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Marco Antonio Chaparro, 11/7/12 frontera #911

That was NOT for !That was intentional coordinated election-;The -scam coincided with the campaign-launch of ,and -aligned-media whipped into a frenzy without checking proof,

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Travelling to ? Read our city guide for exclusive insight from local Ambassador Michele

The top foods for heart health go beyond cholesterol buster to edamame,nuts, even coffee in this list. Cooking tips & pictures show how to work on new foods.

Old and tattered but still alive...just like our country...

: George Washington was born this day in 1732 and was America's first President.

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Burning Morning at Crater Lake by Daniel-Fleischhacker


I have to get up in 6 hours but like. When the U.S. took Hawaii they took the hawaiian queen and literally just locked her in a prison for life (At least from what I’ve read, I have limited knowledge on this subject). I think about that a lot, and wonder if the native peoples would rather be an independant nation. Shit night yall