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*MAP OF THE WEEK* Munitions dumped on the seabed represent a global source of concern. Following the Colloquium on the Challenges of Unexploded Munitions, our Map identify the location of conventional, chemical or unknown munitions dumped in πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Ί seas

Ordnance keeps being exposed on Medmerry Beach - Bomb Squad working overtime with 5th controlled explosion in a month

"Whatever I do, I am afraid of unexploded bombs. Moreover, I am worried about the safety of my children," says Mr. Dokmai from Thanks to support from πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ we've taught 50,000+ people how to stay safe from dropped over 45 yrs ago:

that the is also an dumping site? & talk at the colloquium about the main challenges in this seabasin: gaps of data & technical issues faced in the disposal.

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This week, our engineer Emma prepared and presented this supplementary briefing on UXO to ESP colleagues. Thanks to for sending through the extremely helpful handbook.

In there is a dump site for munitions dating from WWI very close to the coast, it is monitored very closely by the authorities... however before removing them, action should be taken to estimate risks and find the appropriate technology

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Cross-sectoral cooperation between civil & military actors and inter-agency cooperation are key to address issue. The reviewed European Union Maritime Security Strategy (EUMSS) Action Plan calls for joint action & share of information and data ➑️

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Discussion at Colloquium on at sea now moves to . Approx 40k tonnes of chemical warfare materials were dumped in the & pose now a threat to environment, human health & economic activities as fishery and infrastructure projects at sea.

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Colloquium on : blue labs support the action to tackle unexploded munitions at sea. Dr. Beldowski presents & suggests possible steps forward to tackle this issue: integrate the community, share the knowledge & prepare the tool for remediation.

Tackling unexploded munitions at sea; Christos Economou opening a join colloquium on organised by and .

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New Report

Hello everyone,

We have a new report out that details what we have accomplished in the first six months of 2018. It outlines mostly CSHD’s work, but also has some updates on what RSVP has been doing. The report is now up on the Landmine Relief Fund’s website, in the Reports page, under the About Us tab.

You can also view the report directly here.

Vchera zalojilo levoye ookho. Ya nichego ne slyshal im, potom vyshel na ulitsoo, i ookho nachalo bolet. Eto nekhorosho

Unexploded Ordinances (UXOs) in Laos

Laos has one of the most tragic histories of any country I know. During the Vietnam War, the US dropped over two million tonnes of ordinances - more than all of World War II combined - giving it the unwanted distinction of being the most bombed country in the world. There were more than 580,000 bombing missions on Laos from 1964 to 1973. That’s equivalent to one bombing mission every eight minutes, 24 hours a day, for nine years. And they weren’t even directly involved in the war! The US were trying to cut off supplies to the Viet Cong. Of course, the US then denied this for a number of years.

30 percent (80 million tonnes) of explosives failed to detonate so, to this day, there are millions of UXOs that kill or maim at least one person daily. Approximately 25 percent of the villages are contaminated and 40 percent of casualties over the last decade were children. Children see a shiny object thinking it’s a toy until it blows up and they lose their arm. What has this world come to that seven-year-old children are taught about UXOs in schools? That a child is taught to not run around or dig deep in case they are maimed? These scraps of metal also make money when sold on the market and in a country this poor, some purposefully dig up the UXOs, risking their lives for just $2.

And yet, US citizens get a visa on arrival at the border and one has to really look to find the museums that document these atrocities. I asked the guide at the COPE Museum here why it’s so easy for US citizens to get a visa on arrival and why we are so welcomed here. His answer: Buddhism teaches us to leave the past in the past and move on with the present.



Laos - Forgotten Secret War - UXO Lao Documentary

PR & progress

Hit 165# (x3) today on the push press. Did 6 reps at 156#. Strict pressed the 145#.

The WOD was 4 rounds: 9 strict push ups (scaled), 15 KB swings (45) and 21 wall balls. Left knee was giving me serious grief so I ended up doing 7 rounds: 9 strict push ups & 15 standing row with 53# KB’s.

When I started in Oct, I couldn’t even do a single strict push up. Knocked out 63 today! Very happy.


Crazy shinanigans goin on at #crossfit #UXO #crossfituxo with the dopest boyfriend ever @el_matador87

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fabrica fabrico LAOS road movie!【Start on a trip to Ban Naphia!】

fabrica fabrico ”from bombs to peace”シリーズの生まれたLaosラオス北東部のNaphiaナピア村へ…