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Looking for local candidates at Eagan, MN for Long Term Sr. UX Designer - As a UX Professional for client Legal, you will be tasked with creating and communicating designs for our next generation of complex legal solutions.

Looking for a top-notch Senior User Experience Researcher to help us partner with our customers in developing desktop and mobile applications for professionals in the legal industry. Long Term C-C Contract role at Minnesota -

Bonjour . Impossible de vs envoyer un message car la coche "je suis pas un robot" n'est pas visible sur page de contact, sans parler du-dit message quasi-invisible. Essais sur 2 navigateurs 🙄 😡 Et encore vs n'avez pas vu le msg qui vs attend.

We're super proud of our app. Making it easier for everyone to get involved in - anywhere, any time. Accessible to all Safety Champion customers.

Mis queridas : tan dificil de abrir correctamente vuestros distintos envoltorios de . Dadle una vuelta a ello y mejorais nuestra 🙏🏻 y demás

We are looking for someone with the passion and desire to improve user experiences and UI design in complex, mission critical systems.

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& have a love or a hate relationship with the famous . Here is the amazing story of where it began. It developed a lot earlier than one would think.

Listen to our latest podcast where discusses how people are increasingly interacting with directly through portable devices, bringing usability to the forefront of developers work.

🤔 "Esto no lo tiene la competencia 🤯 y es brillante😳". Eso es lo que nos dicen nuestros clientes cuando nos contratan. 🤝🔝 🚀Súbete al carro de la tecnología 3D para resaltar tus productos.🔝

Today is a show day for ! We are at DMWF attending some insightful and sessions presented by , Sunil Pithwa from and Anna Potanina from to name a few of the many amazing speakers.

How is looking to get back and time by using to take wireframes into high-fidelity coded output. Awesome! Read on and watch the video.

With the rise of screen content can we bring back tactility through experiences? It's a great way to reflect on history while still moving forward and allows context to all learning levels for .

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In GBDA, we’re always provided with really cool extra-curricular things to do. I learned to participate in as many as possible. One notably cool one I thought I’d share with you guys is the uXperience Design Camp that was held at the Stratford Campus on Nov 16-17. 

The event focused on User Experience, App Development, and collaboration. We were put into teams of 4-5 and given a task. We had to develop an app (We didn’t need a fully developed app, wireframes would do) that notified the citizens of Stratford when their garbage pick-up would be, and also provided other notifications, however garbage pick up was the main focus. The first-place team got $10,000 in financial support to make their app commercial, and everyone on the second-place team got a GoPro camera pack (some people preferred second place to first place haha). 

We were picked up at 7 am each morning and bussed to the Stratford Campus. We had the two days to complete our projects. We then had to present to a panel of judges, and the top 5 teams had to present again to everyone, and a different panel of judges. 

Overall it was a really cool experience and a great way to meet a lot of talented people, as well as challenge yourself. I strongly suggest that if you go into GBDA you take part in all of these events! There was a lot of press there, and a photo of me was in the header of an article written about the event. Above is a video from the event, and below is a picture of my groups display for the first round of judging.

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