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TY Sara for sharing. & support constructive and powerful which is such a vital ingredient in a diverse landscape (which we live in). Alongside suspending your own judgement & allowing yourself to be & explore your unknown

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19/04/2019 Reunion party at Ulab permanent campus.

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In the next HubHostCall April 17 we explore boiling ideas, intentions, dreams for your hubs for 1x , 7-8PM CEST

Very productive meeting last night with startup Inspired Abilities. I facilitate workshops - an innovative method to sense and see the current system, map prototypes to test ideas to reshape business, and envision a new transformative future.

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Tra poco partiamo con la seconda co-progettazione di ! Ci trovate alle 17.30 al !

El pasado viernes pude disfrutar de la sabiduría y la compañía de profesionales en Alicante y de la mano de 👍

: l'obiettivo della giornata di oggi è stato capire le necessità e i bisogni degli utenti con disabilità così da creare un servizio che permetta a tutti e tutte di fruire al meglio del patrimonio culturale nella !

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Tolle Session mit euch beim ! Danke! Bzgl. unsere Beitrag zur möchte ich euch auf „awareness-based Change“ aufmerksam machen.

Oggi dalle 19 ci trovate a L'Altro Spazio (Via Nazario Sauro, 24f): riparte , il Lab del progetto che con U-Area for all intraprende un percorso di co-progettazione per ideare insieme ai cittadini un servizio di visite guidate inclusive della

Invitation for a Deep Dive for all Hub Hosts: Case Clinics @ Monday March 25, 7.30 - 9PM. Join the session on

Al via con 2 incontri pubblici il 2 e il 10 aprile - alle 17.30 nella nostra sede - il percorso di co-progettazione U-Area for All per ideare e sperimentare un servizio di visite inclusive nella >>

Invitation for Hub Hosts: March 20 @ 7PM CET we will be hosting the next Hub Host Community call

U.lab | "Risk Management Territoriale: big data per la sicurezza urbana" Via Thaon de Revel 21 - Zona Isola - Milano Ci siamo!

| : per la . Tutto pronto per l'evento di domani, dalle 16 alle 18, in via Thaon de Revel 21 (Milano - zona Isola). Vi aspettiamo!

4D Mapping the workplace of the future in societal transformation u.lab

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Man knows himself only to the extent that he knows the world;
he becomes aware of himself only within the world,
and aware of the world only within himself.
Every object, well contemplated, opens up a new organ of perception within us.
—  Johann Woldhang von Goethe (in Theory U, by Otto Scharmer)

favourite work from the #filmexhibition segment of #curriculumintegration: music video of Arnob’s ‘Bakshe Bakse’ created by the students
#summer2017 #ULAB (at Bangladesh Shilpakala Academy)

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#Ulab transforming business, society and self 

Let’s make our drems of a different world, come true!

Mindfulness: is one of the most essential leadership skill to develop – is the capacity to be present and self-aware in any situation.
—  U.Lab
Exploring your life & work

Your way forward is a journey that only you can discover. The essence of that journey is a gift that can come into the world only through you, your presence, your best future self.


Conversation with Nipun Mehta

The essence of our current global leadership challenge

Transforming ignorance to inquiry, greed to compassion, and fear to courage. Which suggests curiosity (open mind), compassion (open heart) and courage (open will) as the essence of our inner cultivation work that we need to engage in as change makers and leaders across all levels.


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Apologies for the Lack of Posts...

I’m reading about 2 books for each of my modules and 4 books a week for my dissertation, October’s a busy month for birthdays and Andrew’s been ill. I still need to sort out my volunteering, and I’ve been busy with Vice-Presidential duties and we’re just found out we’re host the ULAB (Undergraduate Linguistic Association of Britain) conference this year, so we’re trying to get the ball rolling there. So it looks like this blog will be put on hold (What a shame). Oh and I’m working shifts all over the place too.

It’s all good fun though!

Love, Claire x