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Yahoo Answers: How Do You Walk?

Alright, I have managed to stand and hold balance in this new physical form. Its just the walking I need practicdfsDGDAJKFS,,,,,,
Okay, note to self, don’t try to write text while trying to step over the exhibit guard poles,,,, 



Goodbye is what I should say

Fuck off is what I want to say

You never wanted me

Only wanted what I could get you

Only wanted to use me

To make yourself happy

Then toss me away

I know this and still I stay

Still I crawl back to you

Just tell me you don’t want me

Tell me you’re just using me

End me


2016 Chevrolet 2500 at Hellman Chevrolet Buick 900 Main Street Delta Colorado 81416. For more information come by the store or give me a call or text me at 970-209-4119. Ask for Zay. Thank you. #chevrolet #silverado #2500 #used #2016 #delta #colorado #4x4 #truck #gray (at Hellman Chevrolet Buick)

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I let a boy use me. He told me I would feel better if I slept with him. He was my friend someone I thought I could trust. I told him about my pain and all he could say was “hey wanna fuck?” Why are boys so cruel? And now you won’t talk to me. This boy burned my skin and I just want to see you to sooth the pain. To get him off of me, but you are high and bottling up how you feel. I miss you please come back let me explain. I don’t know what to do this hurts more than before. You won’t even look at me. I can only cry and pray you come around. I still love you.