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Musik ist eine Schönheit / Die Schönheit ist Musik Music is a beauty / Beauty is music +++++++++++++++++++++ as Alu-Dibond, on canvas, as Acrylic picture, maybe as poster.

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The finishing makes all difference in the final result. Copper leaf, gold leaf, silver leaf or black lacquer? It ́s your choice!

Starting off Monday with one of our favourite go-to combinations, silver and wood. Beautifully displayed here is our Dune bowl and Contour table, view on our site here

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∆ P i n k o i M e m b e r s ∆

∆ F R E E S H I P P I N G ∆

∆ Now - 31 Mar 2019 ∆


That moment when you sit in underground and right in front of you in the same position is sitting a guy wearing exactly the same outfit. Black sweatshirt, black jeans, black shoes, jean jacket with that wool thing underneath. Yeah and we both have also black shopping bag :D I mean I don’t know if it makes me happy or sad how unoriginal I am. Maybe I’m just way over gender stereotype and that’s way I can wear what random guy wears? It makes me happy, it does. I mean wearing black was never really original but here is some stranger who’s not gonna judge me for wearing too much of it.

Monday moods

Late night munchies

After recovering from a long night, I decided to get some ramen. Luckily there is a ramen shop roughly five minutes away from my aunts house. Its located in the Hong Kong plaza. They have a lot of really good restarunts, boba shops, and even a grocery market with a lot of my favorite snacks. I was really excited to eat ramen and to find one close by. The owner was very warm and welcoming. He introduced us to three different types of ramen in his shop. He offered:

  • Miso
  • Shoyu
  • Shio

I had chasu ramen which consists lots of pork, meat, egg, fungus, and other veggies. It was amazing. The broth was really rich in favor and had a silky feel to it. I asked them to make it spicy and it was perfect. The owner said how they only do about a 3/10 in terms of spicy. Anything higher just messes with the broth and changes the taste of it. There so much to ramen that I had no idea. Its amazing. Overall great experience. I ordered a thai tea and it was on my top list of best drinks I have had. Thai ice tea is one of my favorite drinks. If a place offers it, I will order it. I like comparing and see which areas know how to make real and good thai tea. I used to work at a thai restaurant where I would make thai tea from scratch. So I can honestly say that I know good thai tea when I taste it.

After we got done eating, we went into the the Hong Kong plaza to get some goodies. Its not my first time going in here but somehow I always find new and interesting items. I bought some sandals, fruits, drinks, and chips. They have a lot of intersting lays chips that I have never even heard of. I bought my usual favorite shrimp chips and bought some squid flavor Lays that I was interested in trying. I also bought some fruit that I love eating and even new fruit that I was interested in trying or making a smoothie.

  • Dragon fruit
  • Black plums
  • Chinese Golden pear
  • And a seaweed salad to try.
  • Some dried shrimp
  • And rice crackers

I also purchased coconut water and coconut-melon milk to drink in the morning with my breakfast. I’ve always heard how stinky the dragon fruit is when you open it, but that it tastes amazing. Im intrigued to try this in the afternoon tomorrow as a snack.

We are probably going to come back here before we depart to get some more goodies from my boyfriends parents. I’m glad even in Michigan I live close to the Vietnamese community. Even though they don’t have all the goodies I love to eat, they still have majority. Plus its very cheap. I remember going to buy some groceries to make dinner and for my breakfast smoothie and only spending 30 dollars. One papaya was 89 cents and I was able to make three good smoothies out of it. I also love that they catch and kill the fish right in front of you. I like to know and see where my food comes from. Plus that way you know its fresh. Some thing that really caught my eye was the yummy frozen, but cooked, clams, silk warms, and oysters. Sounds weird to some but you gotta be open minded and try it. Its very tasty.

Tomorrow we are heading out to Long beach to see my aunt, do some shopping. I want to see if we can go to a museum or something but well see. Just go with the flow of things and see whats up.
Personalized First Birthday 6 inch Dog Birthday Cake Peanut Butter Banana
For just $17.50 number will not be changed If you need another number please choose a different cake Personalize your cake order with writing for a birthday o…

For just $17.50
number will not be changed
If you need another number please choose a different cake

Personalize your cake order with writing for a birthday or anniversary, or any other occasion.

