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Review at along with 1sr Chapter. A love story of young Maria who meets a newly formed male vampire.

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The young residents embark on a difficult journey, chased by supernatural creatures, not knowing whom to trust, to uncover the one controlling the evil game. 🔥THE DEAD GAME 🔥

Live today like theres no tomorrow. Have a good day everyone ^_^

It's simple, really. Born of a vampiric race, Jersey had it all, his life was perfect. Until *that woman* ruined everything Let him tell you all about it Caution: Jersey enjoys sex and saying the F word Heh 😏

Sometimes I feel restless and unfocused. That's when I tweet my favorite pic of Christopher Lee as Dracula.

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Now available on Amazon kindle Reviewers say "an engaging dystopian adventure that crosses genres from YA ... to a more mature mainstream tale ... five-plus stars to Vampire State."

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ALRIGHT ALRIGHT- I KNOW ITS CHRISTMAS SOON.. Im prolably making an au about the jobros , I already made Hanahaki caesar (forgot to post him) and now Vamp Kak , i hope you like it


My outfit from birmingham mcm comic con 2019 in november was going for the steampunk vampire look though the makeup ended up going up the cyber root, changed my belt from my drawing as this one went better. also ran into to hilary and stephan who i met at the lincoln asylm, though stephan is the one taking the photo. I also brought a fan…it has feathers and it is amazing

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Could you do a scenario where hunter!leone and vampire!prosci meet? I am a little worried how it would go down...

The Vampire, the Werewolf, and the Hunter

Risotto and Leone have become close, genuine friends. An unlikely bond has formed between them.

Risotto has felt safe enough to allow Leone into his home to drink tea, meet his mom and whatnot. And truthfully, Leone has no intent on hurting Risotto.

However, Prosciutto has been extremely reluctant to meet Leone. When Leone is invited over, Prosciutto seemingly disappears. He wants nothing to do with him, despite Risotto’s attempts to introduce them to each other as well as Leone’s clear disinterest in hurting anyone close to Risotto.

A night after Leone leaves, Risotto confronts Prosciutto. “Prosciutto, he’s not a bad person. You can trust me on this.”

“You don’t understand, Risotto,” Prosciutto snaps back, “I can’t let him see my face.”

“Why? What did you ever do to him?”

“I— I can’t say.” Prosciutto averts his eyes.

“Tesoro, if you tell me, we can figure this out together.” The werewolf reassures.

Prosciutto remains silent. He bites his lip, eyes cold yet soft.

Risotto puts his hands on Prosciutto’s shoulders. “Please?”

“…do you… remember the day you were almost killed by that hunter? And… I saved you? That hunter… is your Leone’s best friend. I murdered him.” The vampire confesses.

Risotto’s eyes widen, but not out of anger. “I had a feeling that wasn’t a coincidence when he was telling me about his friend… but we can work something out. I promise.”


Leone shouldn’t have snooped around. He could always sense the presence of someone else as he visited Risotto, but never in his dreams would he think his companion’s murderer, the one he’s been searching for in many months, would be right under his nose.

The window is easy to break. A quick elbow and a slash of his silver dagger, and revenge is served. A vampire is no easy target, but the hunter has the element of surprise.

And yet, the rage tearing at his heart makes him act rashly. Leone doesn’t think when he charges through the glass with his dagger aimed straight for the vampire’s heart.

All he can think about is fulfilling his vendetta. It’s been months since his friend’s death, but he will not let this opportunity for revenge to slip by.

Prosciutto is taken off guard at the sudden assault, but being a vampire at night, he has an advantage over everything else physically. Before Risotto can heroically sacrifice himself, Prosciutto ducks away and takes Risotto with him.

The werewolf hunter crashes into a dresser. He groans in pain before yelling, “IT WAS YOU! YOU KILLED HIM!” His voice cracks as he stands back up.

Prosciutto argues back, twice as angry. “IF YOU DAMN HUNTERS MINDED YOUR OWN BUSINESSES, HE WOULDN’T BE DEAD!”



Risotto steps between them before anything can escalate. “We can talk this out. Leone, put the damn knife down. Prosciutto, calm down.” To everyone’s surprise, they obey Risotto’s command. Though, Leone and Prosciutto are still fuming.

“Now,” Risotto begins, “Leone, you need to know what happened.”

Leone narrows his eyes. “What do you mean, what happened? That vampire murdered my best friend. That’s all I need to know!”

“Your friend, Leone. I wasn’t even transformed. They tried killing me when I was still human, and even when I pleaded for my life, they had the full intention of slaying me,” Risotto recounts his tale, “Prosciutto here saved me. He didn’t have a choice. It was either my life or his. Your friend saw me as nothing but a monster… and you know otherwise.”

The hunter’s face gets twisted with anger like never before, but then it recedes. “That… sounds like him, alright.”

Prosciutto glares at Leone from behind Risotto.

Risotto continues. “I know this is harsh, but I think it was the right thing to do on Prosciutto’s part. I’m sorry, Leone.”

Leone’s face is now solemn like how it usually is. “So he really did try killing an innocent person like you, Risotto?” He sits on Risotto’s bed and sighs to himself, “Damn.”

It’s silent for several minutes as it all sinks in. The hunter sits in a room with his best friend’s murderer and the one his best friend tried to murder. The one who was about to be murdered is the most innocent and caring person in the world, and his best friend wanted them dead all because they transformed under the moon.

Life is wild.

Prosciutto speaks up. “Sorry. I only wanted to protect Risotto.”

“…Apology accepted.” Leone mumbles.

Risotto huffs and crosses his arms. “Let’s try what I’ve been trying to do. Leone, this is Prosciutto, my boyfriend. Prosciutto, this is Leone, my good friend.”

Leone’s lip turns up in a slight smile upon hearing ‘good friend.’

Fic Rec: The Vampire Covens by Frumpologist

Fic Rec: Only three chapters in but it’s so well written and the Dramione chemistry is SO sizzling. Even if you don’t like vampires, give it a try! The plot is riveting. 

The Vampire Covens by Frumpologist

Hermione Granger is the proud co-leader of the new Order of the Phoenix. She and Harry hunt the collateral damage left behind by vampires. Everything is going according to plan until Draco Malfoy crashes into the wards of their Headquarters, covered in blood and carrying Harry’s bleeding, bitten cousin in tow. Inspired by a longing for equality, and driven by the memory of those who perished in the First Wizarding War, Hermione sacrifices everything to spy on the growing vampire covens. She will stop at nothing to finally bring peace to the Wizarding World.

Themes: Post-Hogwarts, Vampire Draco, Established relationship, Angst, Mutual Pining 

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Alucard takes his s/o to a FANCY a$$ ball and buys her a ridiculously expensive/extravagant ball gown to show her off and everyone can’t help but staring

  • I’ve been thinking about this for a while and aaaaa I’m sorry it won’t be exactly what you want
  • because alucard doesn’t actually have money
  • so INTEGRA forces everyone to attend this event because if she has to suffer, then everyone has to suffer
  • Alucard is suffering the least tbh
  • This is who is suffering least to most:
  • Alucard
  • You
  • Seras
  • Walter
  • Integra
  • Pip
  • But Alucard makes it fun for you at least! He just loves showing you off because he loves you and he’s such a goof sometimes??
  • Sometimes he’ll disappear just to see other guys try to talk to you then swoops in like helloooo it me, the boyfriend ;)

Got called a vampire today cause someone used a five year old picture for a happy birthday post cause apparently I haven’t aged and that’s no fair. Took this picture at some point, and now I want to write (or see someone else write) a vampire story where this is the aesthetic, whatever this aesthetic is