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Those following my posts might know I don't like Visual Studio Code. Well, that changed after I upgraded my RAM. If you feel like your system is getting slow, just invest in upgrading a little. It will pay off, I promise 😀

Have you heard of , the new minimalist code editor? I am trying it out, and you should too, it's free!

Need your advice. What's the best Python book to your opinion? Thanks in advance.

I've moved away from . Meanwhile finally compiled on my without errors (unlike before). I still think it's the best editor for , and I've tried them all (no, I don't like anymore either) .

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When you combine Cobalt 2 and the Night Owl (port for ST3) you get the best of both worlds.

Looking at a poster of "The Last Jedi“ as seen on @ahsokatattoo 's Instagram I realized one simple thing - I am a gray star wars fan, meaning I follow the middle path and actually like all the movies. It's all great. Happy Revenge of the Six!

Вас зачинили у кімнаті на 30 днів, без грошей, але з комп'ютером і доступом до Інтернету. Ваша задача - заробити $5000 або померти. Що саме ви зробите?

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