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*Looking For Camera Crew Members *New Artist Development Program *Studio Cooling Projects ALL INTERESTED CANIDATES PLZ EMAIL YOUR RESUME TO TMMGBOOKINGS@GMAIL.COM

Learn about the current trends, , and happenings in the world as well with Lucca AM.

*Looking For Camera Crew Members *New Artist Development Program *Studio Cooling Projects ALL INTERESTED CANIDATES PLZ EMAIL YOUR RESUME TO TMMGBOOKINGS@GMAIL.COM

? Didn't make it to ? You're in luck cause this is what happened (Last Week in Design). All the news & updates and some thoughts on what we experienced. Check it:

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*Looking For Camera Crew Members *New Artist Development Program *Studio Cooling Projects ALL INTERESTED CANIDATES PLZ EMAIL YOUR RESUME TO TMMGBOOKINGS@GMAIL.COM

Waiting for in October as anna says..... Waiting for that day till 10 days to end this october sir!! Waiting for a good product ! Expectations is very high for one and only name anna ๐Ÿ˜

*Looking For Camera Crew Members *New Artist Development Program *Studio Cooling Projects ALL INTERESTED CANIDATES PLZ EMAIL YOUR RESUME TO TMMGBOOKINGS@GMAIL.COM

Microsoftโ€™s problem isnโ€™t how often it updates Windowsโ€”itโ€™s how it develops it

*Looking For Camera Crew Members *New Artist Development Program *Studio Cooling Projects ALL INTERESTED CANIDATES PLZ EMAIL YOUR RESUME TO TMMGBOOKINGS@GMAIL.COM

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Ran into your Life ~ Updated

“I swear if i’m late for this…” Glory said to herself as she left her apartment. Hurrying down the stairs collecting speed at the last step. She’d been preparing for this since last month, very other job had been a fluke, just a temporary station. Her other employers always moved on to next burliest contender. This time she was determined to make a good impression for this opportunity. Luckily her hopes of her profile being seen by a wider community had reached an interesting authority. The call was honestly short and to the point and made clear what had to be done. At first it wasn’t really believable for her.

(Last month)
“Are you sure you don’t need me to stay?” Glory asked walking towards the clubs doors. The owner looked at her solemnly and just shook his head.
“Look Glory…You were greta help don’t get wrong, but…there was a recent application sent in the guy is…”
“Is brawnier than me… isn’t he?” Glory said in disappointed tone while looking her manger in the eye.
“He just has more of the look we want standing outside our doors instead of a…and I mean no disrespect…a small tomboy…”
Glory straightened herself up and walked out without another word, gave small wave behind her to her now old workplace.

(present time)

Speed walking her way down the street now she was trying to take her mind off the doubts clouding her. So thoughts went back to that fortune of a call.
*phone ringing*
“Hey this is Glory?” Glory waited for a response but all she could here was distant shouting and disgruntled noises until a closer voice finally came through.
“Sorry about I- I DON’T CARE JUST FIRE THEM THEN, apologies again I’m very busy, but I’m calling about your profile.”
“I-i uh alright, thank you for giving it a view but may I ask who’s calling?” Glory asked curiously.
“Oh yes! of course, I’m Ian, Ian Cooper? I’m the record manager of Northpines records?”
Glory’s heart started skipping, she’d never been addressed by such a large company before.
“Wow yeah okay I’ve heard of you definitely but…I wouldn’t think you’d look for a person of my qualities…I uh, sorry but can I ask why?”
“Yes I was getting to that, you see, I have a client that’s rather popular. He tends quite a lot toil and annoyance around his property. You know, onlookers getting too curious wanting a better look. This has been…distracting for him while he tries to finish the work i’ve given him.”
“Oh so he needs some new security then?” Glory asked in anticipation.
“Exactly, that’s why when I saw your profile that you are fit for the job, I needed somebody who was more agile and fit.”
“That’s great! I can head over whenever you need me to!” Glory said trying stay collected.
“Where is this client of yours?”
“He just a hop, skip and walk away from Rock n Roll park, Angus Scattergood? You may have heard of him?”
Glory paused and blanked for a moment before responding.
“Yeah I uh…I’ve listened to him before, sorry I just didn’t expect such a big shot needed my protection.”
“Trust me you meet the criteria i’m looking for, so If you’re available, say next month?”
“Sure I can start whenever you need me to.” Glory said processing everything still.
“Great! I’ll give you a call or by my secretary when we need you to arrive at the Scattergood Manor.”
*call ends*

