days to really go through in depth and we had only three hours. Nevertheless, we appreciated artifacts and replicas (there are countless high-quality replicas that give viewers an even better sense of ancient cultures such as the gorgeous feathered headdress which looks much better than the 500-year-old original given to Hernán Cortés or the recreated Mayan temples in the museum courtyard). We learned more about the ancient civilizations of the Central Valleys and Oaxaca as well as that of the Mayans and Olmecs.

The Palacio de Bellas Artes is a work of art in itself and was recognized by UNESCO as an artistic monument in 1987. Its construction began under President Porfirio Diaz but took 30 years to complete (by 1934) since it was interrupted by the Mexican Revolution. Since it was built over such a long timeframe, it displays a mixture of styles—Neoclassical, Art Nouveau, and Art Deco. It is decorated by murals by artists such as Diego Rivera and houses interesting temporary exhibitions as well as performances by the Ballet Folkórico de México, the Compañía Nacional de Ópera de Ballas Artes, and the Orquestra Sinfónica Nacional.

So hello! My name is Destiny and Ik that you guys have only seen art related posts from me but I really wanted to introduce myself and touch on my experiences.

Currently, I’m a rising sophomore in college. Specifically, I’m in an art school within a research university ( if that doesn’t make sense just message me and I’ll elaborate).

Art college taught me a lot about well the real world so far and it’s pretty cool with all I accomplished.

I am a former member of my schools Cupsi team ( which is the college university poetry slam invitational) and I am an artist as well ( obviously, lol).

I am a beginner photographer. I have done some portraits and photo shoots and they have turned out quite well in my eyes. I have a Canon Rebel T6 for those who are wondering.

I am an only child. Enough said. ( no, I’m not spoiled).

The reason I want to be an animator/ an illustrator is because of old cartoons. Let me elaborate. I get more joy from watching Rocco’s modern life and secret squirrel than I do from regular normal people shows like Riverdale ( shudder) and Arrow. My happiness is with Courage the Cowardly Dog and Two Stupid Dogs. I love the art styles and the story lines and how they weren’t afraid to be absolutely zany in their times. It’s like a time capsule. I aspire to do what they did but like better, lol. They give me life. And it’s what makes me weird. I watch cartoons almost on a daily basis. That’s how I get inspired and ready to work. I admire the old animators and art talents that made my childhood. Old cartoons were my childhood. It’s just a fact.

So now, you know a bit about me. I’d love it if you kept following my adventures and getting to know me and my college/ art lives even more. Thnx for reading💙

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April of Apotheosis

So I know I haven’t posted much on here lately but I had a very difficult but rewarding last few months which I dubbed my “April of Apotheosis”. I started new psychiatric medication, made some changes socially, got my ears pierced, and did a ton of extra work in school and managed to graduate Magna Cum Laude a semester earlier than I originally intended! It’s been painstakingly difficult but absolutely worth it and I am so optimistic for the future now!


#ThatMoment :The @DUPSigmas hit the #VCU 2019#YardShow and make the #GirlsGoCrazy when they #ReppingAndStepping off of one of the #HottestSongs out right now #ForTheLadies .That #CityGirls song #ActUp .Chicks love that shit.Lol… #SHOUTOUT to #Frats and the #HBCU s out there! Empower #brotherhood .College boy #Canman

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Here’s a front cover I made for The Commonwealth Times’s 50th Anniversary special section! This section was designed to mimic the graphic design of the CT’s first issue published in 1969 (not by me! lol). I was asked to convey the changes of student media through the decades, and also to allude to some of the coverage the CT reflects upon throughout this section, including the gay liberation movement in Richmond, local metal band GWAR, and VCU basketball’s first ever Final Four. This was a really fun piece that appeals to my love for extremely flat and crowded compositions. Designing the composition was a great last challenge for the semester– can’t wait to do more editorial work after the summer’s over! 

SOH Social Post #4

Remember to share a bit of happiness to others, even if they’re strangers because it has been shown that we have a social influence on one another. Whether it is seeing a smile on someone else’s face and activating those mirror neurons. Or it’s showing a gesture of kindness to a complete stranger and not expecting anything in return. We share this planet we call home and will thrive if we practice mindfulness by being aware of the present. By being aware of our own needs and taking care of the body we were born with, cherishing the work and dedication of those who helped raise us. By being aware of those around us and lending a hand when someone drops something or seems lost. And by being aware of the ever-changing world around us, soon be destroyed by centuries of being used for profit or luxury. For example, the endangered animals hunted for their organs and exotic features or the mass production of consumer goods that gets tossed into the ocean.

We can make a difference every day by learning and sharing more about the science of happiness and being aware of the current events. It doesn’t mean that you are forced to watch politics for hours on end, sifting through the biased and falsified media. It doesn’t mean that you have to live on a strict diet and schedule where you can’t just relax and enjoy ice cream with friends while watching End Game. And it doesn’t mean that you have to devote your entire life and social media into advocating for change and going to every event to support the cause. By simply sharing an interesting article with a friend or looking at some new research, you are contributing. It has been shown that taking the smaller changes like taking stairs, keeping track of electronic use, sleeping a bit earlier and even just deciding to talk to that stranger in line. Has been more effective and had more long term effects than those who have done extreme diets to only gorge on junk food. Thank you for reading and I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Oh and here is an animation to share with others: