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Make believe African Magic Streaming app UI

updated Skills menu, rolled back to the provided skill menu gives you with some changes made by the menu editor from the supertools plugin by (incredibly handy plugin btw)

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An exclusive list of Agencies that were in vogue for the first half of 2019 offering sophisticated designs that made the users stick to their devices!

Fun enough, this challenge is making me represent all of my app projects. This is for a chill/vaporwave web radio where you can enjoy playlists and random music in an aesthetic style. Day 009 of challenge

This is what I want to attend! There is lots of knowledge share and networking with other designers.

A new portion of valuable and interesting talks and networking at the meetup 🤓

UI & UX are two of the most sought-after fields within recruitment. Riot Games, Space Ape Games, InnoGames, Wooga, Ubisoft Mobile, Outfit7, La Tribu Animation, and Creative Assembly are some of the companies looking for your talent.💡

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Mareunrol’s concept


CSS trick to limit the number of text. Good for blog or posting excerpts 😁 just a simple line of css code 🤗

In a great twist of web compat fate, this exact set of properties now actually works to do multiple-line truncation in a fairly well supported way.

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