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Hoy caminata x los picos. El Naranjo espectacular os dejo 3 vistas distintas. #2518

Brain: “no.” Wallet: “no.” Universe: “no.” Me: “SOLD” Tank: We The Free, size M, $12.60 [#46110] Shorts: Altered, size 0, $11 [#41337] Shoes: Agianeti, size 7, $15.40 [#46374]

FREE Mac & Cheese Today when you purchase a large sandwich, chips and a drink! Order online at or call 585.328.3354 (deli).

. Turibuka Abanyeshuri, Abakozi ba n’abandi bishwe muri @JenosideYakoreweAbatutsi, barimo Bernadette Mujawumukiza twaritwarashakanye n’abana biciwe hamwe bakajugunwa mu byobo byo muri , bashyinguwe mu Rwibutso rwa .

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Thirst for Knowledge Presents... Tony VS Eric Trivia! Tuesday 4/23 @ 8pm! Eric the seasoned quizmaster faces off against his rival Tony.

なぜこの人が? 氏   2016/01/29 - 自らの金銭授受問題の責任を取り辞任した甘利明前経済再生担当相は29日、内閣府で職員に退任のあいさつを行った

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Woman and husband. Fired clay plague from , Iraq, probably used for domestic purposes. Old-Babylonian period. Very similar, and almost identical, plaques are in and . My D750 at the Sulaymaniyah Museum, .

マーラー 4番 ヤンソンス/SKD 1-3楽章は曲の甘い旋律を渋い音色で包み込み、かなりシックな響きで自分好みだった。問題はソプラノのミューレマンで声がオケに掻き消されることもしばしば、調和も無く聴いていてツラかった。

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calmness in the field is really a mystery !! Synonym for coolness:MSDHONI#WHAT A LEGEND

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Thirst for Knowledge Presents... Tony VS Eric Trivia! Tuesday 4/23 @ 8pm! Eric the seasoned quizmaster faces off against his rival Tony.

Thirst for Knowledge Presents... Tony VS Eric Trivia! Tuesday 4/23 @ 8pm! Eric the seasoned quizmaster faces off against his rival Tony.

やばいまじでやばい どれくらいやばいかっていうとまじでやばい

Free Loaded Fry when you buy 2 large sandwiches and 2 drinks! Every Sunday. Order online @ Call @ 585.328.3354 (Deli) Stop in @ 1172 S. Plymouth Ave

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Flares are fun… 
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How to Prune a Scotch Heather from NCG.AVI

How To Prune a Scotch Heather or Calluna - these techniques are also great for pruning Daboecia or Erica, though the flower stalks will look a little different.


Heather (Calluna Vulgaris)

Lorraine of Waggle Woods takes a look at the heather on the bogland at Drumduff and Drumnakilly mountain view

you’re flush drunk

A/N: the context of this is that server’s get weird

It was one of those nights

You were blitzed.

Like so drunk you couldn’t walk two steps without feeling like you were gonna fold over. You had a rough week- got walked all over by your bosses at work, god all you could ever feel from them was static the moment you slunk into the workplace. That and your family was bothering you again, calling you up to ask if you could just maybe lend them some cash.

Right. When you could barely afford to pay rent this month? Yeah, no.

So with all the anger under your skin, you decided on a trip to the nearest bar to make yourself feel better. Which was barely decent but had booze strong enough to knock you off your feet for the night and tomorrow.

You wanted to see about leaving now that you could barely walk a straight line, but got swept up in the wave of swaying, messy bodies dancing to some music you couldn’t even really hear past the pounding of blood in your ears. 

You try to slide through, but get caught up against someone who smelled so much like alcohol you still recoiled in your drunken haze. Your stomach rolling. There’s also the distinct, ashy reek of cigarettes and you scrunch up your nose, trying to back away but you’re stuck there. Chest to chest with this fucking stinker.

You try to look at him in the darkness; he seems like some thirty year old, beady eyed trucker.

His underbite is like something you’ve never seen before and he’s got scraggly ass facial hair. Your mom could have grown a better beard given the chance.

You know you’re face has curled up into some grossed out expression, and again you try to wriggle away with a slurred, “Excuse me.”

But you’re stopped by the tide of bodies again and this time one of the guy’s hands touches the center of your back, coaxing you closer. He leans over your to one of your ears and mumbles.

“C’mon sweetheart. Dance with me?”

You shudder- okay. The guy’s voice is a huge contrast to his ugly mug.

You’re thoughts are a bit jumbled, as expected, and the allure of his timbre is enough to get you to nod and agree.

So, you move with the room of utterly smashed people.

Underbite is pretty good at the moving part too, and between the both of you, hands start to wander. At some point between him nipping at your neck and you flattening your hands against his broad chest, he yanks you into a lip lock.

And despite his jaw, he’s pretty damn good. Tastes like cigarette butts and cheap liquor, but he knew how to work his tongue.

As the song glides over into the next one, he pulls away. You feel so heated now, another kind of buzz lighting you up alongside the alcohol. It left you craving touch and your fingers gently curl around the guy’s shirt.

Underbite smirks down at you,

“So,” he begins, “how’s my place sound?” he looms over you. Practically murring the words out with half lidded eyes as he held the side of your hot neck and thumbed at your collar bone.

You don’t want to make a bad decision here but…

You bite your lip and think about how much you just wanted to let go for once. That’s why you were drunk, that’s why you just danced with some stranger and that’s why you were even considering his question. Plus,

your week couldn’t get any worse right?

Clay mask gang 👻💀🧖🏻‍♀️🐭🐑🦢🕊🐇⭐️☃️🍒🍓🍣🍱🍭🍬🍼☕️🧂(im insanely b o r ed) holler at ur grl


Venaxa (”Nax”, “The Bulldog”

Race: Goblin (Ravnican)
Class: Totem Barbarian (Bulldog Totem)
Background: Urchin
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Mana Color: Red/Blue
Guild: Guildless
Campaign Setting: Ravnica from Magic: The Gathering
Affiliations: Krenko’s Guildless Mob

Venaxa spits in the face of the Azorius lawman that promptly puts her in chains. As she is forced into the back of a wagon, you can hear angry barking and snarling the entire way. Mere moments into the wagon’s journey, the sound of splintering wood fills the alleyway, and Nax easily bursts through the side of her momentary prison and rips her shackles apart. As the green flash hurtles out of sight, the officer curses his bad judgment in underestimating the goblin’s strength.

Detailed bio under the cut! Art credits to Ronindude (link).

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