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Milwaukee police: Officers investigate 'reckless use of weapon' complaint

: Ten-year-old student hospitalized after being hit by stray bullet • : Estudiante de diez años es hospitalizado tras recibir impacto de una bala perdida

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: Here is the most recent mug shot of Adam Ray Hernandez, the man shot & killed by OHP troopers in Moore yesterday following a pursuit involving a stolen vehicle. He was currently on a suspended sentence following a burglary in Pott. County.

📢 New Rust update (buildid 4601305). Gameserver image was updated.

Major News: The Winter Update is now Live! 🎉 It’s here everyone! - Villagers will now move home! - New military system - New beer production - And much more! Check out the full changelog on Steam: 👉

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Updating your front door is an easy way to make sure your home stands out to buyers. Here's a few tips! Shannon Jones | Keller Williams Coastal Properties | DRE#01247705

Right now, Louisiana Medicaid is reviewing 17-month-old Axel Dennis’ case for a chance at Zolgensma, a life-changing drug for patients with SMA. The agency has 90 days to review the case. I have more on their battle

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FOLLOW !!! -we both agree that medical is strong! Thanks Cramer

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NICE, couldn't let myself take the trade since I am conscious of a needed pullback in the market and sloppy signals yesterday. BTD 👍

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An Eagle That Rides On The Breeze - Chapter 6 - Sokkas_First_Fangirl - Queen (Band) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

The early days of fatherhood aren’t easy, but Theo couldn’t ever imagine leaving Farkhondeh behind.

Character Songs Update

Looking back at some of my answers for the songs that remind me of certain characters, I’m kinda pissed that I forgot some good ones! So here are some other songs that remind me of the characters I answered for:

1. Danse:

  • “Fistful of Steel” & “Know Your Enemy” by Rage Against the Machine
  • “Zero Percent” & “Gun” (Gun could actually be Nate or Mac too) by My Chemical Romance

2. Preston:

  • “Welcome to the Black Parade” by My Chemical Romance
  • “Jumper” by Third Eye Blind

3. MacCready:

  • “Plush” by Stone Temple Pilots
  • “What It’s Like” by Everlast

4. Cait:

  • “Praying” by Ke$ha

5. Nick:

  • “All I Have to Do Is Dream” The Everly Brothers

I think that about does it!

Update of sorts

Hey everyone, just wanted to give you a heads up is all. As you may have already noticed, things are slow and will keep being slow for the next two or three weeks because, well, I have exams now and obviously I need to study and uni ain’t a funny business. I have a couple fics ready, which are mostly marvel now that I see that, but I have a couple ideas for short funy ones for Spn as well as plenty of requests which I will be writing on the next couple weeks when things calm down a bit. 

Aaaaaand just because it wouldn’t be exams without watching a movie or two to relax, I was “Source code” and let me tell you: Gyllenhaal did it again! I’m not a person who cries during movies, like never, but he has somehow found a way to get it out of me! Incredible. Plus I think that a couple fics, crossovers or not, are really needed with him, don’t you think? Ah all those ideas and so little time! Plus, let’s be honest, this movie handled the multiverse and timetraveling better than Endgame and I’m not even sorry.


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Major Life Update

So, over the weekend my uncle had a major stroke. I’ve been very busy with my family taking care of him at the hospital and handling financial stuff. Now, my uncle and I are very close so this has been hard, but I’m focused on the fact that he’s alive and to me, that’s all I can wish for. 

I will still keep writing, and honestly, I think it’ll help. It may go slower now and Blood of the Coven is going to take longer, but I also know my uncle would kill me if I stopped writing because of this. My uncle has been one of my biggest supporters of my writing and he even bought me a typewriter keyboard for Christmas so I could write more and he especially got it because it’s Bluetooth, and I can write on any device anywhere. If he knew I wasn’t writing he would be more upset than anything, he’s always been like that.

I promise you all I’m taking care of myself and my family, we’re all resting and looking after each other. I’m looking forward to talking to you guys about Blood of the Coven as it comes out, it’ll keep me going.

- Writer Jay

A New Hero ch 7

AO3 Link:
Tag List: @vixen-uchiha

Ok, so that other fic I was talkin bout? Fell thru. Lost inspo for it. Maybe i’ll get the inspo back, we’ll see. But, here’s the next the chap!! So, Mari is NOW 15. I’ll do a few chaps of her bein 15 tho n dealin with HM’s douchiness. Also, Lila appears, but this isn’t canon Lila. I don’t remember who or where I saw this idea, but basically, Mari’s nonna took Mari with her to Italy and she met Lila. Long story short, they became best friends. Lila is an inspiring actress n deals with her mother sorta abusing her thru neglect. So that comes into play here. I hope that makes sense. So, I hope you enjoy this new chap!!

