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Another set of update pictures on the keyholder commission this time I got the hooks on only thing left to do is to clean it up.

Upcycling A little over one week has passed since 7th graders turned upcycling cartons into planters and did its course! Check out the classroom version of it, which was just planted last Friday. Kidney beans are fast growers!

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It's just took us 5 minutes 12 seconds to print an 8ft X 4ft sheet of foamex!!

Interconnect With Technology output will be a good one when youngsters access the of technology. โœ… It will produce an enormous result in the field of information .

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*Looking For Camera Crew Members *New Artist Development Program *Studio Cooling Projects ALL INTERESTED CANIDATES PLZ EMAIL YOUR RESUME TO TMMGBOOKINGS@GMAIL.COM

These 2 convention bound ladies here, are now home bound after a fabulous weekend full with many reasons to laugh and news to share! As soon as we get home expect a LOT to come! Meanwhile we would love to hear how your weekend went? Did you attend ?

Updating you guys on the base and the Free to Play account as I was playing at the late night hours, and didn't want to wake the fam. I'll be doing more videos today, aiming for 3 full videos alright well I'm out enjoy your morning

Hertsmere News is out now! Jam-packed with news and updates about our services. It will be delivered to households across the borough over the next week or so, but you can also read it online:

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I love eggs

✨ updated schedule ✨

(responses will be sent out today!)

6/24: illustration/comic/fic ideas + outlines due

7/7: 1st check-in

7/21: 2nd check-in

8/7: final check-in

8/12: preorders open

8/26: preorders close


It’s really going to be awhile before I get to update #SIYC again. This is my last year in law school and the teacher in the heaviest and hardest bar subject already warned us that he’s not going to makenit easy on us. With that, I am appealing that you guys be patient with me alright?

Just a little update. I’ve had to go to Emergency Care the past two weeks because of an abscess. The antibiotics make me really tired. Also today was father’s day but on top of that we were celebrating my birthday! So I’m whopped. I really will try to be here tomorrow. It just depends on the antibiotics, if I feel too tired. I love you all and thank you for being patient with me!

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