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Brilliant idea from , found it surprisingly accurate. Clever, interactive and colourful, well done guys.

Ask "why" five times was coined by . Here's a fun easy-read post on how and why this method is needed on your or project to locate problems and define countermeasures. ,

An is someone who helps shape your career. Here are three character traits: Find truthful people, respected people, and trustworthy people. Paraphrased from "Do Over" by Reach out to me if you need

Questions to ask your next employer: 1. How much of your business is concentrated in a few major accounts/clients? 2. Describe the last time you pursued a bold new idea as an org? ... + more, taken from

Presenting in half an hour? Funny article with HELPFUL links on how to make the deadline... -- Nice resources!

(Life ) can be useful. “Right now, the feedback model puts us in the adequacy business... Companies say they like diversity, but only when it comes to gender, race, and age."

"The secret to a successful product in design is to understand what the real problem is" — Don Norman. Great article on 7 expectations and their realities.

After recently visiting and then seeing this article, I am reminded of & complications. This feeding robot article shares the complexity & intricacies of & .

BEST article/video on finding the RIGHT / . to watch for in your next role! The YouTube version of this article can be listened to here...

This is an amazingly fun / from outer space to underwater on how we get our . The things you may not have realized are inside.

Estamos muy contentos de haber apoyado el Meetup organizado por CEDU "Secretos para vender online". Desde STB podemos ayudarte a validar que tu plataforma de e-commerce sea funcional, segura y confiable.

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Our Sales and Marketing Team @Cevitr have been working on a new website in order to communicate our propositions, in a clear and concise way, to our clients and prospective clients. Take a look at .

Cevitr have been working on a new website to ensure the best for our current & prospective clients, allowing people to immediately understand our expertise; and, our new service line, . Browse our new site at:

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In GBDA, we’re always provided with really cool extra-curricular things to do. I learned to participate in as many as possible. One notably cool one I thought I’d share with you guys is the uXperience Design Camp that was held at the Stratford Campus on Nov 16-17. 

The event focused on User Experience, App Development, and collaboration. We were put into teams of 4-5 and given a task. We had to develop an app (We didn’t need a fully developed app, wireframes would do) that notified the citizens of Stratford when their garbage pick-up would be, and also provided other notifications, however garbage pick up was the main focus. The first-place team got $10,000 in financial support to make their app commercial, and everyone on the second-place team got a GoPro camera pack (some people preferred second place to first place haha). 

We were picked up at 7 am each morning and bussed to the Stratford Campus. We had the two days to complete our projects. We then had to present to a panel of judges, and the top 5 teams had to present again to everyone, and a different panel of judges. 

Overall it was a really cool experience and a great way to meet a lot of talented people, as well as challenge yourself. I strongly suggest that if you go into GBDA you take part in all of these events! There was a lot of press there, and a photo of me was in the header of an article written about the event. Above is a video from the event, and below is a picture of my groups display for the first round of judging.

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