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Some impressions from this week's UX Vienna Meetup: from , from , from and from together with Barbara Gundl from Upstream Mobility

Bei unserem 172. UX Vienna Meetup hier im Talent Garden Vienna gab es wertvolle Einblicke zum Thema Design Sprints und über die Zukunft von Interaction Design.

I loved talk on last Tuesday at the Meetup: "Strange Brain - Interpreting the Human UX". He gave us some valuable insights about how our brain works and how important it is for us designers to know it and design accordingly

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On last Tuesday I attended no doubt one of the best meetups until now. Thanks to for hosting the event, it was lovely, and the office is pretty cool. Thanks to , , and for their fascinating and insightful talks

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comix & UX: it was a great and funny experience for me. thx2 and // ©foto:

Like a professor.... and the crowd was listening. Thx for the nice talk

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I'm lucky to host the meetup today and seeing so many UX people at one place - thx for hosting and , and for sharing their thoughts

Next week the meetup will visit with 3 great talks by on UX & psychology, on UX & comix and from Amsterdam is visiting Vienna - his talk is about "Improving your Design Process"

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What's your take on this? Join us for a discussion of 's latest book, "Emotionally Intelligent Design", Thursday next week (21st), 19:00 at the office in ! Register here:

and are sharing their thoughts at meetup about the UX problem of the UX industry, that our power is teamwork and the interesting discussion how our customers can understand better what we are doing

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