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HoloLens 2 is not a mythical creature - they do exist in the wild. Working on configuring a new batch for the field deployment of the Utilities app.

Have you heard about 's cool 😸, DCAT? The Dynamic Contingency Analysis Tool identifies potential cascading outages, helps develop mitigation strategies. Come learn more on this available tech at .

One of our teams have been out in the depths of Devon, installing some post and rail fencing and tree fencing for a new substation.

Having been successful in utility M&A and DRIVING low-carbon economy, here is what I found | Regulated Utilities Operate Out of Greed or Fear | LinkedIn

El movimiento de consolidación en esconde un importante proceso de rotación entre sectores que en los últimos días se ha intensificado con caídas significativas en los sectores más cíclicos y fuertes subidas en las , y otros

By 2023 it’s estimated the connected infrastructure will double in size, increasing the potential attack surface for . Is your organization ready to handle that risk? Download the whitepaper:

SMART INTERCOM CUSTOMER SUPPORT TERMINALS| can be set up to operate as a 2-way portable intercom or as a talking sign to provide & relay information to road users via the simple push of a button.

customers want convenience. We get that. In our blog we break down 5 fundamentals of an effective self-strategy for to increase customer satisfaction and utility company functionality.

What’s new for industry wireless connectivity solutions? Visit us for free at in San Antonio with in booth 4227!

Did you know? Most people see a full return on their social energy investment within the first 3-5 years. You could be next—invest today!

Don't be caught short by a low-battery. Our complete range has 9+ full use battery life, and 3 different power cables too! Check out our product page for more information: . . .

Darin Lamos, Alliant Energy and Ben Lanz, IMCORP Present at the 2020 EUCI Underground Transmission Conference! Topic: Critical 69kV Industrial Cable System Replacement Challenges and Lessons Learned.

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Why Automation is the Future of Work Order Management for Utilities

Sweeping change has taken hold of the utilities industry. Robotic process automation is profoundly changing the relationship that utility field service personnel have with smart assets.