“Lila!” Mari shouted happily and ran over to her Italian friend. The Italian grinned and ran over to Mari and the two hugged inside the bakery. “What are you doing here? I thought your mother was going to England,” Mari asked and Lila shrugged in response.

“I’m not sure. The embassy decided to send her here instead. And, I’ll be going to your school, Mari!” she said excitedly.

“No way!” Mari beamed at that. She then dragged her friend up to her room.

“So, I saw the short film your class made,” Lila began as Mari started braiding Lila’s hair. Lila undid the small sides and braided them as she talked. Mari hummed when she heard that. “I was wondering, could we do a film together?”

Mari’s fingers paused briefly at the question but went back to work. “I don’t see why not. We just gotta ask Nino and Max. What would it be about?” Mari asked as she tied off the braid and Lila turned to her.

“Well, I remember the stories you said about the school not doing anything about bullying when we were younger. Is that still happening?” she asked with a tilt of her head.

“Yeah. not so much in our classroom. But, ya. Chloe’s been getting evidence for a couple of years now,” Mari replied and Lila smirked.

“Well then. We make a movie about it. But they don’t know. We get permission from the whole staff and parents and videotape everything that happens.”

“What do you mean they don’t know?” Mari asked as Lila sat down next to Mari and crossed her legs on the chaise.

“We have a few people that have scripted lines, but its mostly outlines. The rest is improved. They say what they feel is real. As for the staff. We tell them we’re making a film, but need to be recording a lot, explain that it happens during class. But we don’t tell them what it’s about. Especially not Damocles and Bustier. Only tell a few teachers we trust what’s going on,” Lila explained and Mari nodded at that.

“And it would be shown to the school board with Chloe’s evidence?” Mari asked and Lila nodded. “Ok, let’s do it.”

“Ok, so the basis is that I’m a new student at the school. But I lie about everything. Only a few people know that. And one of them knows because I lie about being friends with Ladybug, she knows cause she is Ladybug and has never met me. The others saw the confrontation and know. And so, they try outing me but with a few sugary words, the principal and teacher don’t do anything to me and get angry at the victim, as they’ve always been doing,” Lila said and Mari nodded.

“Ok, before we start casting the few main characters with lines, we should ask Nino and Max if they’re ok with filming and then get permission,” Mari added and Lila nodded agreement. “Ok, I’ll call them over and we can ask them.” Mari picked up her phone and got the two to come over quickly, with Chloe, Kim, and Adrien following behind.


They were able to get the two to agree quickly and asked that principal after that. Thinking the film would help their reputation, Damocles agreed quickly and made sure all the staff knew what would be happening. So then, it was just figuring out who would be the main characters. “So, Adrien, would you mind being the one my character is trying to win over?” Lila asked and Adrien smiled.

“I don’t see why not,” he replied and Lila smiled.

“Great! Mari, could you be the girl that’s actually Ladybug?” Lila asked turning to Mari who looked embarrassed while the others sans Max snickered.

“W-why me?” Mari asked and Lila just beamed at Mari.

“Because! You’re so kind and helpful just like Ladybug! Please!?” Lila asked and Mari looked at her friends who nodded agreement. Even the ones that knew were agreeing with Lila.

“It’ll be fu~un,” Chloe said in a sing-song voice. Mari groaned, rolling her head back and looked at the ceiling.

“Fine. How’d we go about it?” she asked and Lila cheered.

“It’ll be very simple! If we can, it’d be amazing to have Ladybug help do this,” Lila said and the four friends smirked at Mari.

“Oh, I think Mari can get her to agree,” Chloe replied and Lila smiled with a nod.

“Of course. Anyways, during moments when Ladybug is needed, like when I first lie and Ladybug comes to out me, Mari will be nearby talking a little and then find somewhere to hide and the real Ladybug will appear to tell me off and then go back to the alley Mari’s waiting in. So that’s how it’ll go. Whenever Ladybug is needed, Mari will hide somewhere and Ladybug will appear. Of course, though, we can’t get Ladybug to do every scene or be recorded leaving the place Mari went,” Lila explained and the group nodded.

“Who else?” Mari asked and Lila hummed.

“Chloe would make sense as another person that knows,” Lila began and Chloe nodded agreement. “Adrien, would you mind being the other? The one that my character tries impressing?” she asked and Adrien smiled as he shook his head.

“I’m fine with that. It could even help me,” Adrien replied and Lila tilted her head in thought.

“How so?” she asked.

