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Personalized initial gold rose necklace ♥ Color: matt rose ♥ Pendant size: 45mm ♥ Hand stamped initial leaf charm ♥ Pendant material: brass, 14K gold plated ♥ Chain material: 14K gold plated ♥ Treatment: tarnish resistant, nickel free ♥ Length: 15-22 ♥ Silver rose necklace with NO initial
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Gold Ariel mermaid necklace on 14K gold plated/ 14K gold filled chain and lobster clasp Subtle yet pretty necklace Lovely piece for everyday ✰ Color: gold ✰ Mermaid shell pendant measures 8mm x 12mm 14Kgold plated ✰ Necklace length will be 15,16,17,18 inches ✰ You can choose your necklace length

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Small cute giraffe necklace with your personalized initial on sturdy feminine gold/ silver plated or gold filled/ sterling silver chain Lovely piece for everyday ✰ Color: gold, silver ✰ Giraffe pendant: 6 x 14mm 14K gold/ silver plated ✰ 15-18 inches chain length ✰ Quality 14K gold/
Companions and Vadim

In the Dugout Inn, your companion might start chatting with the bartender, Vadim. (Every companion but Dogmeat and X6-66.)


  • Oh… this place looks interestin’
  • Hey, handsome… what are you servin’?
    • Bobrov’s Best. Is greatest moonshine ever to cross lips, lapochka ( Russian, for “darling/sweetie pie”). Very strong though. Two shots, you pass out on floor… guaranteed.
  • You don’t know me very well, do ya? If you’ve got a record for number of shots done here, I’ll double it.
    • Record is mine. Fourteen shots in less than two minutes. If you beat, I give them to you free. You lose, you pay double.
  • [Backing down.] Uh, maybe I’ll just have some scotch.


  • Funny, I was expecting more of a sports bar.
    • Only the best moonshine in the Commonwealth. “Bobrov’s Best” I call it. Robot should try. See if it’s strong enough to power that engine, yes?
  • General Atomics’ warranty stipulations only guarantee repairs and replacements when using the designated Mister Handy Fuel.
  • While an alternate fuel source would be beneficial, I’m afraid I must decline.
    • Perhaps you miss out on once in a lifetime opportunity? Vadim can give you warranty as well.
  • I don’t doubt that one bit. Let’s just say, should the need arise, I shall surely seek out your services… and leave it at that.


  • What a fascinating place.
  • Monsieur. Do you serve alcohol here?
    • Alcohol? No, I serve nectar. Nectar of the gods. Bobrov’s Best.
  • The gods? You think to fool me. There is no proof of any divinity in all my records.
    • After you try Bobrov’s Best, you will disagree. Mark my words.
  • He is joking with me? The pulling of the leg. I say, humans are so confusing.


  • Dugout Inn. Hmmm, wonder what that means.
  • Citizen… what is the origin of the name of this establishment?
    • Is something to do with baseball. Got idea from old map of stadium.
  • Baseball? I’m not familiar with that.
    • Go talk to Moe Cronin. He tell you all about old American sport. I warn you. Once you get him started, he not want to stop.
  • Thank you, citizen. You’ve been quite cooperative.


  • Hey Vadim.
  • That swill you call alcohol kill anyone yet?
    • Ah, the mysterious John Doe. Last time I see you, you were in uniform. But, strangely, the other guards don’t know anything about you.
  • I work the midnight shift, you know. Barely even see the other shifts.
    • It is almost like you are not a guard at all. Crazy, I know. But also curious.
  • You know what they say about curiosity. See you around.


  • Well, well. Uh, I’m gonna need a minute.
  • [Meeting one of his heroes.] You’re Vadim Bobrov. As in Bobrov’s Moonshine.
    • Uh, yes. I do not think I’ve had pleasure.
  • Name’s Hancock. You ever thought about sellin’ your product in Goodneighbor?
    • I… huh. Is good idea.
  • I’m gonna have one of my boys come talk to you. I think you and me are gonna get along swell.


  • Oh man, I love this place. Vadim is a character.
  • Vadim! Still killing people with your moonshine?
    • MacCready! Is good to see you, tovarisch(Russian, for “comrade/friend”). How is Lucy? She still as beautiful as I remember?
  • No… she didn’t make it, Vadim.
    • I’m sorry, mouth tends to be faster than brain. Tell you what, I give you a drink on the house… for old times.
  • Thanks. You were always a real stand-up kind of guy, Vadim. Let’s drink.


  • We’re drinking here? Hmm.
  • So, what’s the thing least likely to make me blind?
    • Piper! You have finally decided to come publish Vadim’s latest tale of heroism, yes? H-heroism. That’s it. Heroism. I don’t say this word too often.
  • [Sigh] What’d you do this time, Vadim?
    • You will not believe. So, I awoke after night of fun to find myself wearing a coating of robot coolant… and nothing else…
  • Vadim, please. Stop. Now. Can, can I just have a beer?


  • I’m going to grab a quick drink.
    • Preston! My friend! Long time, no see.
  • Hey, Vadim. How you been doing?
    • I’ve been worried about you. The stories, you know…
  • Yeah, it was rough there for a while. But things are looking up again.
    • Fantastic news. Please, take load off. Relax and have drink.
  • You don’t have to ask me twice.


  • Give Strong water. Or hound blood.
    • Uh… fresh out of hound blood. Not a lot of water either.
  • Just give Strong drink.
    • I’ll get you a Bobrov’s. It’s kind of like water.
  • Smells funny. Tingles.


  • The beer tastes like warm spit, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a friendlier place for a drink.
  • Vadim, you old lech. How’ve ya been?
    • Oh, Nicky. I’m glad you’re here. I’ve got new batch of moonshine I’m not sure is, uh, ripened yet.
  • You mean unfit for human consumption.
    • Yes, this is bingo. Help your friend, Vadim.
  • Vadim, we’ve been through this. I’m not going to be your guinea pig… again.
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Tiniest baby elephant on gold plated chain This elephant is really small yet has everything from eyes to 4 legs Very delicate work ✰ Color: gold ✰ Pendant size: 6mm ✰ Pendant material: 14K gold plated ✰ 15-17 quality 14K gold plated chain and clasp ✰ cute, cute, CUTE necklace ✰ 14K gold
What youngblood songs make me think of pt.1

youngblood- hearing the muffled music and booming bass from the bathroom at a party, sex in the dark with neon lights, pinkish purple hues, mostly shadows covering Luke’s face with purple light as the highlights.

want you back- chaotic sadness, throwing your ex’s stuff around, shattering porcelain on your bedroom wall, wall punches, bleeding and bruised knuckles, airport goodbyes, green and teal soft lighting, girls with bangs and hair til their shoulders and light freckles covering their face, a screaming and fighting couple.

lie to me- soft piano playing, silent tears, lip biting to muffle noises, someone leaning their head on someone with broad shoulders while it’s raining outside, teardrops falling onto the piano, empty bathrooms

valentine- Lollipops, muted colors, gold glitter, roses and skulls, romantic sex, getting high early in the morning or late at night, being alone with someone at night outside near a park or secluded nature place, black and red hues, artsy shots of hands desperately clutching each other in the dark

talk fast- neon lights, retro diner, light parkour, playful fighting, flirty eye contact at a club, young adult abandonment, carefree running, concrete jungle, neon signs for stores at night flickering and making that weird buzzing noise

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