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2019 Financial Inclusion Summit: "Is the Regulator going to be a friend or a foe?" Panel discussion on "Role of the regulator in Enabling Financial Inclusion"

RT : Panel Discussion on Innovation & Product Development for the Last Mile Customer.

RT : Panel 1 Discussion: Innovation and Product Development for the Last-Mile Customer. 2019 Financial Inclusion Summit.

Happening Now at the 2019 Financial Inclusion Summit in Bangladesh by "Evidence beats hope and intuition every time!" -Ms. Rebecca Rouse, Director, Financial Inclusion, Innovations for Poverty Action.

Happening Now at the 2019 Financial Inclusion Summit in Bangladesh by ! "If it does not work for everybody, it is not going to work!" - Ms. Debbie Watkins, Managing director, APMEA, Fern Software.

Panel Discussion on Innovation & Product Development for the Last Mile Customer.

says “Ideate using Collaboration is the way to identify right products in . Lot of understanding required to know how poor people including oral segments, manage money.”

Special Guest, Ms. Rebecca Rouse, Director, Financial Inclusion, Innovations for Poverty Action, speaks at the 2019 Financial Inclusion Summit.

Chief Guest Mr. M. A. Mannan, Honorable Minister of Planning, Government of Bangladesh, speaks at the 2019 Financial Inclusion Summit.

2019 Financial Inclusion Summit is underway. The event is organized by the Center for Enterprise & Society at ULAB, EMBA program at ULAB and ULAB, and is sponsored by .

Yesterday we launched u.lab-S: 300 place based teams going on a journey of profound personal and societal transformation, as a collective group of 3000-4000 change makers across five continents, working together on key acupuncture points of societal transformation...

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From Listening deeply can never be mastered only practised. Join me online Tuesday 26th February for an experiential call Generative Listening.

Are you attending ? Want a full scholarship to the Certified Digital Finance Practitioner journey? Well, now you can with DFI & . Buy your ticket now and stand a chance to win:

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Man knows himself only to the extent that he knows the world;
he becomes aware of himself only within the world,
and aware of the world only within himself.
Every object, well contemplated, opens up a new organ of perception within us.
—  Johann Woldhang von Goethe (in Theory U, by Otto Scharmer)

favourite work from the #filmexhibition segment of #curriculumintegration: music video of Arnob’s ‘Bakshe Bakse’ created by the students
#summer2017 #ULAB (at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy)

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#Ulab transforming business, society and self 

Let’s make our drems of a different world, come true!

Mindfulness: is one of the most essential leadership skill to develop – is the capacity to be present and self-aware in any situation.
—  U.Lab
Exploring your life & work

Your way forward is a journey that only you can discover. The essence of that journey is a gift that can come into the world only through you, your presence, your best future self.


Conversation with Nipun Mehta

The essence of our current global leadership challenge

Transforming ignorance to inquiry, greed to compassion, and fear to courage. Which suggests curiosity (open mind), compassion (open heart) and courage (open will) as the essence of our inner cultivation work that we need to engage in as change makers and leaders across all levels.


Sweet Tweet

“Sweet Tweet is the first project to come out of Uniform’s research platform, ULAB.

We’ve been exploring the idea of Physical Apps, objects that connect to the internet to perform dedicated tasks, enabling users to access information or services without using a standard interface like a mouse, keyboard or touchscreen.

Sweet Tweet is an extension of this idea. We wanted to create a physical app that connected our studio to our Twitter followers, alerting us all each time we get a new follower. We’d also just made our Philosophy film and there seemed to be a great opportunity to bring it to life. So we created a cuckoo clock that dispenses sweets for our team to eat, each time we get a new follower on Twitter. Now every time we’re followed everyone in the studio shares a very tangible, glanceable and aural notification as our clock toots and tweets a sweet, which makes us all smile.”

Apologies for the Lack of Posts...

I’m reading about 2 books for each of my modules and 4 books a week for my dissertation, October’s a busy month for birthdays and Andrew’s been ill. I still need to sort out my volunteering, and I’ve been busy with Vice-Presidential duties and we’re just found out we’re host the ULAB (Undergraduate Linguistic Association of Britain) conference this year, so we’re trying to get the ball rolling there. So it looks like this blog will be put on hold (What a shame). Oh and I’m working shifts all over the place too.

It’s all good fun though!

Love, Claire x