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The city massimomarcotulli 📷

Published in Building Research & Information our last scientific research titled "The impact of humidity on vortex creation around isolated buildings". Read and download at:

It is our pleasure to welcome Hari Kumar Singh, Chief Executive Officer, Imphal Smart City Limited, as a Speaker at Urban Transformation Summit 2019. . Express Interest: .

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“Viewed from the infamous Roosevelt Road overpass, Grand Trunk Western’s eastbound Maple Leaf departs Dearborn Street Station for Toronto. Meanwhile, Santa Fe’s westbound San Francisco Chief awaits its time to depart, and one of Santa Fe’s steam generator-equipped RS1’s stands aside with an inbound consist.”


September 14, 1969

Photo by Paul Enenbach

(via Chicago, 14SEP'69 | Viewed from the infamous Roosevelt Road … | Flickr)

Just discovered faecore was a thing and wanted to offer input on how to live successfully as a fae in urban areas:

- Be kind to and liked by children and animals

- Keep herbs, flowers, and medicinal plants in your apartment

- Carry fresh cut flowers everywhere

- Climb a tree in the park and read a book

- Dance down streets and alleyways under full moonlight

- Brag about the obvious iron tolerance of your line

- Make flower crowns using weeds growing out of cracks in the concrete, then crown your friends as the rulers of dead lands

- Meet and hold the gaze of strangers through reflections in mirrors, store front glass, windows, etc, to claim them in the other realm

- Call to passers by from under archways, and when they follow you under, disappear, leaving them to wonder if you were ever there or if they’re somewhere else

- When your friends ask for simple favors, have them sign increasingly complicated contracts that promise your help in exchange for their eyeteeth, every other breath, their trust in others, etc

- Offer tourists the correct directions to their destination, but arranged so that they find themselves always on the side of the street in shadow, and never ever crossing water or going up or down stairs

- Bury those that offend you up to their necks in wet cement at the edge of a crossroads


『Shigesato Yanase』

□ ハジマリ シャツコート

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