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*Looking For Camera Crew Members *New Artist Development Program *Studio Cooling Projects ALL INTERESTED CANIDATES PLZ EMAIL YOUR RESUME TO TMMGBOOKINGS@GMAIL.COM

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Notifications from CloudWatch alarms and scheduling tasks to Email, Twitter, SMS, or Chime.

for whatever reason my capture card doesn't work right now and i want to checked for but nothing popped up. gonna leave it alone for now.

Our website has all of the latest press releases, news features, and construction updates from Summit Pointe. Visit us at to learn more about Summit Pointe in the news!

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*Looking For Camera Crew Members *New Artist Development Program *Studio Cooling Projects ALL INTERESTED CANIDATES PLZ EMAIL YOUR RESUME TO TMMGBOOKINGS@GMAIL.COM

British brother and sister among victims. Click to get the latest updates

Included is 2-story w/ electricity, new concrete footings & framing. All located on a tree lined corner lot! Call Carrie Driver for your private showing appointment! 309-262-7805 📲

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I’m writing a story for college boi Tae that’s just full of him being an excited/nervous/quirky boy on the first date with the love of his life

It’s making me happy

Weak resolve but I’m opening back the inbox… The ONLY things I wanna see in there are requests and gushing over work…

I’m working on Duffy things so if you wanna send in some concepts… That’d be great. 😊


(sort of)

Thinking about a couple of questions I’ve gotten lately (that last one about Eloise, the ghosts), I’m wondering if you guys would be interested in like. lore/worldbuilding posts? That just sort of elaborate on things? I wouldn’t throw out anything big-time spoilery and not at all in the vein of “Bioware Dragon Homework that you can barely play the game without pouring over” but just like… bonus material? “This is how a vampire works” and the like. I mean I don’t want to take a lot of time away from the actual game, but just as a semi-regular way to fill the gaps when waiting for updates or even when the demo is done and I’m working on the actual full release draft because I know that’ll be kind of a long wait and I’d hate for y’all to feel bored in the meantime. It’s just a thought, so tell me how you all feel about it if you’d like to. 

By the way, as a quick reminder about characters...

We’ve gotten asks regarding characters like Asriel, Flowey, Alphys, Undyne, Sir Scratchalot, Toriel, and others. We’d like to remind everyone that we generally do not answer asks regarding characters post-Starlight Isles, as they have not been finalized, or details regarding them are spoiler-heavy.

As much as we would love to answer these asks, we just don’t want to give everything away before the game (eventually) comes out.

Also, we won’t really be answering any asks regarding Gaster or Riverperson. They’re not plot-important characters, after all.

- Beethovenus