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Einfach nur unglaublich! Botschaft in Dänemark beteiligt sich ebenfalls am hässlichen Geschichtsrevisionismus: sei von Amerikanern befreit worden. Da muss man sich nicht wundern, wenn auch den gleichen Mist rausgehauen hat.

The comments on the 🇺🇸 & reiterates that the “remains committed to resolving the conflict on the basis of the 🇺🇳resolutions + intl law + bilat. agreements & realizing the vision of two States - Israel🇮🇱 & Palestine.🇵🇸 – at United Nations

Hi there! My name is MAIZY, & I’m a confident & outgoing little girl who is happy, loving, & trusting. I was rescued when I was tiny and my foster Mom is super nurturing & caring, so I learned to have a lot of confidence...

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Since sees itself as staunch supporter of ISIS terrorist groups, it imagines assassination of top commanders of Axis of Resistance at behest of terrorist president of has led to security of terrorist groups & terrorist-rearing govs: 's FM Sp, Mousavi.

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, CA: Hi, I'm MAI TAI (CP). I am very cool looking with my snowshoe markings, and I have a super personality. I’m friendly, confident and laid back, and my foster Mom says that I follow her around at home like a dog...

w0of! @ Dis donc tu ne t'es pas Kc le cul pour les brêves Le squelette comme passager est aussi vieux que la création des voies de Covoiturages aux genre 1990 y a même une blague dessus ds de Mémoire Mme j'exige un blâme !

, CA: Hi, I'm MATEO (CP). I am very handsome with my snowshoe markings, and I am also very friendly, affectionate & trusting. I like people and I greet my foster Mom at the door. I like to snuggle...

, CA: Hello! My name is BENTLEY (CP). I have gorgeous black fur that has a silver undercoat. I also have the ear tufts, long fluffy tail & high intelligence often associated with Maine Coons. I was rescued as a tiny stray...

The ’s is projected to reach $1.02T in 2020, according to a report released Tuesday by the nonpartisan , as the continues to spend much more than it collects in .

, CA: Hi! I’m KIKI (CP) and I am an energetic and cheerful little girl. Just look at my super expressive green eyes and you’ll see what I mean. I have gratitude in my spirit because I was rescued from a tough situation...

🌽 With Brazil effectively running out of the grain until next harvest and prices in Argentina soaring, corn is not only the cheapest in the world, but also the only supply that’s amply available in the global market ()

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U.S presented plan for solving Israel-palestine conflict.

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