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"As far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone". Romans 12:18

al voto, nonostante il freddo lunghe file davanti ad alcuni seggi (soprattutto nel sud di Londra). (con 🐕 ) ha già votato

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New floating café in Falmouth where every seat has a sea view La Peniche opens in 2020

Two men whom both have been leaders for the conservatives. The contrasts in what they have accived is remarkable! Please make the right decision today Britain. For yourself, and for the EU!

Even though we both live in the , neither of us can vote, but we are still supporting the only viable choice, Good luck !

Pharmazon supplies customers both within the EU and beyond the EU. Our business has grown rapidly and we are actively looking for new suppliers. If you are interested in working with us contact us today on +44 (0) 1494 424 434

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Quick message to my GB followers, please remember to vote today! 

And, remembering the >100,000 deaths linked to austerity policies and the 5,500 deaths caused by the new austerity-caused NHS wait times, don’t vote for the god damned tories.

You have until 10 pm today (12 December 2019) to vote. Don’t make excuses if you have a break in the day go vote. If you finish work late go vote. As long as you arrive at the polling station before 10pm or if your in the queue your vote will still count even if it is cast after the polls close. Go use your democratic right to the fullest, you don’t know how lucky you are to have it.

Temperatures on Europe this morning - Major cities temperatures #weather (Temperaturile diminetii in Europa)

Temperatures on Europe this morning – Major cities temperatures #weather (Temperaturile diminetii in Europa)

External image

Temperatures on Europe this morning – Major cities temperatures #weather (Temperaturile diminetii in Europa).

Morning temperatures for major cities in Europe are found in the following chart. Temperatures Europe.

Find nearly real time temperature on Europe  here [maxbutton id=”1″ ]

Temperaturile diminetii pentru principalele orase din Europa se gasesc in urmatorul grafic.

Morning temperatures
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Imagine living in a country where your elected prime minister chooses to hide in a fridge as opposed to being transparent and answering questions by the press.