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God is my Valentine! ~KFaith 💕❤️😍

久々に加工してみた(笑) 顔でかいわ…(笑) ケンヤさんの顔の倍(笑) 明日はHIBIKI幹部補佐昇格祭‼️ 盛り上げていくでー!!! #

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いよいよ明日は響幹部補佐の昇格祭ジャァァァォァい!(*゚▽゚*) 絶対に盛り上げる(`・ω・´) …

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Harley & Valentine please!

Harley - motorcycles; smell of hot asphalt; lipstick marks; popped collars; sitting at bar tops

Valentine - angel wings; ducklings; embracing someone; ferris wheels; peach tea



Good morning partypeoples, the next walkthrough about red dead redemption 2 is out now 🎮⚡We playing only one mission at this stream, but why i need so long to finish a bounty hunt mission? Okay maybe the shopping at the beginning 🙈 🛒💲The next problem was my horse died on the way to the bounty hunt mission “Ellie Anne Swan” At first i was on the way bring she back to the sheriff and i don’t realized that she have a horse 😅 The clip what i will upload soon it should be a little of a bit like a outtake. But like always the mission is done. Enjoy the livestream and have fun cheers your True YouTuber ShepardChris 😎

Ps.: A short clip will follow soon 🎥


Spread love!! - I think this beautiful animation is a collaboration by @jurriaanhos and @hansjevanhalem and @studio_mlein and @justvanrossum - sorry if I didn’t get the information right
@#Repost @jurriaanhos with @get_repost
♥️ ?

Loved working with these girls & guy this year! Thanks!! 😘
@justvanrossum .
#LL19 #lowlands #LL20 #lowlanders @lowlands_fest #festival #design #dutch #motiondesign #animation #colourlover #designspiration #music #festivaldesign #typography #valentine #typographydesign #love #peace #happiness

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