As Glory turnt the corner of the last street before the designated address she had no need for anymore directions. there stood in the distance the grandiose home of the rockstar. As she reached the start of the hedges lining the inside of the property she noted the large iron gates ahead. “If this guy needs more security it sure doesn’t show it.” Glory thought to herself. Just as she approached the obviously buzzing electric gates. She noticed all the gifts and flowers left outside seemingly ignored. A few paces down there was a dog pacing around who looked to be in trouble.
“Uh hey, you need help with somethin?” Glory called out. the dog looked up in her direction.
“Oh hi! I din’t see you, I was hoping to ask Angus Scattergood if he’d be interested in being my music teacher.” The dog said excitedly wagging his tail.
Glory caught onto the obsessive fan vibe coming from this dog.
“I left my guitar somewhere around here while I was checking out on the band Im going to join in the park.” The dog said continuing to search.
Glory immediately started to shuffle away.
“Well uh, i’m sorry but I have to get going, good luck with that.”
“Thanks! Nice meeting you, I’m Bodi by the way.”
“Glory, see you around.” As she gave a small gesture and left.“
"Alright that’s something I didn’t expect…” Glory said finally standing at the gates front.
Suddenly the gates moved startling Glory but then it came to mind maybe Angus was lowering the guards for her arrival.
Glory slowly and cautiously entered the property noticing the lowered hedges beneath her feet.
She took a moment to observe the surroundings, possible advantages to her moving around more quickly.
Before she could take another step and was hit hard by something before falling forward.
She shook her head wondering what just happened when she felt a warm body beneath her.
Looking up she the source of the warmth, it was Angus Scattergood propping himself on his elbows now looking straight back at her with as much confusion and disbelief.
“Oh-oh goodness I am sorry I didn’t even hear you coming outside, a-are you alright?” Glory asked nervously helping Angus up patting some dust off him.
“I wasn’t expecting anyone to be standing here mate.” Angus said cleaning himself some more.
“Oh right, I don’t know if Ian told you this but I’m your new security?”
“Wait…Ian sent you here?” Angus asked pausing.
“Yes, he called me and gave me the task or job rather.” Glory said stepping back.
As Glory waited for a response the musician before her looked aggravated.
“If it’s a bad time I can come back later?…”
Angus quickly gave his attention back
“Ah no, no it’s fine I was just heading out to deal with some noise.”
“Since I’m here now, if need be, I can go deal with it.” Glory said gesturing to the gates.
“That’d be…helpful mate thank you.” Angus said watching as Glory turned to head towards where he pointed out the noise.
“W-wait! Uh I didn’t catch your name, mate?” Angus called out.
“It’s Glory.” She said with a small smile.


omg, i haven’t talked to you all lately! so sorry~ i’ve been settling in back home and i’m finally getting back into the groove.

so this is what’s going on:

  • two boring broke artists is ending in a few days.
  • i’m making a story guide for 2ba.
  • we’re putting indigo’s story and gameplay on hold until i set up her story some more.
  • i’m changing my editing style. i might give in and download reshade again, but i’ll have to say a prayer that my lil’ banana box of a computer doesn’t combust. i’ll add any new resources i use to my resources page!
  • i just mustered the courage to trick or treat; man i’m getting some awesome goodies. my first simblreen is awesome!!
  • now i gotta clean my mods folder, but that’s beside the point lol. 

and this is what i’m creating:

  • 2 upcoming stories (cindra & indigo)
  • 2 lookbooks
  • random edits with various inspos

tl;dr - you got tons of content heading your way!! ☮

I managed to fix the theme a bit in hopes that it’ll be easier to read! I changed the font family and font size. Just let me know if it’s difficult to read and I’ll work on it some more :D

- Alex

So, I’m thinking about writing a short 2nd part to #NoFilter, continuing Max and Chloe’s adventures in Colorado, but I have no idea what to name it. I’d like it to be something that has to do with photography but also has ties to what they’re going through, just like #NoFilter had a double meaning for Max and Chloe finally just being themselves and not hiding behind something they were not…

Any ideas for the name? 

Opening Times

Hey, everyone! It’s that time, the time you all have been waiting for… the announcement of when exactly we will be opening our doors to all of you fabulous people!!

Early entry will be today at 3:30PM EST, roughly an hour and fifteen minutes from right this second. Official opening will be later on tonight, at 8PM EST.

Don’t forget to work on your applications and we will be open before you know it!

And that’s it!

All outstanding requests have been posted.

Thank you for your patience to those that sent them in…❤️

I’ll update you on when I’ll be reopening requests again once Yours, Always wraps up in a couple of weeks.

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend!

Hannah x