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Amazing Mondrian Inspired Bento Box Industrial Design • • • • • #marketing #branding #socialmedia #designer #business #ux #ui #creative #marketingdigital #entrepreneur #startup #digitalmarketing #graphicdesign #entrepreneurship

Comentarista de YouTube revoltadinho pois acordou para a realidade e viu que o facebosta pertence ao Mark Zuckerberg e ele pode fazer com o face o que ele bem entender lançando essa ofensiva contra a ditadura e contra o ditador.

Vai na fé, amiguinho, que isso que você sugeriu é perfeitamente viável de se conseguir.

Boa sorte. Pois vais precisar.


Concept site internet de e-commerce de produits nike #concept #webdesign #website #uikit #ui #ux @isitech_lyon @nike @brand0ngr0ce @uibysherms @ui__ux #css #html #bootstrap #developer (à Isitech - Partner Formation)

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Upgrading The Town

Lesath can use the money from her hard earned treasures to help the village in addition to getting supplies. The village carpenter Zosma, offers to upgrade the shops in town and is looking into building a few extra things to help out the town for some gold. At his shop Zosma will give you a list of currently available upgrades that’s requirements are met. They cost a lot, but will make Lesath’s journey much easier.

More upgrades will be added as you progress through the game and learn relevant things to the buildings that can get upgraded. Initially he offers to upgrade the shops and inn one time each, granting access to new items available in each shop, and getting a selling bonus for treasures.

For now there aren’t visual differences on the buildings, but as we make our way through early access to plan on adding those in. To really give the feeling of helping the town.


Who to knew that a poop can give an extra life!
Also the red flash screen has been implemented (visible only when taking damage).
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My small side project on New Year holidays – Anonymous chat for India market.

In this work, I wanted to combine color of 2019 year “Living Coral” with dark colors background. In fact, I never created dark UI design so it was interesting for me.

2 days early I found Android developer who agreed to develop a mobile application for the Android platform. To save money, we’ve chosen a solution based on Google Firebase. So no need to write code on the server side :)

Until this month I’ll add here link on mobile app in Google Play Store.