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مجموعة من المواقع تساعدك تتعلم تجربة المستخدم. مع مقارنة بسيطة بينهم

Doing some persona research mixed with the value proposition canvas to a music-related charity project

.⁦⁩ any chance you’d sort out your app for iPhone? Between crashes, screen hoping around everywhere, and now this, it’s becoming next to useless!

Did you know that your mobile monetization strategy is a constant balance between app revenue and user experience. From startups #development#

In this post, explore 7 key concepts that every manager must understand in order to achieve a good UX. 👍

Did you know that your mobile monetization strategy is a constant balance between app revenue and user experience. From startups #development#

I created my Portfolio course course because far too much of what you’ve learned about how to build a UX portfolio is... well... bullshit. There's a better way, and it's not as complicated as you think.

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After the first prototype, I’ve started over. In the second prototype, I’ve only considered the main features that the design partner will use - for project management. Moreover, in this version,  I’ve started to consider the features about how to divide the project hours and how to decrease the numbers of pop windows.  #weekly task    #project 1 - part 3 

After doing the interview, I did go back to my design partner to ask more about the current app he is using for his project management. After talking with him about the current app he is using, I’ve got a better understanding of his pain point and how he uses that app. Based on that, I did a copy of paper prototypes and run a 1st round test. It is a mess for the 1st series of the paper prototype. The reason is that I am trying to add too many features, of which confused the users.  #weekly task    #project 1 - part 2

High fidelity Prototypes

I created my High fidelity Prototypes in Adobe XD. Adding colour and contents to the design really gives you a sense of how is it all going to work and look.

Empathy mapping

An empathy map is a collaborative tool teams can use to gain a deeper insight into their customers. Much like a user persona, an empathy map can represent a group of users, such as a customer segment.

Creating my User personas

By creating user personas it again gives you a good insight to your users needs and wants to allow you to focus on designing the best possible outcome for them.

My classroom of the future

I decided to  get down all the areas I needed to focus on and cover. These were the likes of, how much is the app going to cost, how many modules were the going to be,. who is he target market.  Once I had all these questions down on paper I could then begin answering them.

My Idea

So the name I have came up with is Upgrade UX. My idea is to create an app that allows you to upgrade your skills and more up a level. 

I wanted to include the arrow because it has many positive connotations that go with the name of the app, such as going up a level, upgrading etc. 

Week 12 Presentation

today we talked about our presntation at the end of the semester in week 12, with suggestions on what should include so we can get a head start on it. 

  • Planing - Problem - Features - Solution
  • Competitor Reviews
  • How might we…
  • Miinmapping
  • Empathy Mapping
  • Card sorting
  • User personas
  • Feature list
  • Creating the solution
  • Paper First
  • User flows
  • Element collage
  • Wireframes
Starting to wireframe my ideas

I started to draw my designs with wireframes and try and get my ideas across with what i wanted to include in my app. I then took these on to photoshop and created grey boxed wireframes to get an idea of the layout and where things will be going on the screen. This gave me a better understanding of what looked good and what did not. 

Element collages

Element collages are really useful when it comes to design. This can really help us focus one what we want our design to look like and it also helps other people get an idea of the direction you are going in.   

Essentially, it’s a static Photoshop document that showcases the components we’re wanting to start imagining in high fidelity.

Wireframes, Mockups and Prototypes

Wireframing every single page Wireframes

A wireframe is the skeleton of the page, usually drawn with basic shapes and lines with limited colors and styling. The point is to focus on figuring out layout and content placement, and solving navigation and functionality problems in a format that is easy to adjust.

sketching out your ideas and determining the placement of all the different elements on a page is the most important thing to start with. This can be done on paper or brought on to tools such as Adobe Illustrator.

What to avoid:

  • Emphasizing color and design
  • Too much detail
  • Wireframing every single page

The Benefits:

Wireframing is an important communication tool in any web or app project.

  1.  Wireframes bring clarity to your projects.
  2.  Wireframes gets your client thinking about what their needs really are 
  3. Having your wireframes handy can make it easier for you to communicate your ideas 
  4. Wireframes can also help deliver the core message of your website more effectively and gather feedback at an early stage
  5. Wireframes gives the developer a clear picture of the elements that they will need to code.
  6. Wireframes helps designers layout many sections of the website