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Me attempting to include copy in my designs but not having the brain power for it

Facebookin design-jengi ottanut mallia Pahkasiasta? Analogia tyylin "saako hippejä pamputtaa? - kyllä."

Dropdown is now added to Kodhus UI library. With this soon will come a set of icons(webfonts) that you can use in your projects.

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Carousels on touch screens are plagued by low discoverability and sequential access, and not all designs implement swipe as a carousel control >

Without careful attention to , your users may be confused with a textual requirement to press a non-existent button. When preparing your UI text for translation, you should ask your translation partner to…

Carousels on touch screens are plagued by low discoverability and sequential access, and not all designs implement swipe as a carousel control >

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Because I’m a huge dork, I put together a usage guide and flow for all kinds of #Mogwai users. Enjoy my fun, little #Gremlins #UX documentation, Eighties kids!


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Trong khoảnh khắc nào đó tao vô tình dịch User Experience thành “Trả Nghiệp” Người Dùng
—  miệng với chả lưỡi, quéo hết cả.

Apple’s entire UI is basically just the scene from Men In Black where all the recruits are in the egg-chairs and it looks all fancy but then they’re given the test but there’s no table, so Jay just has to put the paper on his leg or whatever and there’s no comfortable way to sit and write but hey, at least the chair looks cool, right?

Hannah (my No.1 Design buddy) whipped up a quick survey in class to get a gauge on a bunch on the habits of people who use the inflight services and also on how people use entertainment (games/movies/music). Although our data pool was pretty small we could see trends start to come through.

An area we wanted to focus on was the gaming experience. Naturally Hannah and I wanted a challenge, and we both felt like there hasn’t been a lot of focus in both in technology industries and with Air NZ’s system around multiplayer gaming UX on a ‘tablet like’ medium. Other areas like Movies have made leaps and bounds from design based companies like Netflix who are on course at perfecting the UX and UI of movie selection. Although we can learn from that, we want to choose a direction that requires us to make some vital design decisions.

The survey results above, are focused around gaming, and reveal to us some interesting stats such as, 40% of users would use gaming on in-flight systems which to me is higher than expected. This confirms to us that resource should definitely be spent perfecting the user experience for flight passengers.

20% of people don’t play games because of the limited selection with Air NZ. I think this perception of a limited games library comes from the fact that users have access to hundreds of thousands of games through google play store, and the app store. In comparison licensing that many game options for the IFES is impossible. This begs the question of how can we make our in-flight gaming experience unique, and something that doesn’t rely on short attention span games with a large library. Maybe we use the opposite model of larger, longer interaction games with a smaller library, and a focus around playing with others.

50% of survey monkeys say they don’t play due to the awkward angle of the screen. How can we make user friendly controls, that let people use the good viewing angle of the screen, but also maximise comfort while interacting with the screen. An idea was to maybe have a mobile app that uses a controller that’s linked to the entertainment system. A good application of this type of remote is Apple TVs IOS remote which has the same function of its physical counterpart, but is accessible at all time through iOS. it connects to Apple TV over wifi, so does have medium/high latency which isn’t ideal for gaming.
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Before we start discussing landing page ideas, let us briefly describe the purpose of a landing page. Think of it as a way of converting your website visitors into leads. These potential customers could result in sales. That means a landing page is also the first step towards your conversion funnel. Landing pages are extremely useful for most businesses, regardless of how varied their goals might be. They will be effective for brands selling products and services. They will be equally important to companies generating leads. That’s because a higher number of conversions will translate into more sales. Basically, you The post Landing page ideas to improve your conversion rate and get maximum out of your PPC investment appeared first on Creative Beacon.
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(Image Source) Plain and simple — images on your website can make it more visually appealing. They break up long pieces of text to keep readers engaged, convince people to buy your products, and even encourage people to subscribe to your email list. However, you better believe that site visitors don’t care that your beautiful images take longer to load than written text because of their large file sizes. In fact, site visitors still demand that sites load within 2 seconds or less. And to top it off, if your loading time tops 3 seconds or more, you can The post 5 Powerful (But Simple) Ways to Achieve SEO Friendly Images appeared first on Creative Beacon.