Delivery dates are not guaranteed you may request a delivery on a specific date but I do not guarantee it will be delivered on that date

I do not accept returns for damaged items. if you cake becomes damaged in transit please know that it was packaged to the best of my ability. All cakes are insured and claims for damaged items can be made with the USPS on their website 24 hours a day with simply 2 pictures. They will send you a check for the damaged item.

All cakes are made to order, ensuring the best quality and freshness for your furry companion. If you have any special requests, please let me know! Please order in enough time for me to make the cake and frost it (4 days) then for it to cool and set and be ready for mailing( an additional 3 days).

If you need the cake by a certain date YOU MUST PUT IT IN THE NOTES TO THE SELLER SECTION Please note that delivery dates are not guaranteed the post office has been running 5-7 days behind on delivering all packages While it is unlikely some cakes do melt in transit please be aware of this chance before you order I ship cakes out 3-4 days before the requested delivery date so it is fresh when it arrives if you would like the cake the day before the party please request that date not the date of the party

This cake is to be intended as a treat and is not to be used as a meal replacement.
Ingredients: whole wheat flour, banana, peanut butter, baking soda
Wilton Fondant is used for the frosting
*Please be aware of any allergies your dog may have and let me know so I can work around them.

Use or freeze with in 1 day or receipt. Cakes are toasted to prevent melting in shipping process this makes them drier then a store bought human cake. The fondant will also become dry during …
Feather Earrings - Dangle Earrings
These drop earrings feature 3 cascading feather charms that dangle to create a simple, yet unique look. Lightweight, theyre perfect for all day wear, and can also transition easily from day to night. Have sensitive ears? Dont worry, all earrings are on Stainless Steel ear wire, making them
Antler Pipe with Faux Sinew Wrap
For just $15.00 A beautiful, one of a kind, handmade pipe. Pipe is made from Polished Elk Antler and features a Brown Faux Sinew wrap. Pipe measures 3 3/4 inc…

For just $15.00
A beautiful, one of a kind, handmade pipe.

Pipe is made from Polished Elk Antler and features a Brown Faux Sinew wrap.

Pipe measures 3 ¾ inches long and has the bowl on the end.

Must be 18 to Purchase.

All of our antler products are made from naturally shed antlers and are individually cut and polished.

No returns on pipes if used.
Seascapes without a camera: Meghann Riepenhoff's cyanotypes
Tidal patterns made by ocean waves, sand and marine life are captured photographically by Meghann Riepenhoff, a US artist fascinated by the nature of humans’ relationship to an impermanent landscape


A lil more, or an initial link that I found to this work. I since tried to find more information and came across the artist’s website, on which I found a catalogue including an interview. The interview is about the Litteral Drift project, however, the resolution is too low for me to be able to read it so I emailed the artist to ask if there is a transcript of the interview. 

I wrote as much as I could read from the part that was of interest to me:

Thinking about how you’re physically making …… work, can you walk us through the process of preparing the photographic surface in the studio before you venture into the landscape?

Cyanotype is made up of two  …. chemical  …., solutions that become sensitive to UV light when combined. First, I pre-coat the paper with the solution on both sides, brushing the …. on like  ….. Then, I allow for the pieces of paper to dry and box them up to be taken out in the landscape, where they … …. by the UV light.

Occasionally, I experiment with varieties of this basic process. For example, I sometimes submerge half of a piece of paper into part A, allow that to dry, and then flip the paper over and submerge the other half into part B. Where the chemicals alight they create a kind of an artificial horizon.

Once you get this paper out not the landscape, the process seems very performative, one that …. involves your hand, and even your body … … Can you describe how you engage the elements in the landscape with the paper?

Initially, I evaluate where the p…. will have contact with water and the nature of this occurrence - …., …, ….. Then I decide whether .. .. … …. elements from the landscape. For example, do I bury part of the p…? Do I place rocks on top of the … .. it over a tree? Once this process of …… development is underway. I watch and re-photograph the … while it exposes for about four hours - speaking on the weather and the nature of the …… with….. It takes roughly forty-eight hours for the blue colour we associate with cyanotype, the Persian blue pigment, to present itself on the p…..