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will make BI much more accessible & valuable for average users.

New Ubuntu build is finally at the point where I'm preferring the interface over both major closed source options. Why it took me this long to switch is beyond me.

This time in Singapore. A full day hands-on UX workshop which will take you through a holistic journey of crafting innovative products which deliver great experiences. More info: Tickets:


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Friends what is your favorite shopping website and why? What makes it unique? Also what gif sums it up?

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Haiku Animator to create app and web animations

Animations are hard despite we know some tips about it. Collaborating between designers and developers, even harder. Luckily for you, Haiku Animator lets you bring motion design to production, starting with your design tools and finishing with your codebase. Please welcome our new finding, Haiku …

Starting to think...

Coming up with a brand. I quickly just done a mindmap of names for my brand. I wanted the name to be related to education and UX since that is the brief. Out of the names I came up with UPGRADE UX and UX PLAYGROUND are my favourites. 

UPGRADE UX - platform to upgrade your existing skills.

UX PLAYGROUND - fun and interactive way of learning. 

Out of both the names I overall liked UPGRADE UX as since it is for University Students I felt this sounded more appropriate and mature. I want this app to be a way for students to upgrade their skills they have therefore being able to pick and choose their lessons so they don’t have to repeat anything they already know. As for beginners there will also be an option to start from the beginning and learn. 


ellodrink header animation
by Divan Raj in interaction
Not my work) Him /\
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