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So, we've all experienced ecommerce app howlers - mistakes that could really be avoided.

Problem-solving is key to what we do, and we do it by getting really close to the people, the issue, and the context. Problem solved, beautifully.

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"In an arcade game, the coin slot..can ruin their whole visit. The same applies to your . A flawed registration form, app install process, or shopping cart will reflect poorly on the quality of your product."

Preview and plugin for country and mobile redirect to provide the right content to our visitors and improve their .

Customise so it works best for you - by using flexible scenarios : - Meet us at at stand 3E10 to learn more and to see live demos of our many based STREAM -

Got inspired by ⁦⁦⁩ speaking at the ⁦⁩ -NextLevel IT Hackathon “The challenge is not to learn, it’s to unlearn and to make the right decisions for todays world” Thanks

Lo mágico de querer comprar online es que todavía te topas con algún texto así... humano, cercano, afectivo 🧐

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Test drive arrival... At Lexus Chester we have two UX around for test drives Come in for a preview of the car today

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In GBDA, we’re always provided with really cool extra-curricular things to do. I learned to participate in as many as possible. One notably cool one I thought I’d share with you guys is the uXperience Design Camp that was held at the Stratford Campus on Nov 16-17. 

The event focused on User Experience, App Development, and collaboration. We were put into teams of 4-5 and given a task. We had to develop an app (We didn’t need a fully developed app, wireframes would do) that notified the citizens of Stratford when their garbage pick-up would be, and also provided other notifications, however garbage pick up was the main focus. The first-place team got $10,000 in financial support to make their app commercial, and everyone on the second-place team got a GoPro camera pack (some people preferred second place to first place haha). 

We were picked up at 7 am each morning and bussed to the Stratford Campus. We had the two days to complete our projects. We then had to present to a panel of judges, and the top 5 teams had to present again to everyone, and a different panel of judges. 

Overall it was a really cool experience and a great way to meet a lot of talented people, as well as challenge yourself. I strongly suggest that if you go into GBDA you take part in all of these events! There was a lot of press there, and a photo of me was in the header of an article written about the event. Above is a video from the event, and below is a picture of my groups display for the first round of judging.

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