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The pressure on children to do well in .

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Highest average scores over the series so far (up to episode 28). Using scoring method. 1. Leo (C) (St Edmund Hall Ox) - 127 2. Golfinos (C) (Darwin Cam) - 119.67 3. Yin (C) (Downing Cam) - 98

Highest total scores over the series so far (up to episode 28). Using scoring method. 1. Leo (C) (St Edmund Hall) - 381 2. Golfinos (C) (Darwin Cam) - 359 3. Toynbee (C) (Durham) - 223 4. Murray (Durham) - 211

Most correct interruptions in the Quarter Finals (after 4 matches). 1. Hampson (C) (Glasgow) - 4 1. Golfinos (C) (Darwin Cam) - 4 3. Leo (C) (St Edmund Hall Ox) - 3

Most incorrect interruptions in the Quarter Finals (after 4 matches). 1. Nair (Emmanuel Cam) - 2 1. Fitz-James (C) (Edinburgh) - 2 1. Golfinos (C) (Darwin Cam) - 2 1. Sumner (Bristol) - 2

Highest individual scores in the Quarter Finals (after 4 matches). Using scoring method. 1. Leo (St Edmund Hall Ox) - 143 2. Toynbee (Durham) - 75 3. Hampson (Glasgow) - 74

Episode 28 - Emmanuel Cambridge vs St Edmund Hall in the Quarter Finals. Match stats

Episode 28 - Emmanuel Cambridge vs St Edmund Hall in the Quarter Finals. Match stats

Episode 28 - vs in the Quarter Finals. Points accumulation graph. Identical starts before Teddy Hall pulled away.

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Anoche hice un documento que debio ser equipo, me estrese, edite, investigue más y al final todos mis compañeros del equipo lo entregaron, menos yo porque me quede dormido, kill me!!!

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“Goldsmiths, give me a stupid American name.”


Waiting for the cold meds to knock me out. Until then…
#theyoungones #universitychallenge #motorhead #aceofspades (at Highland Square)

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University Challenge Review: Episode 16

Hmm, not exactly a corker this one, except in terms of it being an utter roasting by SOAS, beating Durham all upside the head with 270 points to 85.

NB This post is dedicated to SOAS’ David Bostock, who extremely sadly has passed away since the recording of the programme.

Team Vibe: Both a bit dull, in truth. SOAS have a mixed professorial/sharply youthful thing and Durham are REALLY QUIET. Their conferring is unnvervingly monkish and barely there at all. COME BACK, OSCAR POWELL!

Girl Count: A wholehearted THREE, two for SOAS and one, captain O'Connor for Durham, with her wonderfully severe centre-parting and death-stare vibe. Biran-Taylor possibly wins Most Correct Starter Question answers.

Best Jumper Award: Brophy, who is the only one who wins style points with his thick floral effort.

External image

Cult Hero of the Episode: It’s a tie between the captains in an under par episode. Captain Edwards, for SOAS, pulls an anguished gurn and also seems to rub his thighs after each question, though becomes blahally less melancholically freaked-out as they stretch ahead. He seems to say ‘Pussini’ instead of 'Puccini’ at one point, which is one of the prospective names of our cat if we ever got one, what with our penchant for composer-feline puns. Captain O'Connor looks exasperated when her boys have no ideas, in a pale, doll-like sort of way, but also like she might explode and run around screaming. I think she’d be a well good hero in a sci-fi movie, mostly because she is called Captain O'Connor.

External image
Jezza Watch: there is no missing his superior sense of gleeful disdain at Durham getting all three musicals questions right. HE’S SO SNOBBY.

Dream Question Round: It SHOULD have been the London stations round (we regularly MAKE UP quiz questions on said subject JUST FOR FUN). It also should have been the art movement-cheese word-trickery round (Baroque/Roquefort!) but sadly, we failed almost entirely at both.

Glaze-over Round: 'X to the Y to the power of integer!’ is sadly not a slogan invoked by some 80s cartoon hero but a mashed-up version of the horrid algebra round, because all those words blur into one. We normally shout 'ZERO!’ in scattergun hope.

Undiverting Fact: Lyme Regis must be basking in glory this evening, for it was mentioned twice in the episode.

Andy and Kerry’s score: An only-just-acceptable 15 (this is the minimum expectation we traditionally set ourselves). Andy gets the lion’s share, though I loudly shout 'Franz Marc!’ a mere two seconds into the question.

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University Challenge Review: Episode 15

(A new weekly review of BBC2’s show, University Challenge) Highest-scoring losers! Not a terribly complimentary-sounding clique to be part of, but hey! It’s not for long as it’s TO THE DEATH, finally. Oh, it’s a Cambridge-off. SNORE.

Team Vibe: OMG Jesus! Jesus College Cambridge are, astonishingly, ACTUALLY COOL. If they were a band, they would be New Young Pony Club, when NYPC were first about and we were all wearing green neon leggings. The captain was a rakish sort, one button too many (or not enough?) undone, there was a COOL GIRL and a COOLEST BOY (see below) and the only one who looked faintly Uni Challenge-ish was the lad on the right, with his (PHEW!) light green v-neck jumper. NB Whenever I say Jesus from now on in this post, I am not blaspheming. 

 Queens’ College Cambridge had a sort of sartorial almost New Model Army thing going on. Almost. With a light, gossamery layer of awkward neuroses and quiet panic. The boy on the right was so pale and delicate I wanted to paint him, Chinese willow pottery style. 

