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Five Reasons Why , Spain Should Be Your Next Holiday Destination. Or maybe even your final destination to live.

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Un bon à tout le monde avec ces quelques fleurs du Jardin du Turia de

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Valencian paella by colgato


Underwater Love #jellyfish #valencia #oceanografico #oceanografic #underwater @oceanografic_vl (presso Oceanogràfic València)

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Cala del Moraig


Another WOWOW!!!

We went there with one company (it’s cheaper than individual and it’s easier….). But ehh, I’d like to come back there for sure and maybe by car.
I was prepared for a walking day, so I didn’t have any “beach” stuffs with me, I realized that on the way xD
We walked like 1,5h and then 4-5h on the beach xD So I recommend to take some bikini and the towel xD

The location of that place (sorry, the map is in polish xD)

Walencja -> Denia -> Javea -> Calp

Let’s come closer:

Javea -> Alcasar -> el Cim del Sol -> Cala Moraig

What I’ve heard is that this coast is full of beautiful caves so it sounds like a car trip ;)

First when we arrived we went for a walk (which I though will be a loooong excursion).

I was impressed how this coast looks, the horizon is ok, but the rock is not XDD

So our goal was to reach this hidden beach. 40min of walking. There are more routs but we did only that one.
Yes, my fear of heights was with me. I survived but it was difficult, dizzy dizzy dizzy - if you ask girls, since Ibiza is my the most used word xD

And to go down was quite difficult.


And then we came back to the first place to chill on the beach, I didn’t have my bikini :(

So I went for a walk.

Remember: there is nothing at the beginning of may. No toilets etc. In June there should be even a restaurant.

This is the famous cave.

There was one diver. I think it’s a good idea but because of the rocks also dangerous one.

And here you have the cave from inside. When there was sun it was much better view but someone had a photo session.

Water was a little bit cold for swimming, but some people did it. Maybe the end of may there are not so many people and water should be warmer. But still worth to visit even without swimming.




⚽ Si Ferrao te coge la pelota ya tiene la finalizacion en mente, con esa potencia y colocación 🔝 .

#jueves #marca #as #Cuatro #sexta #sport #teledeporte #gol #futbol #jugada #jugador #madrid #barcelona #Valencia #murcia #sevilla #brasil (en Barcelona, Spain)

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📹 ¿Quien hace uno parecido?, 😲🔝

#jueves #marca #as #Cuatro #sexta #sport #teledeporte #gol #futbol #jugada #jugadora #madrid #barcelona #Valencia #murcia #sevilla #brasil #portugal

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Hello everyone, I’ve decided to do a quick rundown on Spain’s administrative divisions, with stereotypes and interesting places, to be prepared in case they introduce a character from another part of Spain in Skam España (please let it be Galician, I crave that accent) or if they talk about it.

First of all, this is gonna be my personal view, I’m even gonna put there my personal impressions of those places, and I haven’t been to all of Spain (the North is mostly unknown for me, I’m more of a southern child). Also, I’m gonna say a lot of stereotypes, of course, don’t take them too seriously, it’s all just so you can know what Spaniards think of one another.

Finally, I’ll do first a quick rundown of the administrative division of Spain. We are divided in 17 autonomous communities and 2 autonomous cities. Furthermore, those are divided in a total of 50 provinces. Think of the autonomous communities as just the previous step to states, a lot of freedom but not quite enough to become states.

So, let’s start, I’ll go north to south, and I’ll also make a quick rundown of whatever I think of each province:

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