“My dad hasn’t exactly been following child labor laws. He’s been trying to find a way to get me to do what he wants again. This….this would help him dig his own grave,” Adrien said and Lila smirked.

“Oh, that sounds great. He won’t get away with that,” Lila replied and the group smiled at that.

“I’m all for helping take down Mr. Agreste. Now, did you want to lie about some celebrities? Cause we would need to tell them what was up since not everyone will know we’re filming a movie,” Mari said and Lila nodded.

“Yeah, we don’t want them to get hurt. Or try suing me. That doesn’t sound fun,” Lila agreed. “Are there any you’d recommend?”

“Well, I personally know Jagged Stone, Clara Nightingale, the Wayne’s and I’ve met Prince Ali. But I don’t talk to him much, plus he’s really busy. So if I get those two to agree you can do some lies regarding them. Prince Ali, perhaps just talk about helping in a few of his family’s charities. Nothing big, but it implies that you help,” Mari said and Lila nodded.

“That sounds great! How do you know them?” Lila asked and Mari blushed while her friends smiled happily at her. Only Max was also curious.

“She’s designed and helped Jagged, Clara, and Ali. Ali will occasionally call to see if she could design a logo, but that’s not often. The first two regularly commission items. The Wayne’s are a family friend. Or maybe mo~re,” Chloe explained and Mari’s blush deepened a bit.

“That’s sooo cool!” Lila gushed grabbing Mari’s hands and shaking them. “And what do you mean by that, Chloe?” she asked, a slightly teasing tone in her voice.

“It looks like Mari-bug here has a small crush on Bruce’s youngest son, Damian,” Chloe replied.

“And it seems it might be returned!” Kim added happily. Mari’s blush deepened once more.

“Guys!” Mari whined out and they just smirked at her.

“You go ask them if it’s ok while Max sends out the email to the class saying what’s going on,” Chloe said and Mari nodded agreement. Max pulled out a laptop and got to work while Mari stood up and walked away to talk.

“They’re ok with it! Just don’t do too much, ok? Just tell mostly white little lies. We don’t want to risk their reputation,” Mari explained and Lila nodded understanding.

“Sounds good. What lies would Jagged be ok with?” Lila asked as Mari went to her computer and opened up her mail.

“He’s ok with most anything. But the one thing that you would have to get permission for is saying he wrote a song for you. That’s something that can hurt him. Especially if the supposed song isn’t known about by your mother. So for that one, if you so wish, do that one in private, to be really safe, only use that one for one of us. Ok?” Mari replied and Lila nodded.

“Ok, that’s fair,” Lila replied and looked over Mari’s shoulders. “What’s that?” Mari glanced over at Lila before looking at the email once more.

“Their lawyers sent this. It’s an agreement of sorts. It allows us to mention and lie about them as long as we agree to keep the lies fairly simple. Should a lie get out to the public, either party that is asked about it is to immediately say it is a lie made up for a film we students are making. The people who’ve agreed to let us do this have already signed to it. We just have to sign it ourselves and send it back to them. We also need to keep a detailed record of any and every lie said to make sure once the film is done, we can dispute any lies spread from overhearing the filming,” Mari explained as the papers printed. The group nodded understanding at that.

“Who all needs to sign it? I highly doubt we all need to sign it,” Chloe asked and Mari nodded.

“The lawyers ask that the directors, filmers, and the person saying the lies sign it. For extra, I will sign it too. Adrien, would you mind signing it too?” she turned to the blonde in question and he nodded agreement.

“Marinette, a lawyer needs to be present when this is signed to make it legally binding, otherwise any one of us could not heed to it,” Max said and Mari nodded slowly at that.

“True. But I trust everyone here to heed it,” Mari replied and Max nodded at that. “Did you put in the email to not actively talk about the lies in public where anyone can hear?”

“Yes, I figured that would be good. Do you wish to read over the email before I send it out?” Max asked as he turned the laptop toward Mari.

“Sure, here, sign these while I look it over,” Mari said handing the papers to the four. As they each signed the papers, Mari went through the email and made sure it said everything important to know. “Ok, this looks good Max. Go ahead and send it.” Mari handed Max his laptop and took the papers back and quickly signed them before scanning them once more.

“There. We’re all ready for Monday,” Max said and Mari smiled as she finished sending the copies back.

“Good. I’m going to give these to my parents for safekeeping,” Mari replied and they nodded and started talking while she left her room.

“This’ll be interesting,” Tikki whispered as they made their way to her parents in the bakery.

“It will be. But it’ll be good. The school needs a wake-up call,” Mari said and Tikki nodded her agreement. They soon reached the bakery and Mari smiled at her parents. “Maman, Papa,” she greeted and the two smiled at her.

