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RT No more ugly tutorials projects ! Build A Real World Beautiful Web APP with  — A to Z Ultimate Guide by

this isn't really working for me. Where I used to tap to maximise is now a close button. Also, I feel the height could be increased a little bit (at least till it makes the video 16:9)

Habilidades indispensables cuando vamos a facilitar : - Dibujar - Contar historias - Crítica - Presentar

Romper el hielo, es lo primero que hacemos al comenzar un Workshop. hoy en

"Facebook and Twitter Plan New Ways to Regulate Political Ads" by NELLIE BOWLES and SHEERA FRENKEL via NYT

Party atmosphere has picked up here at the . design is happening at the speed of thought!

A great thought to remember from Chirryl-Lee, via 's latest questions for designers series. Such a crucial, yet simple piece of advice that plenty of people fail to consider.

“Design is not for me. Whatever I design is almost always for intended for someone else, so think about those people when you design, not yourself.” from “5 important things I’ve learned to do as a designer” by Guy Ligertwood.

Can you all please stop adding more bells and whistles to the home page? every time I log in back, I feel even more lost.

Skype's original redesign failed miserably because didn't label their icons.

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En 2018, voici à quoi ressemble la lecture d’un article de sur mobile à partir d’un lien partagé sur Facebook... on est revenu dans les années 90, là?

Who's coming to UXPH 2018 tomorrow? If you see me @UXPH2018, say "Hi" and feel free to come chat about design. **Our official hashtag is Artwork by    

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This Week’s Fresh Design Products: Vol. 36

Feedbacksession Harm 22-05
  • The whole route of the deliverer can be to big. Every delivery can be very different. Do some research on how this works.
  • It can be interesting to think about what makes this service different from other delivery services and focus on that.
  • Narrow the flow down to, for example, the first delivery