Granddad Alert: 0, thanks to both teams having an average age of 20, as is right and proper. All lovely youthful flibbertigibbets, albeit flibbertigibbets with an extensive knowledge of Aethelflaed’s rule and heraldic symbols. 

Girl Count: 1, thanks to Jesus’ genuinely funky-looking Price with her signature lip and her print shirt. 

Cult Hero of the Episode: Fairbrother, Jesus. Oh LORD. The best-looking person that has ever been on Uni Challenge. Post-punk meets 2016 minimal cyber-goth/Fantastic Man model. He won my heart by buzzing in ‘Paul Robeson’ after two seconds of Old Man River, but also answering thousands of questions on history, literature, science and more whilst leaning on his hand, looking quite unbothered. HE HELD UP HIS FIST AT THE END WHEN THEY SAID GOODBYE. Also, his name is FAIRBROTHER.

External image

Bruegel Drinking Game: I often joke about Bruegel being an answer on every episode. 'If in doubt, shout Bruegel’, etc. Not only was Bruegel (the Elder, always) a 3-question round, but he was also, confusingly, then a STARTER PICTURE ROUND. The world has gone mad and if I was actually playing this drinking game, I’d be very, VERY drunk and getting my Aethelflaeds and my Aethelstans and my Aethelwulfs mixed up and everything.

Jezza-Watch: Jeremy Paxman has had a haircut. It’s not giving me the same alarm as his beard at the start of the season, but nonetheless a notable occurence. He looks like a very angry sheep who did not want to be shorn.

Dream question-round: George RR Martin novels, HAHAHA. I still got one wrong, dammit, because the questions had to be wrapped up in confusion and mystique. 

Glaze-over Round: Something about promoters and operons, ugh. 

Andy and Kerry’s score: 22 correct answers (mostly Andy, as per usual, though I did shout 'THE MISFITS!’ very loudly).


Actual footage of me on #universitychallenge

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Your starter for ten...

I was raised in a quiz house. I’m not sure if you’re familiar: do you LOVE answering questions? Would you rather be given a series of clues rather than be told a simple answer? Is 8.00 on a Monday night reserved exclusively for you, Jeremy Paxman, and the 8 finest brains in Britain (along with a notepad to keep your scores)?

If yes to any of the above, then I’ll assume you’re one of us. I love quizzes. Love them with all my heart. My partner says I go into a “quiz fog” if one comes on the TV. She’s not allowed to talk during a quiz programme because a) I might miss the question and b) how will she be able to hear if I get it right when I shout it out, and subsequently praise my genius?

Mastermind is a provider of great joy to me. I love people who are geeky enough to know everything about, say, the works of Alexander McCall Smith, or the highs and lows of Everton football club between 1989 and 1997. They are super-fans and I salute them. I hyperventilated when someone chose Harry Potter as their specialist subject: I both loved and hated the contestant at the same time. First, that was MY specialist subject (for when Mastermind comes knocking at my door, I assume that’s how it works), and second, she had a breathtaking knowledge of all things Potter. It was a confusing 30 minutes.

(I would like to take this opportunity to tell you I got all but one of the questions right and I’m still working through forgiving myself for not getting that last one. JK Rowling, I’m sorry. I can make it up to you.)

Sometimes, I’m not au fait with the specialist subjects, and know that I have no chance of getting any questions right. Why put myself through that? It would just hurt my ego. So on occasion, the first half of Mastermind involves me making a cup of tea and getting some sort of snack. You need brain food to prepare for the General Knowledge round…

Last week at work, a menu was sent round for one of our quarterly office socials. I am a food obsessive and took great delight in answering questions from my colleagues. What is an arancini? And what exactly is in aioli? Have you ever had a Thermidor? Christ, I was in my element. Food and drink is my FAVOURITE round in a pub quiz. And talking of pub quizzes, this is another area where I thrive. I don’t always win (I don’t want you to think I’m some sort of super-brain - Harry Potter is my level, remember) but it’s a jolly good night out.

I’m about to “out” my family even more here, but we used to love all sitting together and watching University Challenge. We would *cringe alert* tally our scores. But what was REALLY frustrating was that my Mum would always, always win. I’m talking over 10 correct answers every week. If any of us ever beat her (rare occasions I may even be fabricating), it was a Big Deal. She’s such a boss at quizzes, and totally the reason that I’m like I am. But I love it. It brought us together as a family. I would secretly glow (slash be horrendously smug) when I got a correct answer for a classical music question (none of our areas of expertise), and rejoice when something vaguely representing popular culture emerged. Those moments are gold.

So there we have it. Further indication of my geek-ness, for which I am very proud.

My top 5 quizzes
1. University Challenge “Don’t buzz if you don’t know the answer!” Oh, Pax! <3
2. Mastermind - always and forever the GK
3. The pub quiz at The Broker on a Sunday night
4. The News Quiz on R4. Not one in which I can partake, mind…
5. Countdown. A sneaky entry, not really a quiz, and never the same since the departure of RW.


Tickled me far too much. Ted Loveday man 😂😂 #gogglebox #universitychallenge #final

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Classic 74’ Datsun 240Z after the testing rundown. Sounded brilliant at full attack. #JDMClassics #KnockhillCircuit #UniversityChallenge (at Knockhill Racing Circuit)

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University Challenge The Stone Roses via @rhodri