“What is it, sweetie?” Sabine asked leaning against the counter as a break appeared in the bakery.

“My friends are filming a movie that has some celebrities being mentioned. We signed a disclosure for safety and I thought you’d know the safest place for our copy,” Mari replied and her parents smiled.

“Of course, dear. I’ll call our lawyer over and he can hold onto it,” Tom said taking the papers from Mari and setting them on the clean counter next to the phone.

“Thank you, papa,” Mari said pressing a kiss to her parent’s cheeks before running back upstairs.


“Father, Mari is planning on bringing her partner here when she next visits,” Damian called walking into the Batcave where Bruce was sitting at the computer there working.

“Thank you for the heads-up, Damian. Has Mari gotten any intel that could help pinpoint Hawkmoth’s location?” Bruce asked turning to his son who simply shook his head.

“Not yet. They haven’t encountered anything that could possibly help. But if she or one of her friends does, they’ll email it over as soon as possible,” Damian replied and Bruce nodded at that.

“Alright. Was that all, Damian?” Bruce asked and Damian nodded.

“It was, father. I’ll be going now.” With that, Damian left the cave to find Jon to talk.

Mari-aculous @MDC_Designs

Had a great time with my friends! Made some new designs and made plans to make a film. This is gonna be great! Got ice cream to celebrate! #awesome #thisllbegreat #icecream *selfie of Mari holding ice cream with Chloe and Adrien hugging her with Lila, Nino, Kim, and Max holding their own with big smiles looking silly behind them*

Ok, so here’s the next chap! That was pretty quick. Don’t get used to this, who knows how often this’ll happen. This was fun. So I hope you like my take on Lila in this. Don’t get me wrong, I hate canon Lila with a passion. But this isn’t canon Lila. Tho there WILL be class salt here. You’ll see, hehehehehehe. Anyways, I hope you liked it and until next time!! -Love Willa<3<3<3

OoC Post: I’m Still Not Dead [and I’m Coming Back Soon]

Hello, friends.

First and foremost, I’m sorry for being away and not checking in for so long. To be honest, as much as I hate to admit it, part of the reason I stayed away is because I didn’t want to potentially come back to find another Anon message like the one I posted. I didn’t have the stamina to deal with it, and especially since the holidays turned out to be not great over-all.

So, here’s a pretty decent update:

A friend managed to get me a job where he works and I will (hopefully) be starting this weekend, but no later than this upcoming week (hopefully). I just have to go in for some stuff tomorrow, and I should be good to go after that and after a pointlessly long process. This doesn’t mean that the hurdles are done, which is why I said “decent” update lol, but this is a big step. And it’s a permanent position, so I don’t have to worry about being let go after a month like with the seasonal job I had a month ago.

That’s pretty much it. Again, I’m so sorry I’ve been away so long.

For all of my active thread partners, please let me know if you want to continue what we were doing, or if you want to start something new, OR if you want to drop it altogether (I’ll understand).

I’ve missed you all, and I’ve missed John lol. See you all again real soon!

⚔️ Spike ⚔️


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666 Sinners


I really wasnt planning on posting milestones on this blog. But when I noticed that I had exactly this number of followers- I just had to share 😈

I’ve had this blog for less than a month and can’t believe this many of you, from a few of my favorite fandoms, have decided to follow along.

I appreciate every single one of you that likes, reblogs, and (most importantly) COMMENTS on my writing. 💜 Thank you.


In other news, my computer parts are coming in today! I can’t wait to sit down and type for hours. 😏😜


Error Fatale leaves you to the job.




PENNY: We can just leave. You do realize we can also not do this.


MARISKA: That’d get us in more trouble.


THAUNA: I don’t know, double detention seems easier to do than… this.


MAKA: help

MAKA: help me

MAKA: i will reward you if you help me down


PENNY: Kinda vague there.


MAKA: you

MAKA: green girl

MAKA: i got what you seek

MAKA: i got







MAKA: i am not god

MAKA: last time i checked

Here’s what the chapter index of my main fanfic should look like in about… two years, if this keeps up.


A lot of those titles are supposed to be placeholders, but knowing myself they will probably end up being final.

In other news I’m also trying to finish writing two little fics called “Somnio” and “Fix up”(For now.). As well as some drabbles for the “MegaPit Shorts”.

[EDIT: Screw it, I put them all in.]

URL change!

We shortened our system name to just “Bren” because it’s snappier and suits us a bit more. :^)

We’re also going to be making a new tag for our personal posts. We’ll take the time to think of something snappy.

- Kit