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Translating startup-speak for the corporate buyer. The budgeting process supports only certain kinds of purchases, like renewable software licensing fees and support contracts with fixed costs.

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Hj o dia Acordou Muito Mas Bonito , Felicidade e Pouco pro que estou Sentindo ♥️Amo mais q tudo meu Amor Hj completa 4 Anos de so Alegria e Felicidade 👏😍❤👣 😍👩‍👦

🌻คู่จิ้นหน้าใส ไม่ใช้ไม่ได้ล้าววว🍃 ❄แช่เย็นยิ่งฟิ๊นไปอี๊กก ช่วยกระชับรูขุมขนได้ดี💦 🌟จ่ายเพียง20.- ได้ทั้งหน้าใส ผิวอิ่มน้ำ✨ .

💓รับยอดนุ้งเทสเตอร์ทั้งสองเล่ออ 👌Vc, ชาเขียว ขายดีออกตล๊อดดด😍 💚ขายง่าย เปิดบิลถู๊กก 30/240บาทเท่านั้น!! .

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A thought for founders: when speaking to an investor for the first time: how much have you researched them? what does their portfolio look like? what are THEY looking for? 

As a founder, do you use convertible debt circle as a way to finance your startup?Do you know this mechanism?Is it common and favourable to the founders or the investors? ;)

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Hi guysʕ•ᴥ•ʔ I’ve got my account on Dreamwidth(@good_evening_kiss) and Instagram(@goodeveningkiss). Feel free to find me if you like <3

Also, I’m going to continue this blog as well, until Tumblr kill it or I find somewhere new. I wonder where the Savage Garden for VCfandom people is…

“I could not define it, because I could not explain how the youthful lines of his face, how his eyes expressed innocence and this age and experience at the same time.”

Coven Master Armand inspired by @42sunberries ’s art. Go check them out!

little gen 1 things i somehow forgot about until playing red on virtual console
  • the bag
  • that feel when you’ve just weakened zapdos and go to your items to start chucking ultra balls but your box is full and u gotta zip back to town and manually switch over to the next one
  • wrap and bind
  • the combining of special attack/special defense unexpectedly making certain pokemon way more viable in teams than in later gens (seadra, tangela, hypno) and others way worse (kangaskhan, hitmonchan/hitmonlee)
  • having to use HMs from the “pokemon” menu
  • no move deleter. none.
  • nobody had a movepool. nothing. it was all just. your STAB and then normal type moves to oblivion. maybe some status moves thrown in for flavor.
  • wrap and bind
  • those fossil pokemon you held out so long for actually kinda sucked back then and couldn’t even learn any rock type moves
  • that it was literally impossible to get a decent type matchup against brock in red/blue if you had charmander. like. nidoran didn’t even have double kick yet.
  • the eventual discovery that this didn’t matter because he only had normal type attacks
  • no bug type attacks besides leech life/pin missile/twineedle
  • no ghost type attacks besides night shade and lick
  • now I understand why everyone was afraid of psychic
  • ghost couldn’t even hit it back then because of a coding error
  • wrap and bind and fire spin and clamp
  • that clamp was actually a thing all the way back in red and blue and not just a signature move game freak made for clamperl
  • not having to sweat over your team getting the wrong EVs because the max limits were localized to individual stats rather than 510 across all 6
  • you can’t see the power or accuracy of your moves. no switching them around, no nothing. you just. learn them and hope for the best
  • some pokemon were so hard to catch they wouldn’t even break free, the ball would just miss
  • there being basically no reason to use any water type other than lapras or starmie or slowbro or maybe poliwrath because there was nothing any of the others could do that they couldn’t do better
  • x accuracy competely maxing accuracy, allowing me to bring the entire pokemon league to its knees just by spamming fire spin
  • the unthinkable usefulness of water gun as a TM

I knew this was going to happen, but at least they know about Cody and I hope they can make a Lestat as great as Cody’s Michael. I like Cody as Michael because Michael is very much like Lestat, but… I wouldn’t like to see Cody playing another character “similar” to Michael.

today I bought some calipers, just out of curiosity about my skulls’ “real” measurements. here are some results:

Nicodemus, the black bear, has a length of 13″ and a width of a little over 7″, making his total measurement a 20+. which, according to the internet, is potentially record size. Absolute unit.

my yote skull is almost 9″ long, and 4.5″ wide, so another Big Boi.

Harker the muntjac’s fangs are exactly 1 inch.

Renfield the water deer’s fangs are just under 3″.

I think my measuring spree is over, but if you ever need any skull measurements on anything I have, I can now do that for you.

Moving in with my boyfriend before next month (so excited aaaggh) and I’m super happy I’ll still be able to do processing. For now I’m only processing what I have been for a bit now and may make a few wetties here and there for sale. Right now I only have a big ole rat (if anyone’s interested) and some mice. Bf wants me to display all my skulls in our living area -he REALLY likes them- and hang my big buck skull above our TV lol. Just a little update I reckon is what this is, I’ll be posting pictures of my collection til I have cool new things to show you guys! Also will be sharing my ss gifts I’ve received from the VC discord chat exchange.

“He stopped and he had that blank look on his face which always meant that Amel was talking, but if this was true, that message too was a mystery. Because Lestat said nothing but began pacing again.” - Prince Lestat and the Realms of Atlantis, Chapter 24.

I’d never thought about it until I read this paragraph but how goofy must our vamps look while talking telepathically to each other. Often they receive a brain-fax from as far away as another continent. So like, Lestat is at the tailor’s shop being fitted for a frock coat and all of a sudden..

I recently finished articulating this male whitetail fawn skeleton. This little guy was found dead along with his twin sister and their mother, and the person who found them trusted me with cleaning the skull and tanning the pelt of one of the fawns. The other was gifted to me to work with, so he was processed (macerated) and articulated.

This fawn is now unavailable, but I am always open to commissions. You can message me anytime to discuss your ideas.

*This fawn died of seemingly natural causes and was not harmed for his remains. Please do not use my photos without permission, and do not tag my posts with “dead shit” as I find it very inappropriate. Please leave ALL text in this post. Thank you!