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Hear discuss how to build relationships with investors in between fundraises and how transparent to be when it comes to metrics? Love to hear your thoughts and advice to founders here ?

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My dad came into the kitchen this morning and handed me this small jaw :)

Also, the large jaws in the background belong to a c.oyote named Lakota, and I was working on getting them degreased.

If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s starting new projects when I already have like fifteen others going on..

And because of that, this deer tooth necklace was born. The teeth are from a juvenile deer skull I found a while back. It was in such bad condition that about all I could do with it was pull the teeth. Fun story: I had a shotgun pointed at me during my trek through the woods where I found this. There were no signs tell me I’d left park property and I was in some dude’s back yard…

It’ll probably be up in my Etsy shop tomorrow or so (my shop is SkellyScavShop)

Edit: I had more time than I thought before I have to go to work, so it has been uploaded!


I’m back with commissions!

Here is an updated pricelist:

1. sketch: portrait 15$, full figure 20$ (*all prices per character)

2. flat color: portrait 25$, full figure 35$

3. full color: portrait 40$, full figure 50$

4. very realistic: 60$, full figure 80$


1. simple, flat color or not detailed full color: 20$

2. full scene, landscape or interior: 45$

3. detailed, complicated, with lots of elements and particular objects: 70$

*adult content is charged 10$ extra per each character

I draw OCs, fandom, real life people, nsfw and pretty much whatever you want, not judging anyone - you pay, I draw and your wish is my command. I might charge extra for very detailed costumes or unusual requests, depending on the general complexity of your idea.

Payment via Paypal, either in advance or after acepting the first sketch.

COMISSIONS WILL BE OPEN IN THE SLOT SYSTEM. SLOTS WILL BE POSTED IN A SEPARATE POST DEPENDING ON MY WORKLOAD. There are, as a rule, more slots available on my Patreon. There are also discounts available for higher tier patrons!

Let me know if you have any questions!  

Three bugs in my eyes and several wrestling-spiderwebs-off-myself events later, I have returned back to civilization. With bones! I found a lot of rib shards, but they were all so worn that I left them for whatever rodent to get some calcium from. But, I did find a vert or two, a leg bone, and some J A W S. I also crouched in a creek (for pictures) and got a good case of Cold Booty Syndrom. My new phone doesn’t do manual adjustments well, which is sad; picture no best :(

It’s funny how I can do this with no ill consequences, despite having some lady on here earlier saying women can’t do stuff like this because Society™. Is it still sexism if a woman tells another woman what she can’t do?? 🤔

Someone PLEASE draw Armand In this shirt or I will. Yes, that’s a threat. - 🖤

anonymous asked:

Hello love hope your having a good day! I was wondering if I could get a love reading. I am a female Capricorn (VC) and he is a male Capricorn(JE).

Hello, baby💖 I have to tell you that your reading has been one of the most beautiful I’ve been doing these days. Congratulations and I hope that everything my cards see comes true!

Present: The Star, Knight of Wands, Ace of Pentacles, The Hermit (reversed).

In the present, JE has very clear his feelings for you. He’s interested in you and he thinks about having something more than a friendship with you. JE has strong feelings for you, but he’s still not in love. If you still haven’t shown these feelings, don’t worry, VC, because it will in the future.

The cards advise you both that you run risks to get what you want: take action and show the other person the interest you have for him. Also, I must warn you that JE has in mind to give you a chance and start something romantic with you.

Therefore, JE does feel things for you, sees you as a romantic couple and thinks of you the same way you do. However, I can’t tell you that the feelings he has for you are as strong as yours, because the cards don’t tell me anything about it.

What does JE feel? Three of Pentacles, The Tower, Page of Wands, Six of Wands, Ten of Pentacles, Three of Cups.

I see that in a very recent past, JE’s friends disappointed him. I even feel that you disappointed him, VC! I have clarified it with my pendulum and my guides tell me yes, that JE felt some disappointment for you. In addition, I also see that a difficult season has passed with his friends and relatives, because no matter how much effort he put into improving his relationships… nothing worked. He may be a little grumpy or sad these days, since things are not going as JE wants.

However, my girls tell me that all this is temporary and that after these bad times, JE will pay attention to other areas of his life. Be patient, VC, because JE needs to solve these disappointments in order to focus on his love life. When he can do it and he has cleanest mint, the romantic feelings will begin to emerge in him.

The cards warn me that JE can be very proud and haughty at times (like a good Capricorn). Therefore, the cards ask you for patience and avoid any confrontation with him that is not of real importance. In addition, my cards tell me that you can receive a message (through any means of communication) from JE, giving you hope or letting you see his intentions. The message will be very good and will bring many successes.

JE sees you as a loving couple, and he feels very proud of his family right now. I feel that for JE his family can be very important or, at least, it has a fundamental role in his life. JE wants to be your partner, have fun with people he loves and celebrate with his family.

Future: Four of Wands, Knight of Pentacles, Ace of Cups, The Lovers, Nine of Cups.

In your future there is an offer of formal love from JE. This offer will make you very happy and I see a lot of joy between the two. As I’ve told you before, JE feels things for you, but he’s not in love with you yet. Don’t worry, VC, because the cards tell me that there will be a crush and you will end up in love. This chemistry that is reflected among you will bring you a lot of fullness in love. In addition, JE will gain confidence and will not be afraid to show you his feelings.

The cards delve deeply into the idea of a successful compromise among you. There is a lot of love between the two of you and I see a relationship with a lot of future if you have patience and you know how to wait. On the other hand, you will have a lot of sexual connection and you will enjoy much any area of your relationship.

Bet on this relationship because it will bring you much peace and happiness.

Advice for you: The Strenght.

The true force isn’t in the muscles, but in the personality and is manifested in the firmness of the ideas; in confidence in yourself; in your ability to face obstacles and difficulties, either to accept them or to transform them.

We speak of “strength” and is the ability you have to manifest the domain of reason, and even the spirit, over the passions, emotions and thoughts that limit you and consume your energy.

The Strenght reminds us that we achieve more with gentleness and prudence than with imposition and authoritarianism. The keys are in our interior clarity, decision, perseverance and authority.

The Oracle of Angels has a message for you: It’s worth waiting for: Divine timing acts in your love life. Your relationship with JE demands patience. All decisions JE can make are beyond your reach, also from the angels. This card asks you to wait and be patient.

Divine timing acts constantly. If you impose your will to force events, you will get out of the usual rhythm and create blockages. The only thing you will achieve is to transmit your anguish to the Universe.

Therefore, be patient and be yourself until JE comes into your life to fulfill its role with you.

💖Good luck, VC💖

Anyone know of good resources and information for rearticulating skellotens? Preferably information for how to put the bones together like glue how to use wires etc. And information on things that make the process easier? And on building the stand? Etc? I have a guide book but it may not be enough to answer all my questions. Ive never rearticulated a skeloten before but i have my raco/on bones bagged and labeled and vertibre numbered. Just got to clean and start with the spine i think.

Any tips are useful too!! This could turn into a masterpost of information