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Yuk yang minat bisa DM kami, listnya baru nihh. Nambah UGM loh, buruan join kami! Jaminan lolos 100% 😍

Making Design Process More Development-friendly and Business-satisfying via uxdesigncc

Breaking the ice: how to help quiet participants talk via uxdesigncc

A step-by-step guide to agnostic UX personas — free downloadable via uxdesigncc

Access to product: those who have it and those who don’t via uxdesigncc

Design, content, and experience converge to make immersive exhibits soar via uxdesigncc

Great progress so far with the GTK theme :) GIMP never looked better and more professional! Thanks to Benoit Touchette for his GIMP Dark theme that i used as the source of my modifications.

Putting the blame elsewhere — and other UX links this week via uxdesigncc

Button states provide key information to your users and communicate what’s possible in a user interface. This is how to design them

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8 reads for JavaScript developers

Do you know what’s the strength of JavaScript? It is that you can do anything! And we are sure you will. But before, please just take some time and check our list of 8 reads for JavaScript developers.
So, here are some inspiring book on Javascript. Write them down:

Refactoring UI. You can…