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UX Virou Moda? 👔👞 Você sabe usar os princípios do UX a seu favor na Carreira em Design? 📕E-book Carreira em Design >>

"Anyone that’s embarked on an SAP improvement journey will probably agree it’s not too dissimilar from climbing a mountain..."- Read Neil Shepherd's full article:

Slides from our ‘Getting design Done in a large organisation’ are up. Tnx for the opportunity. and I had a great time & we’ll be back! Drop your email and we’ll keep u posted👇

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Everything you need to know about UX Strategy and identifying your project’s goal – expert advice from Justinmind and Jaime Levy

2019 is the year of User Experience, are you engaging your customers, it's not just about content, web or mobile app creation its how you provide them an engaging experience. Contact us today for UX Strategy.

Digital campaign for forthcoming quiet a move by the leading party. approach enables transparency and quick reach to masses.

“With new technologies, you can minimize consumer confusion by designing systems around those who are the least tech-savvy.”

"Hast du mal ein Beispiel für eine UX Vision?" fragte der Kollege gerade über den Tisch. Praxiserfahrungen und was außer der Vision noch zum UXM gehört in unserem Buch.

Everything you need to know about UX Strategy and identifying your project’s goal – expert advice from Justinmind and Jaime Levy

Definitiv einen Blick wert: UX Strategy Zürich 2019 – UX in Large-Scale Projects cc/

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From its unique conception through to final launch, we helped create the world's first autonomous vehicles insurance product which you can read all about here:

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UX Strategy is void without User Research. And for Patchy Product there is no space.

Start up UI/UX diary

New thoughts and tasks
Value proposition
Not only lovely interface
Which problem it solved
Ux strategy It’s a people centering
Customize for users
For realm full step forward we need to think about reality of user proposition
To see relationship , Between user and our digital product
We need to research
We need to combine business and technology /
We need generate out value proposition

Notes on Week 2

Interesting points in review:

  • Design is a process of making decisions
  • The Five Whys?- Start with Why- Simon Sinek
  • “The role of a designer is to navigate through chaos and to be comfortable with uncertainty.”- Leonard Pak

The Design Process aka “the UX strategy” for an e-commerce site

  1. Business Analysis- understanding your competitors, advertising models- it is good to understand where the stakeholder comes from, to bring them along, what they think are their customer, their brand/ culture.
  2. Information Architecture- you have organise the content somehow, to avoid getting lost and make sense of the information.
  3. Sitemap and iteration- after defining that structure, the sitemap is good chart defining the structure of the information which outline overall navigation
  4. Sketching and iteration- in defining the sitemap, sketching shows visually how the website may appear to the user It also delivers a foretaste to the stakeholders of a user centred visual design, to illustrate the integration of the previous research. Iterations at this process would help align with the stakeholder’s values and user’s existing understanding of using websites.
  5. Prototype- in developing sketches into an interactive prototype, it provides a UX consultant to test the website with the user and observe their own engagement and if it aligns to the initial designs.
  6. Presentation of findings- in delivering these findings to the stakeholders, it provides them with a user-centred solution that will draw more users to their website and wanting to participate with their brand identity