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【今日のルーンメッセージ】 ∞∞ ウル ∞∞ 自分の本能のままに 新たなる始まりに向かって全力で突っ走れ まわりのことなんかいまは気にするな 今日ならできる! エネルギーパンパンだよ  

TENTATIVE: 💠 Inaugural flight - -Nairobi 10am August 27 💠 EBB-Juba 10x weekly from Aug 27 💠 EBB-Mombasa 3x weekly from Aug 27 💠 EBB-Nairobi 2 daily from Aug 28 💠 EBB-Mogadishu 4x W Aug 29 💠 EBB-Kilimanjaro 3x W Sept 22

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岸町→常盤→本太→鴻巣(ここまで親の引越し) →清瀬→鴻巣→和光→萩山(ここからUR)→高島平→北朝霞→新三郷→田島→白幡→東浦和→??? だから自主的な転居は今度で11回目か 12回目かと思っていた は15年連続8件目。

この どうだろう… 個人的に 多いからもう少し に入れたいんだよなー… このデッキ に強いと思うので使いたい方よければどうぞ!!(^^)/

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Calle catalogada

El Carrer dels Ferrers es una de las calles más antiguas de Tordera y forma parte del Inventari de Patrimoni Arquitectònic de Catalunya. No se tiene mucha información de ella.

Foto hecha con el móvil.

Tordera, Barcelona


im so sorry about the delay, i was extremely busy and my mental health was not doing very well, i promise with school starting I’ll be much more on top of the comic, release dates will most likely be inconsistant, but I’ll do the best i can. I’m sorry this is such an underwhelming page, yes I know i messed up gregory’s hair and it should be effected by the wind from the train moving, I messed up right from the sketch and didn’t realize until it was too late.

The next page will be out within the next 2 weeks, i promise you guys are gonna like it a lot more than this ;-3

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Once we were in English class and I was falling asleep while reading my book cause of the all nighters I had to pull through to finish my essays. But then my teacher said something that really caught my attention. I guess you hear this everywhere but don’t rlly act upon it. He was telling us how we should do anything & everything we have ever wanted to do. To take a risk or go the extra mile. To smile at strangers. Tell people how much you love them. To take that job. To go on that trip you’ve always wanted to go to. Because when people in their 80s are dying, they don’t regret the things they have done, but think about the things they haven’t done and wish they had just a little bit longer to live so they could do it all. You don’t want to be on your death bed regretting the things you didn’t do, but cherish the things you did. Ever since then l think I’ve started to live a little more.

Thanks Pollett