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好き好き大好き ユノから見える風景と私から見える風景と同じ会場にいながらも違う。 でもたくさんのこの赤いライトはどこから見ても美しかったよね。 YUNHO Burning Down Champagne DROP Puzzle CityLights U-Know 유노윤호 ユンホ

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Sunset at Wheal Prosper The weather has been incredible lately, if you find a quiet spot in the sun you could easily think it was summer! It was so peaceful and still on this day, only the sound of the birds and the waves crashing below.

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Early Morning @ West Sussex by Adam Swaine
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Crisp Sunday morning walk in the sussex countryside..



“I see nothing. We may sink and settle on the waves. The sea will drum in my ears. The white petals will be darkened with sea water. They will float for a moment and then sink. Rolling over the waves will shoulder me under. Everything falls in a tremendous shower, dissolving me.” - Virginia Woolf, The Waves


Our 4 and 8 weeks students learnt first day #photographic #makeup lesson covered all fundamental makeup techniques #makeupatist by @lipstickalarm Nina Jackson #bestmakeupschool #bestmakeupacademy #bestmakeupcollage #uk #oxfordcircus #london #makeupcourse #makeupclasses #bestmakeupschool #bestmakeupacademy #bestmakeupcollage #uk #oxfordcircus (at The London School of Makeup)

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Precipitation maps Europe #weather (Precipitatii Europa in urmatoarele 3 zile)

Precipitation maps Europe #weather (Precipitatii Europa in urmatoarele 3 zile)

Precipitation maps Europe #weather (Precipitatii Europa in urmatoarele 3 zile).

Possible rainfall and snowfall in Europe next 3 days. Precipitation maps Europe.

Please visit our Europe Rain Radar here [maxbutton id=”14″ ] 

Va prezint precipitatiile posibile in Europa in urmatoarele 3 zile.

3 days precipitation maps forecast for #Europe available this afternoon – 20 – January – 2020.

External image
3 days…

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20.1.2020. Reflections on Kuwait skyline.


January Challenge - 20/01/20

I’ve had such a productive day! It’s been so nice after the slump I’ve been in. I’ve set about a new plan of making flashcards for that days lesson and i think it’ll help me stay on top of my studies☺️

Day 20 - Self Care:

Self care is so so so important to keep yourself happy and healthy! Here’s some of my favourite ways!

• Bubble bath: use your favourite products (I recommend lush!) and run a nice warm bath with nice scents and pretty colours. Light a few candles and watch some of your favourite shows or YouTube videos. Spend half an hour relaxing from the stress of the day. You’ll feel so much better when you come out!

•Skin Care: so important! When you’re stressed it can cause your skin to break out, especially if you’re not taking care of yourself properly. Make sure you’re washing your face twice a day with cold water and moisturising morning and night! The difference it makes to your skin is crazy. Plus it makes you feel better.

• Paint your nails: maybe this is just me but I love looking down at my nails and seeing bright colours - it makes my heart warm! Pick your favourite colour and paint them.

• Tidy your room: this may seem like a weird one, but trust me! Tidying is a great form of self care because a clean room = a clean mind. It helps you de clutter your brain as well as your real life. Plus it helps get you in a productive mindset!


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Our 2 weeks students practising their independent examination well done all… you are doing so great… 💋💕💗 @imastandards #foundationcourse #makeupcourse #makeupclasses #bestmakeup #bestmakeupacademy #bestmakeupcollage #uk #oxfordcircus #london #makeupcourse #makeupclasses #bestmakeupschool #bestmakeupacademy #bestmakeupcollage (at The London School of Makeup)

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