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When Henry’s secret past rears its ugly head, it not only threatens their mission, but risks their love—and their very lives. Free in ! 💓 AMAZON ➡️

🌟🎁 IZ*ONE 特典会 応募シート 応募券 TypeA+B 14枚セットプレゼント🎁🌟 ㊗️当選人数 1名様 【応募方法】 1 : リツイート&フォロー 2 : いいね!で当選確率UP! ※解除で応募不可となります。

Fane: Journal of an Alpha Hellhound: paranormal romance with attitude (Diaries of the Cwn Annwn) by Jo Pilsworth Fane Anghelescu, Hellhound Alpha. Over-protective and paranoid, according to his sister. , , ,

"I suppose I owe you an explanation as to why three people are in a boat, after dark, and two of them will soon head to the bottom." bit.l

Wicked Desires Now Available: Summoned to New Orleans on Samhain night for an annual gala, a curse whisks Kiera through the veils of time

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More from that vampire shoot.

I was thinking to myself that all I want is antiques roadshow except with vampires. Like as a host and telling people how in disrepair and how he remembers how it looked new and how cheap the item actually was. Or vampire bring their meticulously cared for items from when they were human and having someone say it was trash at the time but 100+ years later and a mint condition coin collection is worth billions and the vampire preens. Or like hella geek vamps with their collections of vases of greek heroes… just hella old people excited to share history of their fandoms… except vampires

Trephacard headcanon Pt.2


  • Trevor and Sypha move in with Alucard into his room but they keep their things in separate quarters ;
  • Sypha usually is the first to get out of bed but not the first to wake up ;
  • She had described her two boyfriends on a diary that she has started to right on ;
  • Alucard in her words is a calm , well mannered and gentle man ;
  • Trevor in her words is a hot headed , irreverent , intense and emotional man ;
  • Trevor doesn’t like the part where she writes that he is emotional because Alucard always teases him about that ;
  • The one to sleep in the middle of the bed is always Sypha ;
  • Alucard likes to cuddle her and then Trevor would hug them all together ;
  • Alucard and Trevor are very protective of Sypha although she is a master at witchcraft;
  • One time she cut her finger trying to cut a apple ;
  • By Alucard’s as Trevor’s reaction , you’d think she had cut her hole hand off;
  • Sometimes Alucard would turn in to a wolf so Trevor and Sypha could lay on him ;
  • They never had talked about the topic of getting married , but Sypha has plans to ask them both to marry her ;
  • Trevor like to kiss Alucard because he tastes of oranges and he likes to kiss Sypha because she tastes like cinnamon;
  • Once Alucard had a dream about a blond blue eyed child , he asked Sypha and she told him it could very well be a premonition ;
  • Trevor sometimes smells Alucard’s hair while they are in bed ;

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