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Me & mum have arrived in York - the Minster is all lit up for Christmas! Isn't it pretty! 💖🐾

It's so the other one doesn't lonely 🤣 Join our group of fellow enthusiasts ➡➡

You’ve Never Seen Like This! A Quigley 4x4 Takes Our Camera Crew Everywhere on the UA | -

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Patricia Smith winding down the day in her '71 named Lulu 💙 Grab your apparel at

Above water? Reassuring as haven’t found the switch fitted to put our into submarine mode. Arrived (dry) to walk from Longshaw Estate & eat at Grindleford Station, where they serve several flavours of cardiovascular disease on a plate

Speist ihr auch wie die Könige unterwegs oder haltet ihr es eher rustikal und einfach? 🍽 📸by Eric Bartel ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🚗 Lada Niva 5 Türer ⛺️ Autocamp Family 160 🌎 Rogowo, Polen

Erstmal Christkindlmarkt Kaltenberg, dann Therme Bad Wörishofen. Es wird ein schöner Tag. First Christmas market Kaltenberg, then spa Bad Wörishofen. It will be a beautiful day.

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A great and forgotten place in Arashiyama very close to the bamboo forest :) via /r/travel


Vegan Gains - Van Life Vlogmas 2019
Ivory 1949 Emerson Model 581 Plaskon AM Tube Radio Golden Age Beauty!

For just $269.00
Ivory 1949 Emerson Model 581 Plaskon AM Tube Radio Golden Age Beauty! DESCRIPTION: Rare and resplendent with golden age of radio deco flair! This radio is original factory molded in plaskon plastic a hard durable predecessor of modern polycarbonate and styrene based plastics. Beautiful AM Tabletop tube clock radio manufactured by Emerson in the 1949 time frame still in excellent+ working condition. This radio has a nice Art Deco style. No cracks, chips, or major scratches on top sides or front! There is a hairline crack on the bottom. No repairs or repaints of any kind. None needed. All knobs, dial pointer, etc are present, working, not missing. Picks up AM stations clearly and loudly up and down the dial without need for external wire antenna. Original ivory plaskon cabinet is flawless glossy condition. The volume and tuning knobs are original matching plastic securely attached. Just a tiny hairline crack in the center of the radio dial. The tuning and volume knobs are in excellent condition. This radio is over 70 years old! All the dial numbering and lettering is crisp and clear. Look at the neat Art Deco-ish type font! No missing numbering, dots or dashes, or anything. No smudges or yellowing. Built in handle on top is functional and practical making this radio an early boom box! The unit powers on and off with a definite click. Tuning dial clear plastic window is original slightly yellowed with age. All out of spec capacitors have been replaced with modern equivalents so this radio has another 50+ years or more of playing time! The tubes are working fine. All out-of-spec resistors have been replaced with modern correct value and voltage equivalents. The replacement power cord and plug is in good working condition with no cracks, or splits or electrical tape repair. No exposed wiring. The radio has been thoroughly cleaned and inspected. All wiring has been thoroughly checked for possible bridging and weak solder connection. Comes from n…


Bluenose II docked at Lunenburg ⛵


The original Bluenose was built in 1921 in Nova Scotia. This historic racing schooner was also built for fishing. It can be found on the back of the Canadian dime.



Day In The Life Van Life California - Van Life Vlogmas 2019


It was our last night here in Bucegi National Park. We’d left the crowded valley below for the heights of the Bucegi mountains, up a winding series of rough but incredible roads to arrive at a golden grass-covered plateau.⁣

It seemed impossible that we could not get the chance to see a bear in this area so famous for them, where they were so commonplace that people were forced to lock their bins in cages and build fences around the forest for protection.⁣

It seemed like the ideal place to spot a bear, although admittedly we knew very little about the habits of bears being from Cornwall where the most dangerous thing you’d encounter was a badger.⁣

We chose a quiet corner of the forest, tucked between a winding stream and some marshy grass that we nearly got our van stuck in, nearby to some holes in the cliff that looked suspiciously like bear caves.⁣

We were all set up for a stake out, and we were just serving up dinner when someone started honking their horn at us from the road. We knew as soon as we saw the blue flashing lights that we were in trouble with the police, as although Romanians tended to flout the rules when it came to just about anything this was in fact a No Camping area. Thankfully they didn’t fine us, but they did tell us we had to move up to the fenced-in camping area so we would be safe from the bears.

Obviously, this was the exact opposite of what we wanted, and so after dinner we grabbed our torch and set off on a nighttime safari in a last ditch attempt to see a bear. Our nerves were strung high as we wove through the forest of a gravelly dirt track, imagining every time we rounded a corner that we would see a huge bundle of fur blocking the road. We were both excited and terrified, but gradually our terror was replaced by frustration and a little disappointment as we made it back to the main road with no sightings.⁣

Needless to say we panicked, being the only people around in this whole area and knowing that our slow old van would never be able to outrun the police, and sure enough they’d caught us up in a matter of minutes. We pulled over, expecting a lecture on the danger of bears and the illegality of wild camping, but to our surprise they drove right past us and sped away into the distance.⁣

We let out a massive sigh of relief and returned to the campsite, thwarted once more in our final attempt to see a bear, as tomorrow we would be heading West, toward the wild heart of Transylvania and the border with Serbia.⁣